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Liar, Liar, Pantsuit On Fire

Whoa. I am dumbstruck. Beyond that, I am absolutely gobsmacked.

Hillary Clinton has been caught telling another lie on the campaign trail.

So, Hillary's telling bogus stories about health care nightmares. Add this in to her "landing under sniper fire in Tuzla" fabrication, her several versions of where Chelsea Clinton was on 9/11 (out jogging or watching it on TV), her staking a claim to the credit for peace in Northern Ireland, her warm embracing of Norman Hsu while he was a wanted federal fugitive, and you have more and more evidence that William Safire was right back in January of 1996, when he called her a "congenital liar."

At times like this, I find myself saddened that events have forced a firewall between myself and one of the authors at Wizbang Blue. That worthy gentleman has an incredible skill at ferreting out and exposing political liars and fabricators and misleaders, and I'd dearly love to see him sink his tenacious teeth into these stories.

Alas and alack, the wall -- much like the wall that kept the FBI and the CIA from comparing notes on terrorists before 9/11 -- is inviolate, and I can not reach out to Mr. Ward and bring this matter to his attention.

Oh, well. I guess the "vast right-wing conspiracy" will have to muddle on without his assistance.


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I know, I know, but we are ... (Below threshold)

I know, I know, but we are supposed to just Get Over It and, of course, Move On. She was simply Tired all those times she repeated her lies over and over. To many 3am phone calls from Bill, I guess (her crowning achievement).

Oh, Steve Crickmore must be... (Below threshold)

Oh, Steve Crickmore must be on vacation, 'cause he and Lee Lee were trading posts there for a while. Shortly after I made such an observation, however, the Clinton exposes ground to a halt. Hmm.

I might have thought that a... (Below threshold)

I might have thought that a liar such as Bill Clinton would be averse to having another liar for a spouse -- that a liar would prefer someone gullible, so he could relax after a hard day "on the job." But perhaps this is not the case. Perhaps an ambitious liar wants a competent liar for a spouse, to help him sharpen his skills by competitive pressure!

The Clintons have never<... (Below threshold)

The Clintons have never let the truth get in the way of a good story! Why should this one be any different?

Lee definitely is strangely... (Below threshold)

Lee definitely is strangely quiet whenever scandal hits his Precious. He's great at getting the goods on all of her opponents, though.

Not lee lee wardie? My my. ... (Below threshold)

Not lee lee wardie? My my. Whom would have believed he would do such things!!

It's actually rather amusin... (Below threshold)

It's actually rather amusing - as long as you're dissing Obama, he's fine. Start questioning Hil, or the Democrats in general, and things get, um, passionate.

Take a look at the comments for his post on Obama's lies. - I've got the italicized part. The italicized bold is what he originally cut&pasted, I've included the rest for background...


"Seriously, guys here in the Blue supporting your 'team' - I know you've invested hearts and souls into this, this... whatever. (Certain obscene military phrasings come to mind having to do with cotius in clusters, but that's as may be) But ... do you really, really think - when push comes to shove - that either Obama or Hillary would be a good President?

That they can set aside the partisanship that's been so diligently cultivated (with generous heaps of 'fertilizer' from the media) if elected and actually lead the entire country? That after spending years demonizing the other side, they'll actually embrace it? (Frankly, I don't care about campaign rhetoric. Campaign promises are so much waste paper after the first week in November. Have I seen any willingness to work with the other side from these two in the past? No. This worries me.)

Believe it or not, JLawson, some votes don't matter. Yours is one of them. Democrats will take the White House in November, and it doesn't take a 100% plurality to do so.

If there are still any conservatives out there who think that either party gives a crap about them, wake up and smell the coffee. No one cares about you and your concerns for representation. The people who represent your ideological squat screwed the country for eight years while putzes like you cheered them on.

Who gives a crap about your electoral concerns? Haven't you noticed that every candidate who voiced a similar sentiment was laughed off the political stage?

Doesn't that tell you anything?

And yet you come 'round here insulting us and wondering out loud how long it will take before someone cares about your petty needs?


Sadly, this seems to be the attitude of a lot of the left. I don't see good things coming from such an attitude, no matter who wins in November. It almost seems like they'd be perfectly happy to see the country go down in flames as long as the 'right' people get in. And the 'right' people will punish all the unbelievers.

What's it gonna take to get these guys to wake up and smell the feces?

I might have thought tha... (Below threshold)

I might have thought that a liar such as Bill Clinton would be averse to having another liar for a spouse

Flashback a few years:

Hillary: "I do." (Subject to preconditions and caveats not yet specified.)

Bill: "I do." (depends on what your meaning of "do" is!)

I guess hypocrisy doesnt co... (Below threshold)
Liberal Nitemare:

I guess hypocrisy doesnt count if you do it for the right reasons.

Didn't any of you folks eve... (Below threshold)

Didn't any of you folks ever study Aesop's fables? For instance, the fox who could not jump high enough to reach the grapes, or the mouse who plucked the thorn from the lion's paw?

