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Charlton Heston dead at 84

The screen legend passed away yesterday. What was your favorite Heston movie? The Ten Commandments? Ben Hur? El Cid? Or was it something else? The Private War of Major Benson, Soylent Green, or Planet of the Apes? I'll take all nominees but anyone who mentions Earthquake will be banished from Wizbang forever!

I seem to recall Heston played Arnold Schwarzenegger's eye patch wearing boss in True Lies. Hope Arnold got grief for shooting up half of the Miami skyline afterwards.(Sarcastic laughter time)

For your viewing pleasure, I've included the clip from The Ten Commandments where Moses parts The Red Sea. Thank you Charlton for this great movie moment and many others. RIP.


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The big ones were good movi... (Below threshold)

The big ones were good movies. I even remember seeing El Cid in a Mom and Pop theatre in Forsyth, Montana in the summer of '63. But my favourite Charlton Heston movie will always be "Will Penny"
My condolences and prayers to his family. He will be missed. Oh Yeah! He actually had values and stood for something.

The 10 Commandments was my ... (Below threshold)

The 10 Commandments was my favorite.

Sad to see another one of the greats passing on.

He did many good movies, an... (Below threshold)
Paden Cash:

He did many good movies, and what little I know of his life, was inspirational. I will miss him. Soylent Green is my favorite.

My favorite Charlton Heston... (Below threshold)

My favorite Charlton Heston movie was Bowling for Columbine, the guy definitely not wanting to answer for all bloody carnage caused by guns.
notiz=your lack of civility is over the line

Herman heads right to the g... (Below threshold)

Herman heads right to the gutter. The liberals cannot even show the decency to not say anthing at all if you can't say something nice. Low lifes.

Ben Hur and The Ten are my favorites. ww

What do you expect from a p... (Below threshold)

What do you expect from a pig but a grunt? Liberals don't know any better.

We all know abut the "great... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

We all know abut the "great" movies Heston did, but there were many minor movies as well. The recent remake of Richard Matheson's novel, I Am Legend, reminds me of the version staring Heston called The Omega Man. I've seen both the current "I Am Legend" and "The Omega Man" and I find the "The Omega Man" both truer to the novel and more entertaining in spite of the primitive special effects technology of the early 70's. Then again, not having the special effects wow factor to save the picture forced better scripts and better acting.

Charlton Heston grew up in the woods of Michigan, served in the military during WWII, and earned his reputation the old fashioned way, by working for it. I never heard of Heston needing to enter a drug rehab, nor of cheating on his wife of 64 years. He was a far better man then his critics. I offer my respect and condolences to Charlton's family.

Surgeons are currently work... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Surgeons are currently working around the clock to pry the gun from his cold dead hands. Prognosis is not good, they'll probably just have to lay it to rest with him.

The Omega Man was very entertaining. Soylent Green perfectly captured the "Population Bomb" zeitgeist of the time. Planet of the Apes is a classic, Midway has always been one of my favorites even though it gets a little soap-opera-y and melodramatic. Earthquake was a classic Irwin Allen disaster epic. And The Ten Commandments? They can't make like that anymore.

Bummer, I always liked his work and he brought credibility to everything he did. I can't think of one negative thing I've ever heard about the man. He had a good run. RIP.

He did a version of "Treasu... (Below threshold)

He did a version of "Treasure Island" where he played a very good Long John Silver.

"Arrr. 'ems 'at dies'll be the lucky ones!"

"Take your stinking paws of... (Below threshold)

"Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!"

The great ones are leaving us with George Clooney and his ilk.

How 'bout Omega Man, where ... (Below threshold)

How 'bout Omega Man, where he played Will Smith.... no, wait a minute.

Planet of the Apes was clas... (Below threshold)

Planet of the Apes was classic, OMega Man and Soylent Green were tremendous. Never had the patience to sit through the Ten Commandments, so I can't opine as to that.

How bout this quote:

"Gordon Street..."

My memory will always be wh... (Below threshold)
Typical White Person(formerly Pretzel_Logic):

My memory will always be when I won a caption contest on here depicting a conversation with Chuck and Lydia-Rest in Peace-the end of an era.

Ummmm, Herman You freaking ... (Below threshold)

Ummmm, Herman You freaking moron!! If not for gun's, We would be under a Nazi facist dictatorship to this day! You immensely dense individual..

Omega Man and 10 Commandment's.

Damn, tough being liberals ... (Below threshold)

Damn, tough being liberals these days They don't believe in God or heaven, but would rather we live in a hell where people like George Clooney are regarded as a Supreme being.

God bless you, Charlton. M... (Below threshold)

God bless you, Charlton. May you rest in peace.

Herman has not had his diap... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Herman has not had his diaper changed this morning.

His parents are laying up in some drug-infested enclave, waiting for him to grow up and leave home.

He was a great actor, and a... (Below threshold)

He was a great actor, and a great man.

'El Cid' is a movie with relevance today, which probably explains why it is rarely shown. It reminds us that Islam's vision of world conquest is nothing new...and the courage to fully resist it is all too rare.

RIP, Mr. Heston...we'll not see your like again.

I had forgotten about Treas... (Below threshold)

I had forgotten about Treasure Island. He truly did make the character in that one.

He'll be remembered by movie fans for a long time. I think he'll go down as one of our most under appreciated big time actors though.

Considering his sterling affiliation with NRA, I wonder if he'll be remembered with sappy movie clips at the next Academy Awards.

The first 20 minutes of Pla... (Below threshold)

The first 20 minutes of Planet Of the Apes as the misanthropic Astronaut Taylor.

Chillin' in his fortress/crib with his soul baby in The Omega Man.

Re: [email protected]*#quake: I was 12 when I saw that. All I remember (doctor,) is lots of full-length shots of Genevieve Bujold traipsing around in painted-on white pants. The rest is a blur.

All I can say about Heston'... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

All I can say about Heston's passing...

"Ah, damn it! Damn it all to hell!"

(Truly an American icon!)

Heston and Matheson, a grea... (Below threshold)

Heston and Matheson, a great combination. I agree, Mac Lorry.

Matheson is nearing his final curtain as well - if you are truly a fan you may want to check this out:


Actually my favorite perfor... (Below threshold)

Actually my favorite performance from Heston was in The kenneth Brannah Hamlet movie. He plays the player king and gives a truly great performance.

Herman is just mad there ar... (Below threshold)

Herman is just mad there are no liberals icons with the same integrity.

And Bowling For Columbine was spliced and diced and edited to make Charleton look bad. The smart ones of us know what he was. A great man.

He lead an extraordinary li... (Below threshold)

He lead an extraordinary life, and had more personal and professional accomplishments than dozens of his peers.

Too few knew that he was out in front in the fight for civil rights, and his desire to preserve Constitutional liberties extended to more than just the 2nd Amendment (Which he did with great effectiveness). He was knowledgeable, articulate and could hold his own in debates with those on the Left (and he outclassed them as well, using reason and facts as opposed to pure emotion and rage.).

He will be missed not just as a great actor, but as a gentleman, friend, husband and father.

RIP Mr Heston

My favorite is Khartoum, wh... (Below threshold)
Larry Nolte:

My favorite is Khartoum, where he played General Gordon. There is no one in the new Hollywood in his calibre.






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