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Ron Paul endorses . . . the John Birch Society

Yes, Ron Paul is still running for the Republican nomination, and still declines to endorse John McCain. But he finds the time to salute one of the oldest fringe conspiracy-nut organizations around, the John Birch Society. And you thought he wasn't nuttier than a Snickers™ Bar? Neil Stevens reports at Red State:

No, Ron Paul won't endorse the man who has earned the endorsement of the Republican Party's voters, but he will and has endorsed the John Birch Society. Yes, that John Birch Society. The one that accused President Eisenhower of being a Communist. The one that William F. Buckley, whom many of us remember today, rightly threw out of the conservative movement.

* * * * *

Dr. Paul stated, "The John Birch Society is a great patriotic organization featuring an educational program solidly based on constitutional principles. I congratulate the Society in this, its 50th year. I wish them continued success and endorse their untiring efforts to foster 'less government, more responsibility ... and with God's help ... a better world.'"

Dr. Paul has also agreed to be the keynote speaker at the Society's 50th anniversary celebration, Oct. 2-5, in Appleton.

* * * * *

The time has come to stop distinguishing Ron Paul from his tin foil hatted supporters. He is not above them, he is of them. He agrees with them, he joins them in their gatherings, and he cheers them in their spreading of nutty conspiracy theories. This is the real Ron Paul.

Do we want this in our party? I say no. On today, the memorial day of William F. Buckley, we should excuse Paul from our political movement once and for all, just as he threw out the Birchers once upon a time.

Read the full post at the link provided. I'm with Neil. Paul is not quite as vile as David Duke, but when he's courting the JBS, he's in the neighborhood. Let him stay and play with those he more closely agrees with.


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Comments (76)

"A conservative American... (Below threshold)

"A conservative American political organization, founded 1958 to fight a growing threats to the Constitution of the United States. Especially a suspected Communist infiltration of the United States government, and to support individual rights and capitalist property relations.

Promotes view of history and current events that links political, social, and ideological trends to a variety of global, and sometimes globalist, agendas.

Organization dedicated to restoring and preserving freedom under the United States Constitution.

Its mission is to achieve "Less Government, More Responsibility, and -- With God's Help -- a Better World."

Formed as an educational organization and does not endorse candidates but has often come out against political figures seen as un-American." - wiki

Wow, does not sound distorted at all...

Another loser attacking the... (Below threshold)

Another loser attacking the John Birch Society while ignoring all these politicians that piss on the Constitution and send 4,000 young Americans to die for a blatant interventionist lie.

Buckley got into a little t... (Below threshold)
Joseph Story:

Buckley got into a little tug-o-war with Robert Welch, founder of JBS. (Buckley had been an admirer and member himself for a while.) They both tried to kick each other out of or take over each other's organizations. Buckley won that little battle so it's no surprise Buckley is blamed. You don't know your history well enough.

Your knowledge of JBS is also suspect. I'm not a member but there's certainly a great deal of merit to their positions.

Mr. Addison,What mot... (Below threshold)
Freddi L:

Mr. Addison,
What motivates you to write this article?
Freddi L

Freddi, I won't speak for M... (Below threshold)

Freddi, I won't speak for Mr. Addison, but let me tell you why I would have written it:

Because the JBS violates one of the fundamental rules of human behavior: "never ascribe to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity." Or ignorance, or laziness, or any of a host of other human failings.

Not everything is a Commie plot, and not everyone who denies it is a Commie or a dupe. And shouting the converse only makes the JBS look like what it is: a pathetic group of paranoid, self-important gits who don't even make a good laughingstock any more.


is it the fault of the jbs ... (Below threshold)
william king:

is it the fault of the jbs that we're 9 trillion in debt. have a horrible school system, have three liberals to choose for president, stuck in Iraq, lost vietnam, 20 million illegals, lost almost all manufacturing, becoming a police state. I guess for people like you truth don't mean much.

You know, I was wondering w... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

You know, I was wondering what would happen to all the Ronulans who would descend on comment threads and attack any real or perceived insult to the Paulster.

I guess they're back.

I blame fluoridation.

How about this:On ... (Below threshold)

How about this:

On Mar. 26, the Future of Freedom Foundation announced that 10-term Congressman and two-time presidential candidate Ron Paul is the first winner of its new Lifetime Achievement Award for Advancing Liberty.

The Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF) is a nonprofit advocacy group based in Fairfax, VA. Its mission is "to advance freedom by providing an uncompromising moral and economic case for individual liberty, free markets, private property, and a limited government." It is best known for its journal, Freedom Daily.

Ron Paul will receive his award at the FFF's upcoming conference, "Restoring the Republic 2008: Foreign Policy and Civil Liberties," being held June 6-8 (Friday morning through Sunday night) in Reston, VA. The award will be presented at the Friday night dinner. Dr. Paul will also speak that night, on "A Foreign Policy of Freedom."

Says FFF founder and president Jacob Hornberger: "I can't tell you how pleased we are that Ron has agreed to speak at this year's conference. At least year's conference, he and Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano electrified the audience with their Sunday night talks. Since then, as everyone knows Ron has shaken the foundation of the political world with his race for the Republican presidential nomination."

New York Times columnist Stephen Kinzer (author of All the Shah's Men) and Boston University professor Andrew J. Bacevich (author of American Empire) will also speak Friday evening "in conjunction with" Dr. Paul.

Other scheduled conference speakers include Glenn Greenwald, Robert Higgs, Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, Justin Raimondo, and Lew Rockwell.