These are tales meant to teach a lesson. They are not meant to be taken seriously. In this story, the poor uninsured woman who died, Ms. Bachtel, is meant to represent all of us. Us, as Everyman, as Society itself, wandering hungry and sick amongst the mansions of the Rich, begging for a crumb of bread or to suck the dust out of an empty aspirin bottle so our children will not die. Us, who are at the mercy of a cruel and uncaring world, were it not for Hillary.

Hillary! O, Hillary! Her compassion succors us; her policies sustain us; her smile gives us Hope.

So if one or two dozen of her illustrative tales aren't technically "true" (in your patriarchal construct of the word's definition, which constitutes a rape of the language and every womyn), don't worry. Know that she WOULD dodge sniper bullets if she had to, for us. Know that if the woman HAD died because she couldn't afford health care, Hillary would have leapt over her still-warm body to deliver us Nationalized Health Rationing.

Just think of her as Aesop in a pantsuit.


I have declared a ceasfire... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

I have declared a ceasfire, from time to time, at Wizbangblue because Hillary's falsehoods are so common, they almost, no longer really news...and Obama looks like he is the sure winner now to be the nominee.

But she is embarrassing, and to think she got very close to winning the nomination. Even when she gets caught out as in the Tuzla airport story, that for weeks she had been repeating, she gives so many different excuses: 'misspoke',(as in a slip of speech) 'mismatched the facts, she was 'sleep-deprived', she had 'written' about it in 'her book'; anything, it seems in order to avoid self-examination, or to have to make a short heartfelt disclosure or mea culpa as Obama did in his speech on Reverend Wright, race and faith.

Yes, Obama embroiders too...like all politicians, but his is more the case of shorthand, sometimes not so accurate, to make a elegant point not normally or ever that I recall, to impress his listeners with tall stories about himself, whereas Clinton is constantly trying to impress others, as Dr. Johnson says "fill the minds of others with oneself". *Her near-universal healthcare plan has become her life work, so it is not really the exception. Any anecdote that relates to that might be equally suspect.

There is very little humility in Hillary, unlike McCain or Obama, and to tell the truth, I can't find much in her record to be so proud or boastful of; maybe, this is why she has to exaggerate or maufacture so many of her accomplishments.

Sadly, this seems to be ... (Below threshold)

Sadly, this seems to be the attitude of a lot of the left. I don't see good things coming from such an attitude, no matter who wins in November. It almost seems like they'd be perfectly happy to see the country go down in flames as long as the 'right' people get in. And the 'right' people will punish all the unbelievers.
What's it gonna take to get these guys to wake up and smell the feces?

The exact same thing has been said about the right for the past 8 years. Whether you agree with it or disagree with it, what's telling is that you're blind to it, and that you turn around and take the same position as many on the left, and you do it with a straight face. THAT is why 81% think the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Just think of her as Aes... (Below threshold)

Just think of her as Aesop in a pantsuit.
Phew! For a second there, I thought you wanted us to imagine her as a fox!

Brian -From my poi... (Below threshold)

Brian -

From my point of view, you're wrong. For the last 8 years, pretty much any time the Right has reached toward the Left, the Left mutters sometime about the "stolen election" and tries it's damndest to botch whatever the right wants to get done.

Shall I note Social Security? Pre-Bush, the Clintons said it needed overhauling. After Bush got into office? "HANDS OFF SOCIAL SECURITY - IT AIN'T BROKE!" was the message, and the media pushed it for all they were worth.

How about the WoT? I won't go into all the missteps the Dems did - but every single mistake that occured was political hay, and a lot of stuff that needed to happen was politicized to an insane degree. Remember Rangel's insistence on unionizing the TSA? How's that all working out - we got a professional, efficient, speedy and polite service there? And his trying year after year to reinstitute the draft - despite the military NOT wanting it?

How about pointing out any military operation on even remotely the same scale that went as well with as little loss of life as the Iraq war. How about Afghanistan? The Dems were meeping sadly about the quagmire - and the military just plain ignored them and did the job in the background.

Shall we talk energy? When oil prices started going up - the Dems held hearings and blamed the oil companies. When oil prices kept going up - the Dems held hearings and blamed the oil companies. When oil prices continue to rise - the Dems held hearings and blamed the oil companies. Did they authorize further drilling? Open ANWR? Grant exemptions for refinery expansions? Understand that India and China put a significant demand on the world oil supply, raising prices?

Nope. They held hearings and blamed the oil companies. Hearings, after all, are cheap and fast and the oil companies are easy to blame. It's more important to be seen as 'doing something about the problem' than actually doing anything about it.

And you say I'm blind?

Welcome Back Steve!... (Below threshold)

Welcome Back Steve!

What will become newsworthy... (Below threshold)

What will become newsworthy will be when democraps actually start telling stories that turn out to be somewhat true...






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