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Where's Barbara Olson?

Apparently somewhere in "the sea". Or Ohio.

Yes, I'm serious. The newest conspiracy theory involves Ted and Barbara Olson, her phone calls to him, and whether or not her plane flew into the Pentagon, or into the Atlantic Ocean (or presumably Ohio). Apparently, Barbara's just fine and is hiding from the cruel, cruel world. From BlondeSense:

There are a lot of readers who want more of these kinds of articles at this blog. This is for you. Commenter Wormwood brought this one to my attention and it was also over at SOTT. And it's not to say that I don't read articles like the one below. I do. While I don't "believe" that 9/11 was an inside job, the events and how our government handled them are quite suspicious and perhaps more than a little too convenient. You decide. I haven't made up my mind yet.

It was also contradicted by the Pentagon and the FBI. Hmm. Where is Barbara Olson? Some say that her plane actually flew over the Pentagon and out into the sea. Some say it's in Ohio. Or maybe she's in hiding? But why? Why would he make up this stuff?

She's referring to this article, which says there are discrepancies concerning Ted's story about the phone calls he got from his wife on 9-11. It's feeding into long-standing conspiracy theories that Barbara is alive and well, living incognito somewhere in Europe. I will say that the Ohio one is new to me though, as is the plane flying "into the sea" argument.

Really? Flew into the sea? And then what? They went to Europe? Or is Barbara actually hiding in the Lost City of Atlantis?

Seriously, when people come up with these half-baked conspiracy theories, do they take more than 30 seconds thinking them up? Do they do any kind of research to back up their crap? Best of all is BlondeSense's Liz claiming she doesn't believe the theory, and then saying she hasn't made up her mind. Well, sweetie, which is it?

I guess according to these people, Ted should've grilled his wife on how exactly she was calling him when she was facing impending death, rather than get details about what was happening on board and the hijackers, and give their final goodbyes.

Of all the ridiculous conspiracy theories, this one, I think, may be the stupidest.

Hat Tip: The Jawa Report


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Comments (19)

I could comment regarding B... (Below threshold)

I could comment regarding Barbara's whereabouts but there are three invisible government helicopters loaded with CIA/FBI Swat Teams hovering over my house in 'whisper mode' right now. Maybe later, after they've left.

Saw Her hanging out incogni... (Below threshold)

Saw Her hanging out incognito last week with Elvis in Memphis.

Really, I dont think She could resist making appearance's on Hannity & Colme's this long.

Cassy: That globalre... (Below threshold)

Cassy: That globalresearch.com site caused my computer to crash. People may want to think twice before they click on the link.

As for conspiracy theories surrounding Barbara Olsen, her husband Ted is "fair gane" considering he argued President Bush's case before the U.S. Supreme Court back in 2000. Anyone who tried to prevent Al Gore from stealing the election isn't human, as far as most DU'ers and BDS-afflicted are concerned. Shame on them!

I suppose they want to tell the family of Asia Cottom, 11 who was on the National Geographic Society field trip, or the fiance of Sarah Clarke, 65, his schoolteacher and chapperone, that they aren't really dead, they're just chillin'


BlondeSense, huh? The name... (Below threshold)

BlondeSense, huh? The name fits very well, then.

The 911 Truthers vary great... (Below threshold)

The 911 Truthers vary greatly - from pathetic in the extreme to psychotic scum.

I've been inspired by what a class act Ted Olsen has been. In his place, I'd be crashing Truther conventions kicking ass.

Difficult to understand why... (Below threshold)

Difficult to understand why anyone would dignify that batshit by publicizing it.

I had difficulty getting pa... (Below threshold)

I had difficulty getting past the second paragraph when I came to an immediate conclusion that "David Ray Griffin" is deranged. As soon as I read this ...

It provided the only evidence that American 77, which was said to have struck the Pentagon, had still been aloft after ...

...it was a done deal. The guy is cuckoo.

For him, the matter of whether Flight 77 hit the Pentagon is still up in the air (no pun intended). And all his links and footnotes prove absolutely nothing - other than he has a willingness to grasp any straw or treat any answer or inconsistency as conspiratorial in nature. If he believes the plane hit anything at all besides the Pentagon (or safely landed in la-la land for all I know) then he has to subscribe to even further conspiracies such as the "A guided missile hit the Pentagon" theory. Because SOMETHING hit it.

Try not to point and laugh at him.

911 truthers? Morons, plai... (Below threshold)

911 truthers? Morons, plain and simple. Morons.

Yeah, anyone who believes -... (Below threshold)

Yeah, anyone who believes - or is willing to seriously entertain the belief - that AA 77 did NOT strike the Pentagon is simply a complete IDIOT, a LIAR, or both.

There are literally THOUSANDS of eyewitnesses who watched the plane come down. One was a correspondent of mine who had business at the Heritage Foundation that morning. Their offices at the time were only a couple of miles from the Pentagon, and he saw it come down with his own eyes.