The price of the 3-day event, held at the Hyatt Regency Reston, is $495, which includes all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) during the 3 days plus admission to all 20 speeches. Those interested can register by phoning 703-934-6101 or by visiting the conference website at http://www.fff.org/conference2008/index.htm.

When I go to ZombieTime and... (Below threshold)

When I go to ZombieTime and other websites and see the photographs of the communists, socialists, militant atheists, racists, man hating feminists, reconquista fanatics and Democrats marching, demonstrating, rioting and sitting together in panel discussions, I remember these words, "It is far better to have the right enemies, than the wrong friends."

I only know one member of the John Birch Society personally, and he wanted me to pray for Timothy McVeigh, the great patriot, after his execution. I prayed for his victims instead that night, and the minimal reputation of the John Birch Society died with their "patriot". Tolerance and acceptance of evil is not a good.

"Because the JBS violates o... (Below threshold)

"Because the JBS violates one of the fundamental rules of human behavior: "

you sound like a commie to me dude.

but i doubt you're smart enough to be carrying any plot.

When those who are objectiv... (Below threshold)
Clay Tanner II:

When those who are objectively challenged say "I blame fluoridation" they demonstrate only their true ignorance. Those who know about fluoridation, would never make such a statement. Because the full extent of the damage being caused to the soft tissues of the human body by this uncontrolled experiment in mass medication with a chemical which has never been approved by the FDA for human consumption are not being monitored. Learn more by looking up the Bassin study on osteosarcoma in boys published in 2006.

William King - No, there a ... (Below threshold)

William King - No, there a too few John Bircher's to have hurt this great Nation in the ways you listed. That is why the JBS should not let nut cases like the guy I know be members. Conservatism needs a voice. It is important the that voice be a rational one. The world has enough imams without the fringes in this country producing our own.

i have a feeling the John B... (Below threshold)

i have a feeling the John Birch Society doesn't really give a shit what you think.

the nutcases here are you guys worrying about an obscure organization. it's really reminiscent of a Midwest farmer abducted for alien experimentation.

Tlay Canner IV (I've disgui... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Tlay Canner IV (I've disguised your name so 'they' won't know we're talking)

How do you know it isn't the fluoride that makes you believe the things you do? You've been exposed to fluoride, now your brain is tricked into thinking fluoride is bad for you. Think about it. But don't think about it too much, because the fluoride will know you're thinking about it and will start making trouble.

I think fluoride also dissolves the funny bone in humans, making it difficult for fluoro-victims to recognize a humorous throwaway line in a thread talking about krayzee people.

Or maybe fluoride really is bad for us. But until non-crazypants people start talking about it, normal people will neither know nor care.

The only "conspiracy" Paul ... (Below threshold)
Bren Burk:

The only "conspiracy" Paul believes in is the NAU.
That's not a "tin foil wearing hat" type of conspiracy, I don't believe.

The JBS is extreme on positions, but I'd rather endorse them than an organization that promotes death and destruction. But nah, let us point at them and call them a bunch of crazies. Fox, continue that war drum of yours! You do good!

How journalism works.... (Below threshold)

How journalism works.

You're told to link the name of a person to be stigamtised with a key word. In the case of Ron Paul the word is 'nutty'. By repetition this link becomes fixed in the minds of all readers. It's a form of psychological conditioning, the verbal form of educating Pavlov's dogs.

As Iam sane, I can tell that Ron Paul is sane. All the other candidates are nutty. Journalists who say that Ron Paul is nutty are bought and paid for by the CIA dirty tricks department.

We have 3 LIBERAL choices r... (Below threshold)
steven orrange:

We have 3 LIBERAL choices running for President in 2008. All three should be running for the nomination of the democrat party. And can someone please tell me the difference between a liberal and a neo-con. Both are leading the country down the fast track to bankruptcy.
What is fascinating about the Ron Paul Critics is their inability to connect the dots between interventionism and economic disaster. They pay lip service to our constitution while they rape our heritage. And McCain is the leader of the pack...Keating 5, McCain-Feingold, McCain Lieberman, McCain-Kennedy....is there McCain-Republican anywhere?

Hi Jim. Here's some advice... (Below threshold)

Hi Jim. Here's some advice for you. You might want to consider, just consider, being less concerned with guilt by association and more with the content of ideas. Otherwise, people might just start associating YOU with America's unprofessional and manipulative media. Ideas, Jim. Ideas! You sound like such a child when you call others names because of their associations.

Paul is not quite ... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:
Paul is not quite as vile as David Duke, but when he's courting the JBS, he's in the neighborhood.

My knowledge of the John Birch Society is pretty much limited to what I just read in their entry over at Wikipedia. Maybe you can clue me in - how is the JBS comparable to David Duke?

^^^^^^hahah... (Below threshold)


hahaha: this last guy here is using word association right now. funny stuff

Yeah, yeah, "everybody kn... (Below threshold)
George Dance:

Yeah, yeah, "everybody knows" the JBS is all wackos, conspiracy nuts, and racists.
Hmmm ... come to think of it, that's the same smears that some people have been trying, for a few months now, to make sure "everybody knows" about Ron Paul as well.
Do you really think that any of his supporters are too obtuse to spot the very same smear campaign when it's done to someone else?

Great Job Jim.Res ... (Below threshold)

Great Job Jim.

Res Ipsa Loquitor.

