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How much is a name worth?

Apparently internet domain name pizza.com is worth 2.6 million. From the BBC-

A US man has sold the domain name pizza.com for $2.6m (£1.3m) - after maintaining the site for just $20 a year since 1994.

Chris Clark, 43, accepted the offer from an anonymous bidder after a week-long online auction.

"It's crazy, it's just crazy," Mr Clark, who lives in North Potomac, Maryland, was quoted as saying by the Baltimore Sun newspaper.

"It will make a significant difference in my life, for sure," he added.

Mr Clark registered the domain name in 1994, when the world wide web was just starting.

He had hoped that pizza.com would help to get a contract with a pizza firm for his consulting company.

He sold his business in 2000, but kept paying the $20 annual fees for maintaining the domain, which he also used to sell advertisements.

In January, Mr Clark decided to sell it after hearing that another domain - Vodka.com - was sold for $3m in 2006.

2.6 million will make a signifigant difference in most the lives of most people. Mr. Clark is right when he says 'its just crazy'.

Any ideas how much my ownership of Thefloridamasochist.com will be worth in 20 years? Give me the answers plain, not sugar coated.


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jesus.com used to be a bunc... (Below threshold)

jesus.com used to be a bunch of photos of this creepy long-haired dude who really liked to take baths with women he didn't know. Somewhere on his site he mentioned that he'd be willing to sell the domain for some stupid sum, like a $mill or $10mill. Honestly, that's just good business acumen.

100 Euros, 2.6million Pesos... (Below threshold)

100 Euros, 2.6million Pesos, 10,000 Yuan, gallon of oil...

How about "Quick Buck.com... (Below threshold)
the struggler:

How about "Quick Buck.com"






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