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Experts: No link between hurricanes and global warming

Say it ain't so. From the Miami Herald-

We're in a busy period of hurricane activity that will inflict unimaginable damage, but global warming is not the cause, leading researchers told the nation's foremost forecasters and other experts Friday.

Chris Landsea, a respected researcher and the National Hurricane Center's science officer, told attendees of the National Hurricane Conference that there is no conclusive evidence that global warming has significantly enhanced or otherwise affected the number or intensity of hurricanes.

''Any trend we see due to global warming has very little impact, has caused very tiny changes and might actually be slightly reducing the activity we see in the Atlantic,'' Landsea told the group, which numbered 2,100 earlier in the week, though some left before the global warming session began.


William Gray of Colorado State University, another leading hurricane researcher, called any link between global warming and hurricanes ``an absolutely phony thing.

''I'm no fan of Gray. His yearly hurricane guesswork lost me ages ago and only partly due to the conflict of interest he has.

I'm a skeptic so far as global warming goes, not a denialist. The science to prove it or disaprove it is above my comprehension. We did have many hurricanes three years ago. What did cause them? I've been a resident or registered voter in Florida for 32 years this June.(I spent 8 of a 10 year period in the Navy living outside of Florida but stayed a registered voter here. Listing my parent's home address for that purpose.) From June 76 to August 04 the parts of Florida I lived in were never struck by hurricane. Then we had 3 in thirteen months between Sept 04 and Oct. 05.

He noted that former vice president Al Gore's award-winning An Inconvenient Truth, which has galvanized attention to global warming, is promoted by a book cover and movie poster that show a hurricane emerging from a smokestack -- and spinning in the wrong direction, at least for residents of the Northern Hemisphere.

''So you might conclude that the hurricane science depicted in Mr. Gore's book just might have some inaccuracies,'' Landsea said.

So should Gore give back his Nobel Peace Prize?


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Chris Landsea has been sayi... (Below threshold)

Chris Landsea has been saying this for some time, its Al Gore who did not listen.

That and the IPCC - Landsea resigned from the IPCC because one of its pseudo-scientists was telling the media that hurricanes were increasing in severity despite the fact that IPCC specialists like Landsea were writing that there was no scientific basis for such statements.

"So should Gore give bac... (Below threshold)

"So should Gore give back his Nobel Peace Prize?"

Nope. Everybody knows it's worthless anyway. Giving one to Al Gore just adds to the illegitimacy.

I'm a skeptic as well. The technology just isn't able to emulate the complex conditions of the weather accurately enough to produce dependable, predictable results--something needed to support a hypothesis.

The current data evidences ... (Below threshold)

The current data evidences that Global Warming ... ISN'T.


The earth's temperature may in fact be cooling slightly. If we are to set serious guidelines to clean up our mess in the air and water, we should base decisions on sound data and not emotional hype.

Everyone repeat after me: ... (Below threshold)

Everyone repeat after me: The Earth is not cooling slightly. Josh Willis at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory tells us it's merely in a period of "less rapid warming".


The science to pro... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
The science to prove it or disaprove it is above my comprehension.

Apparently that's also true for many of the scientists who have spent most of their lives studying climate. The same can be said for those who study other chaotic systems, even those much simpler than the climate such as the stock market.

Note the insurance company ... (Below threshold)

Note the insurance company sponsorship of said forecasters. Insurance on my Cape Cod property became unavailable in spring 2007 because of the "increased risk outlook for coastal storms and hurricanes". I was finally able to find insurance, but at a 100% price increase. Anyone who does not look at the Church of Climate Change and its myriad ways of making money for the select has no skeptical bone in their body.

Global warming hasn't been ... (Below threshold)

Global warming hasn't been debunked...we're just in a negative warming trend right now. :P

Last year William Gray called for an intensified hurricane season (like he does every year) and lo and behold there were few hurricanes and the only strong one hit the Windward Islands and Mexico.

Of course there is no link.... (Below threshold)

Of course there is no link. There can't be.

Just like global warming, hurricanes don't exist.

They are another invention of the liberal media and the Democrat Party.

Ben,First you say ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


First you say there's no link between global warming and hurricanes and then you link them together as inventions of the liberal media and the Democrat Party.

Wow, what reasoning power you have there.

Ben, evidently you are typi... (Below threshold)

Ben, evidently you are typical of AGW adherents, more interested in insults than discussing science.

You get talking to some of ... (Below threshold)

You get talking to some of them and it's clear that it's not SCIENCE to them, with a need to prove your hypothesis beyond reasonable doubt, it is a RELIGION - and thus not to be questioned.

And man, don't they get pissed when you diss their holy beliefs.






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