Ron Paul is the only candid... (Below threshold)
Robeet Fanning:

Ron Paul is the only candidate that has exposed the mortgage crisis has cost the American taxpayer a documented minimum of $200 billion in recent bail outs from the federal reserve. This excludes the debasement of our currency, the dollar.
To put that into perspective, the Iraq war has cost the American taxpayer $507 billion thus far.
ADDITIONALLY, The total market capitalization of the stocks like Bear Stearns, CountryWide , Merrill Lynch, and CitiGroup was a massive decline in shareholder value..most of those shareholders are people just like you and I, .. holding those securities in their retirement accounts.
Executives managing those financial service mills enticed and pushed legions of unscrupulous young professionals to make very bad loans to very bad credit risks on very illiquid properties. Those money brokers were given fat commissions. Those executives pushed their stock prices and the leveraged stock options to highly inflated and false prices based on phony earnings. Those executives knew that they were creating a pyramid scheme and were acting in bad faith.
The federal reserve continued to print money, artificially hold interest rates low, very low and debase the currency since 2002 to create liquidity for their buddies in the banking and brokerage industry..
Now that the currency has been debased 40 to 60 % ,yours and my entire net worth and purchasing power has also been debased because it was all done with borrowed money. Remember , these banker / broker types did their dirty work while America was at war.
Now that egregious and irreparable harm has been done to the American economy by the Ponzi schemers on Wall Street and the banking industry, they are using the Chairman of the Federal Reserve to hold your attention with smoke and mirrors while they sneak out the back door with your net worth.
Illustration ; A $10 million dollar ranch in the eyes of those who follow the currency markets is now a $4 to 6 million dollar ranch in the eyes of those who understand the Jihad declared on and the 6 year debasement of Americas' currency.
Those responsible got off scott free and the Chairman of George Bush's Federal Reserve made good on their escape.
Ron Paul is the ONLY fiscal conservative running for President.

Gee, just throw in a commen... (Below threshold)

Gee, just throw in a comment about the Trilateral Commission, and we can really get this thread going!

Well, this post had the sec... (Below threshold)

Well, this post had the secret words "Ron Paul" that are guaranteed to bring out the loons.

Who is this dumbass Jim Add... (Below threshold)

Who is this dumbass Jim Addison? Just take a look at his archives and the simplistic nature of his writing; I've seen 5th graders with a public education write better. This guy is truly a moron who shouldn't be attacking any organization. He's carries as much weight as the pimple on my ass.

"Read the full post at t... (Below threshold)

"Read the full post at the link provided. I'm with Neil. Paul is not quite as vile as David Duke, but when he's courting the JBS, he's in the neighborhood. Let him stay and play with those he more closely agrees with."

I no longer read anything at Red State. After having read more than enough sophomoric ad-hominem attacks and ill-considered slurs, I found too little of value at that site to continue. The main contributors at Red State appear to be terrified of Ron Paul's call to step back from an interventionist policy, so they hysterically attack the man and his associations.

I can't blame them really, terrorism affects everyone differently. Some become terrified. Some become mindlessly belligerent towards entire sections of the planet's population. Still others actually consider the causes and culprits and seek measured and effective responses.

So, in quoting Red State's hysterical ad-hominems and vague associative slurs, what specifically about Ron Paul's stances are "vile" to you? Any details available? Any based on the policies he proposes at his web site?

Surely, you're not simply parroting pathetic generalized personal slurs of the man and his associations when there are hundreds of position papers he's written that are readily available on the internet for discussion...

I just read that wiki. How ... (Below threshold)

I just read that wiki. How can I join the John Birch society? They seem to be the only ones left that have not lost their minds.

Please, everyone, just read... (Below threshold)

Please, everyone, just read the Wikipedia, Ron Paul and JBS websites and all will be revealed to you. Really. A glass of Kool-Aid will help to get you to see the lieght.

The John Birch Society, it ... (Below threshold)
Andrew Panken:

The John Birch Society, it sounds so scary because they hate communists, I guess? I think that's why you call Ron Paul vile? Because he likes an organization that hates communists? Sounds scary and vile. Maybe, I should call the TSA for you and report them for advocating extremism and violent radicalization? Everyone knows, that advocating the orginal intent of the constitution is extremism and may lead to violence. Those crazy Birchers and Paulians have to be stopped, before they take over. It's contagious too, they need to be quarantined to keep their vile hatred away from others.

Neil Stevens is obviously ... (Below threshold)
john frFlorida:

Neil Stevens is obviously a State 'plant'. No reporter worth his salt could make such statements with no supporting documentation or references. It's obvious he has not studied or objectively researched JBS. My history teacher in high school constantly criticized JBS. Years later I independently researched JBS and was shocked at how patriotic they have always been. My teacher turned out to be a closet Socialist. Regards, john castleberry

I just read that wiki. H... (Below threshold)

I just read that wiki. How can I join the John Birch society? They seem to be the only ones left that have not lost their minds.

Enter at your own risk, Bill. I used to be a member, back in the 90s and even after I left, kept in touch with acquaintances until late 2001.

I joined because I agree that the UN should be kicked out of this country posthaste, and I stayed because I came to agree that it's no coincidence that what Brzezinski suggested as a path to world government (regional governments) is being implemented in the form of the EU which was originally proposed as a trade organization and is now governmental, the African Union, and eventually the NAU. Plot, or just the natural evolution of government or a combination, who knows? Regardless of the reason it's happening, I'm against it, and JBS was the only organization speaking out about it.