The conspiracy peeps need to THINK before they publish their fabrications, and choose incidents where there were not so many people watching who will know they are prevaricating.

"Or is Barbara actually hid... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

"Or is Barbara actually hiding in the Lost City of Atlantis?"

Oh, great. Now I have that Donovan song playing in my head...

I have to agree with one of... (Below threshold)

I have to agree with one of the 9/11 "truth" debunkers, who told A&E that the only kooky conspiracy theory that really made him angry was the suggestion that the government faked the phone calls between the hijacking victims and their loved ones.

And if you missed the A&E special on 9/11 conspiracies, you should try to see it if it airs again. They completely destroyed the 9/11 "troofers" and all of their idiotic conspiracy theories.

"There are literally THOUSA... (Below threshold)

"There are literally THOUSANDS of eyewitnesses who watched the plane come down."

Video no lie.

Video see zilch.

Video link, Kimo Sabe?

Video no lie.<... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Video no lie.

Video see zilch.

Hey Cassy, you've got a subliterate moron in your thread, who doesn't understand that cheap store video operates at low frames per second and that a speeding plane is unlikely to appear. Meanwhile there was the wreckage of Flight 77 found throughout the impact zone at the Pentagon, extending through the rings, and as noted the thousands of eyewitnesses.

9/11 troofers rank down there with pedophiles, the Klan, and neoNazis as those who combine the greatest amounts of mental illness and actual evil into one worthless human being.

Marvell:Looks like... (Below threshold)


Looks like you believe one of the many conspiracy theories. Tell me something. If you are a troofer, do you believe the video footage of the planes hitting the towers? If not...well, then why the demand for a video?

Has it ever occurred to you that a plane traveling downward at 500+ mph is going to make it difficult for anyone to get video of the event, even if the camcorder was running at the time? Unless of course, someone was filming the outside of the Pentagon at the moment the event occurred. Do you realize there's practically no way of verifying what blurry blob would be hitting the Pentagon at that speed from the ground that close? Without knowing what was going to happen in those moments, a video of the outside of the Pentagon would be pretty boring, wouldn't you think?

Isn't it odd that it never ... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:

Isn't it odd that it never occurs to these pieces of pre-human excrement that if The Conspiracy really wanted to keep Barbara Olson alive, the way to do it wouldn't be to spirit her away to Europe or Ohio or wherever ... it would be to not have her buy a ticket for the #*ç&¡^© plane in the first place!

The stupidest variation on the Troofer dementia that I've seen is that the planes were hijacked by remote control to avoid killing the occupants, and then missiles, or drones, or holograms were substituted for the planes and crashed into the targets ... and then the planes were flown by remote control out to sea and ditched in the ocean to kill all the passengers so they wouldn't talk.

It's da Troof!

Whaaaaat? I thought the sp... (Below threshold)

Whaaaaat? I thought the space aliens abducted all those people and only made it look like the jets flew into the WTC and Pentagon! See it's all done by holograms! The WTC buildings are actually still there you just can't see them! I've personally seen Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Barbra Olson, and DB Cooper going in and out of the invisible WTC buildings with my own eyes!

:coughcough: okay done channeling my inner troofer..they make meds for that don't they?

Son of a bitch.Tha... (Below threshold)

Son of a bitch.

That stupid lying ass moron.

There WERE airphones on that plane. The airplanes had issued an order to remove them but on the aircraft in question they had NOT been yet removed.

Griffin is the same asshole who claimed that the terrorists were never on an official manifest, and cited CNN's "victim list" as proof. They were most certainly on the manifest, which became public the the Moussaoui trial.

He causes so much pain that that damned lying bastard should have his head beaten in.


Does he think Ted Olson was in on the conspiracy?

I love these stupid, stupid people. They make up these fantastic hypotheses but NEVER bother to make the effort to prove ANY of them. They want YOU to disporve them.


They're all assholes.

Sorry. I lost three patients that day and this just pisses me off.

Also, the idea that Burl... (Below threshold)

Also, the idea that Burlingame would have turned over the plane to hijackers was rejected by his brother, who said: "I don't know what happened in that cockpit, but I'm sure that they would have had to incapacitate him or kill him because he would have done anything to prevent the kind of tragedy that befell that airplane."15

Speaking of history, this dipshit ignores the fact that crews were trained NOT to resist hijackers until 9-11. But let's not let the facts get in the way of a good fantasy.

fascinating..."ext... (Below threshold)


"extreme to psychotic scum
that batshit
is simply a complete IDIOT
subliterate moron
pieces of pre-human excrement
stupid lying ass moron
that damned lying bastard should have his head beaten in
They're all assholes"

A real class act thread...
Is this what it means to be a patriot these days? Where is the dignity? Where is the research? Or does name calling stand in for truth here?

"If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking"
General George S. Patton

...from days when testosterone wasn't correlated with being a single celled organism.






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