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Coward punches horse in rear end

This Tampa Tribune article has the potential to be a comedy skit.

TAMPA - Police arrested a Lakeland man early this morning on charges that he punched a police horse in the rear end.

It should be no surprise the incident occurred about 3:15 a.m. in Ybor City.

The Tampa Police Department report said the officer and horse were clearing the street and sidewalks in the 19th Street area of Seventh Avenue.

Carl Coward, 24, of 111 Hodges Road, Lakeland, balled his fist and punched the horse in the right rear hip area, the report states.

Coward was charged with battery of a law enforcement animal and is being held at the Orient Road Jail on $500 bond, jail records show.

The report does not indicate whether the horse suffered any serious injury.

Maybe the horse was unavailable for comment.

A human punch is unlikely to inflict harm to a horse, notwithstanding the famous scene from the movie Cat Ballou. Coward is lucky not to have gotten a kick in return from the horse. A few years ago there was the story of a man filming his friend as he tried to have nookie with a horse. The horse kicked and or stomped the friend to death.

Not the article says it should come as no surprise this happened in Ybor City. Is Ybor City Florida the horse punching capitol of Florida or the world? As I so often say, you just got to love the Sunshine State.


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Comments (12)

I got in trouble once for p... (Below threshold)

I got in trouble once for punching a horse's ass once - beut he had it coming.

Cat Ballou?!? What about Al... (Below threshold)

Cat Ballou?!? What about Alex Karras as "Mongo" in Blazing Saddles?

He would of never punched t... (Below threshold)

He would of never punched the horse if the Officer had a Scimitar.

He wouldn't punch a horse i... (Below threshold)

He wouldn't punch a horse if he had a brain. Streight from jail to the future home of all democrats, a facility for the criminally insane, before it fills up.

I believe the author was 'n... (Below threshold)

I believe the author was 'not surprised' that it was 3:15 am!

Ybor City must be bad too, if they use mounted police at that time of day to 'clear the streets'.

I'm with wavemaker.<p... (Below threshold)

I'm with wavemaker.

"Mongo! Santa Maria!"


Mongo no leave. Mongo love... (Below threshold)
Captain Ned:

Mongo no leave. Mongo love Sherriff Bart.

"Because sex with animal... (Below threshold)

"Because sex with animals is not barred by law in Washington state, no arrests have been made"

The Nags of WA all winnie a sigh of relief.

Not the first time in Ybor ... (Below threshold)

Not the first time in Ybor City!

Woman Charged With Punching Police Horse-Shades of "Blazing Saddles"

TAMPA - A 26-year-old Tampa woman was arrested this morning, accused of punching a police horse outside an Ybor City nightclub.

Mr. Jempty,<... (Below threshold)
Steve Hart:

Mr. Jempty,

Love your work. I read NRO online every day. About your post on the drunk who punches a police horse, isn't the movie you meant to reference "Blazing Saddles"? Not Cat Ballou. Remember "Mungo", Alex Karras punching the horse?

Also, the poor guy who died after having sex with a horse was not kicked or stomoed to death. His colon and lower intestine were demolished from the ................... (fill in the blank) and he bled to death internally. Thanks, Steve H

There is a joke in here abo... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

There is a joke in here about feeling hoarse, but I can't quite find the proper words for it.

I been to Ybor City. And I ... (Below threshold)

I been to Ybor City. And I seen them horses.

Like the one that slugged the cop's ride.






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