BUT (and it's a BIG but) the fact is that if you join you're going to surround yourself with troofers, people who believe the moon landing was a hoax, plane contrails are poisonous and their use is a plot, and a whole lot more. Whatever JBS may have been in the 80s (and I understand that it was far-right, but sane back then) it has certainly changed. It wasn't worth it to be around and associated with nut jobs like that, so I left.

so what do you think of the... (Below threshold)
Immortal Technique:

so what do you think of the Gulf of Tonkin?

Heh.And I thought ... (Below threshold)


And I thought I'd never get a chance to put all that B.F. Skinner stuff to practical use . . .


For those persons who poste... (Below threshold)

For those persons who posted favorable messages in this thread about the John Birch Society, you might want to read the following 65-page Report which is based upon first-time released FBI files and documents pertaining to the JBS and its arguments.

The Report explains why FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and his top subordinates routinely described the JBS in FBI memos as "irrational", "extremist", "irresponsible", "fanatics" and "lunatic fringe".

JBS Report Chapters 1 thru 4: http://ernie1241.googlepages.com/jbs-1

(1) FBI Evaluations of Robert Welch and the John Birch Society including a brief introduction to the controversy of Robert Welch's book-length "private letter" entitled The Politician.

(2) FBI vs JBS on Internal Security Status of U.S.

(3) FBI vs JBS on Communist Infiltration of Clergy and Religious Institutions

(4) FBI vs JBS on Communists in the Department of Health, Education, Welfare

JBS Report, Chapter 5: http://ernie1241.googlepages.com/jbs-2

(5) FBI vs JBS on Dr. Harry A. Overstreet as a Communist Sympathizer or Dupe

JBS Report, Chapters 6-7: http://ernie1241.googlepages.com/jbs-3

(6) FBI vs. JBS on Civil Rights Movement -- including Alan Stang's 1965 book, It's Very Simple, and, Highlander Folk School as a "Communist Training School"

(7) FBI vs JBS on Persons JBS Claims To Be "Experts" on Communism

(includes discussion of Dan Smoot, W. Cleon Skousen, David Gumaer, Julia Brown, Lola Belle Holmes, among others)

Immortal Technique, the Gul... (Below threshold)

Immortal Technique, the Gulf of Tonkin is a nice gulf, pleasant water, but the surf is not real impressive. Overall a mediocre tourist destination.

Like a dinner bell, eh Jim?

Oh, and if you're wondering... (Below threshold)

Oh, and if you're wondering how Ron Paul can be described as vile, his newsletters provide plenty of reasons.

He didn't write them, you say? He just allowed it to go out under his name for years? (As if that's better...) One newsletter quote:

"My wife Carol, and our children and grand-children, join me in wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year."

Guess what the name of Ron Paul's wife is?


"Old News"? "Rehashed for Over a Decade"? you say? No, not really; click through to see your argument decimated by one of your own.

Furthermore, a bunch of that stuff was later attributed to Lew Rockwell, with whom Ron Paul is still associated. (So if any of you Ronulans have smacked Obama around for his refusal to repudiate Wright, let me be the first to say I despise you.)

Maybelline doesn't make enough lipstick for that pig.

SPQR ~ Indeed, but Comrade ... (Below threshold)

SPQR ~ Indeed, but Comrade Ivan Petrovich never discovered how to deal with the flying flecks of spittle. For that, we had to wait for Gallegher. . .


It seems most of the spittl... (Below threshold)
James Lister:

It seems most of the spittle came from your boys, meanwhile you were absolutely crushed by Akston. I mean crushed like a soft shelled crab. Rather enjoyed reading it.

Sorry folks I'll stick with... (Below threshold)

Sorry folks I'll stick with Reagan and Eisenhower, Paul and Rockwell can have the JBS.

How could anyone distrust t... (Below threshold)
Emancipation Constitution:

How could anyone distrust the U.S. Government, considering how transparent and open it is with its citizens?
I wish people would stop criticizing the government and just accept the brain implants. Where have all of the "patriots" gone? You know, the ones who obey the King.
Sorry for the sarcasm, but the real "nuts" are the ones who have become so deluded that they'll believe anything Washington hurls out.

Oh, look who's now quoting ... (Below threshold)
George Dance:

Oh, look who's now quoting J.Edgar Hoover and his FBI files to show the dangers of the JBS? Why, the same people who called Ron Paul a 'racist' because 15 years ago the Ron Paul Political Report had the gall to print allegations on Martin Luther King from the same source. Funny how Hoover can be considered an absolute authority in the one case, and completely discredited in the other, ain't it?

Excellent article, Jim. You... (Below threshold)

Excellent article, Jim. You really know how to illicit support from the 9yr-14yr old demographic. Why don't you just start using words like "poo-poo head" and "dumb-dumb"? Your pre-pubesant Redstate fanboys will appreciate reading words they can actually understand for once.

I'm sure you'll be a great journalist, once you grow up... kid.

Hi! I called Dr. Paul's Was... (Below threshold)

Hi! I called Dr. Paul's Washington office to inform him that I have first hand knowledge of the extreme racism of the Birch Society as late as the early 70's. I advised him not to get involved with them due to that as it would only serve to tarnish his reputation among those of us that are very aware of this. He might not be. I'm glad Buckley threw them out. I always liked him. He probably attended some of their meetings or knew someone that had too.

Jesus H. Christ in a ferris... (Below threshold)

Jesus H. Christ in a ferris wheel! I've been wondering where all the PaulBots have gone since his mythical bid for the WH fell flat.

