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Life in Florida II

The wild, wacky, and unusual from Florida

*- Man charged with planning Virginia Tech like massacre. His brother says he was trading guns like pokemon cards. What we need in Florida is a ban on pokemon cards.(Sarcastic laughter time)

*- Traffic accident South Florida style- Dead gator causes propane truck to flip.

*- The Palm Beach Post editorial board writes an editorial comparing the possible seating of Florida delegates to the Democratic National Convention to miracles performed by Jesus. Maybe Jesus can make the blind men at the Post see how dumb they sound.

*- This year's NCAA Women's Final Four Tournament being played in Tampa this weekend is a big draw for lesbians. What do you mean, I thought they were all out at the Kraft Nabisco?

*- Topless charters need not try docking in Fort Pierce. Who wants to go to Fort Pierce any way?

*- 21-year-old man gets on Palm Beach County school bus and frightens children. He isn't Saudi or a Muslim, otherwise we'd end up with at least one blogger saying something here isn't right and when I try telling people its nothing, I end up gettiing called a 'hysterical right wing nut job' at Daily Kos. Guilt by association blogosphere style.

Watch out for machete wielding landlords in Tampa.

In Orlando there was a diaper wearing monkey chasing people till animal-control finally caught him with a banana. No word if the monkey just needed a change.

Part owners of the Daytona Beach News-Journal have their federal appeal denied. Florida could soon have one less daily newspaper if Cox Enterprises and News-Journal Corp. don't come to a settlement. Why couldn't it be the Palm Beach Post?(also owned by Cox)

Fort Lauderdale commissioner admits $4.32 ethics breach. Not before she lies first. Now expect thousands of dollars to be spent investigating the 'crime'. Don't you just love the Sunshine State?


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