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The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is Doug Ferguson of Associated Press. Covering this weekend's Kraft Nabisco Championship, Ferguson wrote the following after Friday's play was complete.

Hee-Won Han shot a 69 and joined Sorenstam at 3-under 141. The group at 142 included Karen Stupples, who fell from the first-round lead with a 75, and Se Ri Pak (70), inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame last year and now needing this major to become only the fifth woman to complete the career Grand Slam.
What's in bold is the problem. There are six women who have won the career Grand Slam of Women's Golf. They are- Pat Bradley; Juli Inkster; Annika Sörenstam; Louise Suggs; Karrie Webb; and Mickey Wright. Therefore Se Ri would be the seventh to win. The person paid to cover professional golf for the premier wire service in the world, should know that information or if not be able to check his facts before writing. Ferguson did neither.

A couple of golf bloggers who saw the same mistake tried to excuse Ferguson's mistake saying that he was only referring to the modern Grand Slam. The trouble with that is, the LPGA recognizes all six of these women as Grand Slam winners, therefore it is not up to Ferguson to say Suggs and Wright don't belong because the Grand Slam was different when they played. It would be like a Baseball writer taking Stan Musial and Ty Cobb off the all-time hits list because baseball was much different from how it is played today.(No blacks allowed to play during all of Cobb's era and part of Musial's. Both players played when there were only 16 ML etc etc).

I'm not so sure if Ferguson was omitting Suggs and Wright because of the era difference from the other ladies. First because I've documented Doug Ferguson's poor fact checking in the past. Here are some examples. Also Ferguson corrected himself in his coverage of yesterday's round.

For again failing to know the history of the sport he is paid to cover, Doug Ferguson of Associated Press is today's Knucklehead of the Day.


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If he didn't think it was w... (Below threshold)

If he didn't think it was wrong, he wouldn't have corrected it, would he?

It's amazing, really: "old" media proclaims its superiority over "new" (meaning amateur bloggers, mainly) by pointing out their "layers" of "fact-checking" and "editing," all of which seems to fall down on the job at least as often as your average blogger (except Think Progress and the like, which are nearly always wrong) - and far less likely to openly acknowledge and correct the errors they commit.

If anything, sports "reporters" are more likely than the news side to make stupid errors of basic fact like this one.






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