All it takes is the word "Paul" in a post title and they come running via their automated desktop "Paul Widget" that scans everything from Outer Mongolia to Uranus for the term.

Where did the Flourde guys ... (Below threshold)

Where did the Flourde guys go? Did ya all know J Edgar was a cross dresser? For reals.

This article Mr. Addison is... (Below threshold)

This article Mr. Addison is pure GARBAGE. Listen, for all of the people who allow themselves to be puppeted by the Media, using the Media's description without thinking for themselves, please I ask all of the brainwashed, just listen to Ron Paul's Message. Ron Paul is fighting to people less laws, more freedom, give tax payer dollars back to the people, save lives, end the mass killing of our friends and family and those abroad, a strong dollar, and shift the power from the few rich elite back to the people, WHY THE FUCK WOULD PEOPLE CALL THIS MAN CRAZY AND NOT LIKE HIM, answer pure ignorance or agenda if you are some of those rich elite who like the unbalanced ratio of criminal rich to few and poor to the rest. Mr. Adisson stop writing or speaking please, unless ur a an elite then you are making a fool of your self and bringing other retard, ignorant fools with you. Please stop and youtube Ron Paul.

"Mr. Adisson stop writin... (Below threshold)

"Mr. Adisson stop writing or speaking please, unless ur (sic) a an elite then you are making a fool of your self and bringing other retard,ignorant fools with you."

mike, become a literate member of the Ron Paul community, minus the insults, or get the hell off this blog, please. Better yet, quote your ridiculous comment at Ron Paul's website, so you can feel him cringe at who's supporting him.

The JBS is an excellent org... (Below threshold)

The JBS is an excellent organization. In 1964 it noted the bogus welfare state for what it clearly would be. A boondoggle. (Otherwise, why not copy Germany's?, I say.) Even earlier, it predicted that an undeclared war in Vietnam would be an unwinnable war, a'la the recent Korean conflict. This heresy ticked CIA asset and VIP W F Buckley waaay off! JBS was correct on both, of course. WFB was wrong. Meanwhile WFB (speaking for "Conservatism") began pooh-poohing the THOUGHT that the Panama Canal would ever REALLY be given away contrary to JBS warnings. Strike 3 for Bill.

Bill never really recovered. He began writing crappy spy novels. He let collegiate Trotsyites take over National Review. Bill became a fool's ghost.

Anyway, here's the best formatted full version of the famous JBS publication, "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" by Allen. A quick read but good.
Old but not out of date. See why the poobahs hate the JBS.


You know, after a while the... (Below threshold)

You know, after a while the Kool Aid starts to dribble down the corner of your mouth and stains your face, kinda like betel juice. What a melange of commentors. I wonder how many share the same face stains?

LaMedusa ~ Part of the fun ... (Below threshold)

LaMedusa ~ Part of the fun is that the Paulbots have no freakin' clue what fools they make of themselves. It's as if they expect one of the cartoon guys from the Guinness commercials to say, "Brilliant!" every time they pause to breathe. But it's really the fact they bother at all which is most interesting. You don't find that kind of loyalty among the old Howard Dean supporters, or the Bradley or Romney folks, either. Their guy lost, and they moved on.

But then, they also moved on from their parents' basements, too.


bryanD ~ Yo, dude! When did you break through to the main page again? See, I told you Maggie wasn't as bad as all that . . . you're batsh*t crazy, but my kind of lunatic: there's some real intelligence in there and it comes out every fourth or fifth revolution, and at the full moon.

Oh, I still think you belong in a nice rubber room, where you can safely collect flies and spiders and birds for "the Maahster," but you're okay by me, other than that.

Okie dokie, Jim. I'll try ... (Below threshold)

Okie dokie, Jim. I'll try to see your fun viewpoint. :D :D :D

(At least bryanD really is fun, in a fringe kinda way.) :D

"bryanD ~ Yo, dude! When di... (Below threshold)

"bryanD ~ Yo, dude! When did you break through to the main page again? See, I told you Maggie wasn't as bad as all that..."

I think Maggie's sawing wood. I'm still officially banned. But I was bored.
notiz=more like the legs out from underneath you

Sorry pro-jbs folks... I tr... (Below threshold)

Sorry pro-jbs folks... I trust Ronny R was crazy too ...over 2 u guys and (shocker!) he says they are kooky! Eisenhower a commie? Guess Reagan was too... Please go away!

In October 1964, the Idaho ... (Below threshold)

In October 1964, the Idaho Statesman newspaper expressed concern about what it called an "ominous" increase in JBS-led "ultra-right" radio and television broadcasts, which it said then numbered 7,000 weekly and cost an estimated $10 million annually. "By virtue of saturation tactics used, radical, reactionary propaganda is producing an impact even on large numbers of people who, themselves, are in no sense extremists or sympathetic to extremist views," declared a Statesman editorial. "When day after day they hear distortions of fact and sinister charges against persons or groups, often emanating from organizations with conspicuously respectable sounding names, it is no wonder that the result is confusion on some important public issues; stimulation of latent prejudices; creation of suspicion, fear and mistrust in relation not only to their representatives in government, but even in relation to their neighbors."

hummmmmm.......sounds like what the msm is doing everyday!!!

Laura,You do know ... (Below threshold)


You do know that a communist organization came up with the newsletters, right?

Oh you're a real winner. Wh... (Below threshold)

Oh you're a real winner. What hole did you climb out of, Mr. Paid Blogger?

Mr Addison, an extreme dull... (Below threshold)

Mr Addison, an extreme dullard and jingoist who, unable to interact with facts, prefers slander, lies and other fabrications to deal with a reality that he is not capable of integrating into his limited mental midget world, proves himself to be both a blatherskite and a testimony to the accurcay of all that Ron Paul has said in, quite properly, saluting the JBS on its 50th anniversay.

Wow. This is pretty damn f... (Below threshold)

Wow. This is pretty damn funny, Jim. Thank you so much for the entertainment. We should make it a weekly thing. I get bored with the same old trolls from time to time.

Mr. Marzullo, what does it ... (Below threshold)

Mr. Marzullo, what does it matter who "came up" with the newsletters? The Sacred Dr. Paul sent them out under his name, to people whose money he cheerfully took. Unless you're buying into his spin that someone else wrote them without his knowledge (even though they often referred to "my wife, Carol" and made other references to Paul's personal life), they're STILL his own words, under his own name.

Deal with it, Mr. Marzullo. Shooting the commie pinko internationalist socialist collectivist messenger won't change the authorship (or, at least, the ownership) of the message. Your Lord And Savior done crucified his own ass with his own newsletter.


America has a debt of $9 tr... (Below threshold)

America has a debt of $9 trillion, $60 trillion in entitlements that can never be paid, 4,000 young Americans have died in Iraq, and Les Nessman is cracking jokes about "Ronulans".

---Mr. Marzullo, what does ... (Below threshold)

---Mr. Marzullo, what does it matter who "came up" with the newsletters?----

Who gives a shit about the newsletter.

Editor of Ron Paul smear article called Arabs 'murderous and grotesque'
I learned something interesting in a Vdare.com article I read yesterday.

Martin Peretz, editor-in-chief of the New Republic magazine that 'exposed' the racist remarks in Ron Paul's 20 year old newsletters last week is himself a full-fledged racist. This is what Eric Altman, a writer for the liberal magazine 'The American Prospect', had to say about him in My Marty Peretz Problem -- And Ours:

I have gotten this far and not even gotten to the topic that usually comes up in discussions of Peretz of late, which is his obsessive and unapologetic hatred of Arabs, the evidence of which is visible nearly every day on Peretz's "The Spine." Here are just a few of the choice descriptions Peretz has had occasion to employ in his magazine about assorted Arabs, whether Palestinian, Iraqi, or of the generic variety: They are "violent, fratricidal, unreliable, primitive and crazed ... barbarian"; they have created a "wretched society" and are "cruel, belligerent, intolerant, fearing"; they are "murderous and grotesque" and "can't even run a post office"; their societies "have gone bonkers over jihad" and they are "feigning outrage when they protest what they call American (or Israeli) atrocities"; they "behave like lemmings,"

It doesn't end there. One of the criticisms that James Kirchick, the 21 year old author of the Ron Paul smear article, levied against the newsletters, is that:

"The newsletters display an obsession with Israel; no other country is mentioned more often in the editions I saw ..."

The New Republic magazine doesn't mention of course, that they themselves have an obsession with Israel, as noted by Eric Altman:

"It would be theoretically possible, I imagine, to overstate the centrality of Peretz's obsession with the Arab-Israeli conflict to the magazine's politics and to its editorial voice. But ... it is really not too much to say that almost all of Peretz's political beliefs are subordinate to his commitment to Israel's best interests, and these interests as Peretz defines them almost always involve more war."

The most prolific critics of the anti-war candidate Ron Paul are extremely racist themselves (against Arabs), are absolutely obsessed with Israel, and support the brutal war against Iraq.

Who is leading the attack on Ron Paul?

Here's a break down of who the leading critics of the anti-war candidate are:

The New Republic. As has been noted, the New Republic's editor in chief, Martin Peretz, is obsessed with Israel and has made outrageous and hateful remarks about Arabs.

James Kirchick, the 21 year old author of the smear article, and writer for the New Republic, is a Giuliani supporter (one the most racist and pro-war candidates in the running) and was funded by extremely pro-Israeli foundations when he attended Yale (thanks Jeff), the John M. Olin Foundation and the George Frederick Jewett Foundation. This is what sourcewatch.org says about John Mr. Olin Foundation for example:

In 2001, the Foundation expended $20,482,961 to fund right-wing think tanks including the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the Brookings Institution, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Heritage Foundation, the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, the Hudson Institute, the Independent Women's Forum, the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University, the Manhattan Institute for Public Policy Research, and the Project for the New American Century (PNAC). "The Foundation also gives large sums of money to promote conservative programs in the country's most prestigious colleges and universities."[3][4][5]

^ For those who don't know: The Heritage Foundation has been the leading campaigner for the Iraq war. The American Enterprise Institute has had several former advisors to the Israeli government sit on its board, as well as several members of the Bush administration, and was the number one proponent for the invasion of Iraq. The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) is similar to the American Enterprise Intitute and had many of the same members.

The other major critic of Ron Paul is the website Little Green Footballs. This website has been writing articles accusing Ron Paul of being racist and being an apologist for 'Islamofascists' for months. Little Green Footballs is widely known as the most racist anti-muslim website on the internet. Little Green Footballs is also extremely pro-Israel and pro-Iraq war. From wikipedia:

For "promoting Israel, and Zionism" and "presenting Israel's side of the conflict," LGF won the "Best Israel Advocacy Blog" award from the Jerusalem Post in 2005 [5]. According to Gil Ronen, a reporter for Internet news outlet, Israel National News:[6]

If anyone ever compiles a list of Internet sites that contribute to Israel's public relations effort, Johnson's site will probably come in first, far above the Israeli Foreign Ministry's site.

Mike, "copy and paste" repl... (Below threshold)

Mike, "copy and paste" replies require source links of the bloggers or original articles.

"Mike, "copy and paste" re... (Below threshold)

"Mike, "copy and paste" replies require source links of the bloggers or original articles.
Posted by LaMedusa"

Here's a good column which may have provided some of mike's source material! It's a must-read. Gay office clackery, Greenspan shrines, Al Gore; it has it all! And of course, good hyperlinks. |


But is he nuttier than a Pa... (Below threshold)

But is he nuttier than a Payday?

So we won't see discussion ... (Below threshold)

So we won't see discussion about Ron Paul's actual platform here then? It'll be composed entirely of shots at ever-distant straw men, and random character slurs?

Nothing about the problems currently threatening the country. Nothing about the plummeting dollar. Nothing about wild stock market fluctuations and worldwide effects. Nothing about shrinking personal liberties (a la legislation like the "Patriot" Act). Nothing about what sort of conflict is deserving of our lives and fortune. Nothing about what the next executive of the United States federal government should or should not do.

Look at those silly people gesticulating at that big bowling ball candle. My god who dresses them! That one guy's pants don't even reach his... *boom*.

So we won't see discussi... (Below threshold)

So we won't see discussion about Ron Paul's actual platform here then? It'll be composed entirely of shots at ever-distant straw men, and random character slurs?

If by " character slurs" you mean accurate reporting as to his character - his history, what he says, who he associates with - then YES.

When David Duke ran for governor of LA, he said ALL the right things. We need to solve the problem of the welfare state, we need to have accountability and independence, we need to lower taxes, fight corruption, etc. And based on that, he made it to the runoff and I was forced to vote for a truly corrupt Democrat who is in jail right now.

But my vote and that of many other Republicans who crossed over was vindicated, because after the election, Duke went right back to what he had always been and proudly admits today.

Ron Paul can say all the right things but while he coyly associates with the worst elements of society including Troofers and racists he is utterly disqualified from consideration by serious people.

I pay attention to what peo... (Below threshold)

I pay attention to what people say. Words are important. However, I trust in their actions far more than words. Ron Paul's record speaks for itself, for those curious enough to research the truth.

One would surely be a "nut" to think that Ron Paul would ever endorse McCain. Thank you for introducing many to the JBS who may not have been aware of it. While I don't agree with some of their issues, their voice has a place in the discourse.

Throwing Ron Paul out of the GOP is the best thing that could happen to the movement he started and quite likely to his candidancy as well. America is long overdue for a viable 3rd party - liberty and peace lovers with conservative values.

"Ron Paul can say all th... (Below threshold)

"Ron Paul can say all the right things but while he coyly associates with the worst elements of society including Troofers and racists he is utterly disqualified from consideration by serious people."

By character slurs, I mean phrases like "Troofers". People who imagine that 911 was a conspiracy certainly have an unpopular view. I know I haven't seen sufficient evidence to support their claims. But note the difference in discourse between disagreeing with a theory and calling it's supporters a childish name. This is what I call a slur.

I also disagree strongly with the overgeneralizations inherent in racism. Condemning people based on the color of their skin is an error of simplistic thinking. Much like, say, condemning 1.4 billion Islamists based on 12 peoples' actions (or even a few thousand of their speakers). Can you link to any non-apocryphal article, written by Ron Paul, in his readily-identifiable style, which demonstrates this erroneous and simplistic thinking?

"Coyly associating" with "the worst elements of society" is what's known as a straw man. First, an open endorsement is not coy. And while you may well define groups as "the worst elements of society", it's a subjective evaluation of those groups. And most importantly, those "elements" are not the issue. Ron Paul and his platform for addressing the presidency is the issue. Focusing on your disagreement on the group of people is the straw man.

Ron Paul is not David Duke. Ron Paul has not only authored (and claimed authorship) of consistently held positions for over 30 years, but acted in accordance with those beliefs. Can you link to evidence that another candidate that has done this?

I appreciate that you have your view, and nothing I will post is likely to change it. I simply suggest that it's a logical fallacy to base one's argument on who supports Ron Paul.

As for who Ron Paul supports, I find I have no problem at all with his endorsement of a large organization who's stated mission is "To bring about less government, more responsibility, and -- with God's help -- a better world by providing leadership, education, and organized volunteer action in accordance with moral and Constitutional principles." No matter how many other people with odd views one imagines might also choose to populate it.

In any event, thank you for voicing your opposition in a mostly-civil manner. Derision, dismissal, and sophomoric name-calling are best left to sites like Red State.

Interesting. However, say I... (Below threshold)

Interesting. However, say I know nothing about the JBS. What are they a bad group. Their mission statement sounds honorable. Tell me something of substance that's bad about the JBS and you may elevate this blurb above a mere 2 for 1 smear job.
My guess is you really know nothing about them and just accept the meme that they're kooks, etc.

Also, expain to me how ONE member of a vast conservative movement has the power or right to "throw" an entire group of people out of the conservative movement. If these people at one point were part of the conservative movement, it's likely that they were conservatives. I highly doubt that Buckly alone had the power to change an entire group of people's self description as conservatives.

You have effectively said nothing.

Thought police STRIKE AGAIN... (Below threshold)

Thought police STRIKE AGAIN! Did you say you were republican? democrat? liberal? Hard to tell...

Akston, faced with lunacy o... (Below threshold)

Akston, faced with lunacy on that level, rather than give it credence as a "theory" I subscribe to the Bill Whittle Plan:

I think it's high time -- and way, waaaay past high time -- to start pushing back against these kinds of diseased philosophies and the fact that they are getting traction because no one seems willing to point at them and go:


I've been in JBS, and I don't give a crap what the slogan is, those people are lunatics. Period. That's why we left. Because they're nut jobs, and since 9/11 they're isolationist, appeasing nut jobs.

Ron Paul was very coy about not *publicly* subscribing to the Troofer cult (and it IS a cult), while simultaneously sucking up, appearing on Alex Jones, and raking in millions. That makes him part of the cult or a very cynical sneak. He holds some very unsavory views, as his newsletter proved. That, or he's incompetent for letting that stuff go out in his name and profiting from it for twenty years; your choice.

As to condemning 1.4 billion based on the actions of 12 (why not 19?) I give you a whole category of posts on the tiny minority. Bury your head all you like.

My stance against Ron Paul is certainly not limited to his lunatic associates, and history of despicable and ill-considered statements. It also includes his naive isolationist views and a whole lot more. Just because he's spot on on *some things* doesn't entitle him to my respect or consideration in a debate when he's *more* than counterbalanced that with other things. He's a stopped clock - right twice a day, but not consulted by anybody who really needs to know the time.

Ron Paul is unworthy of serious consideration and so are his supporters, regardless of how polite you may be.

none of you are racists, un... (Below threshold)

none of you are racists, unless it involves killings millions of Arabs. and even then you just pretend that doesn't exist. none of you have any respect, and you would not qualify to drink RP's piss.

and come to think of it, none of you are qualified to be a crossing guard at a school, since you obviously hate children and are racists.

Laura,Thank you fo... (Below threshold)


Thank you for the Bill Whittle link. It was an excellent read. I understand from your prior post that you do not value my lunatic opinion, regardless of how polite I am. I'll continue to try to be polite anyway.

I'll take your word on the Birchers, since you have been a member and have doubtless met all the other members, and I have not.

Ron Paul did indeed appear on Alex Jones' program. He also appeared on CNN, Leno, The Daily Show, Fox, ABC, NBC, and any other outlet that would spare him a moment. What a vast array of beliefs he must hold in order to agree with every tenet held by every one of those organizations.

I will buy that he bears responsibility for allowing the Ron Paul letters to express opinions he does not share. I'm unwilling to throw the baby out with that bathwater though. Over three decades of consistent libertarian and conservative writings and action far outweigh that transgression for me.

Also, 19 was indeed the number I meant to write. My mistake. I couldn't help but notice that all 19 were men. There are approximately 3 billion men on the planet. Imagine how dangerous the world is if even a small percentage of those men choose to take action! What can we do but wage a war on men and remove them from the terrifying equation? Itis terrifying, isn't it? Good thing no one knows how easily we're terrified.

So the best strategy for responding to this attack and preventing future attacks is to locate countries which were not involved, which are lead by blowhard tin-pot dictators, and where we have an economic interest. We invade them, set up puppet governments, and create new havens and excuses for budding terrorists and wait until we go broke spending a trillion dollars of taxpayer money a year? I'll place my vote against. I'll vote for crushing al-Qaeda and leaving the rest of the Muslims, and men, alone.

We'll have to disagree on which actions isolate America more: military non-intervention and free-trade, versus near-unilateral military intervention and invasion of some nations and trade embargos against others.

But this is an old argument, no? Neo-conservative versus paleo-conservative global philosophies. It's almost as old as McCarthy's crusade against communism. Ironic how Tail-Gunner Joe and the Birchers, who saw a communist behind every rock (some of which were really there), are now being scorned by those who see an Islamic terrorist behind every rock (some of which are really there).

While you find Ron Paul supporters like me "unworthy of serious consideration", I found your posts thought provoking. Thanks again. But I must move on. You're welcome to the last word. Please feel welcome to be as dismissive and rude as you like :-)

Akston, as much as I dislik... (Below threshold)

Akston, as much as I dislike CNN (and the MSM generally), there is absolutely no comparison between it and Alex Jones. The fact that you can conflate the two indicates to me that you are either being disingenuous or that you really don't understand the difference. In either case, it's futile to debate it.

Your characterization of Iraq is dead wrong and leaves out important facts like Saddam's nuclear program (NY Times) and extensive and well documented, though under-reported, ties to terrorists. (Not 9/11 perps specifically, but certainly to other terrorists.) Again, whether this is due to disingenuousness or ignorance, I don't know. Or care.

While I haven't met every single Bircher, I've met quite a few; we were active, helped organize speaking engagements, sent my daughter and a friend to the camp in Alabama one summer, had a letter published in The New American, and I even arranged a debate between William Norman Grigg and a top UN guy back when I was producing talk radio.

I'm also quite familiar with your debate tactics, having taught them to others. Subtle, and effective for n00bs, but I already own that tee shirt. I value civility, Wormtongue, but the ideas you promote are poison. And if it makes me a big meanie to say so bluntly, well, I can live with that.

Tin Foil Hat supporters? I ... (Below threshold)

Tin Foil Hat supporters? I am glad enough people still call a "Hack" a "Hack", I think they should call in your student loan's and mom and dad's money, I mean you just forgot how to read or something, drugs? because the jbs fellows and I agree that the Constitution is the paper that binds us as a Nation, but you probely don't have a copy yourself. Shame on you and your lies.






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