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The Holocaust is coming to AmeriKKKa!

Here in AmeriKKKa, MTV is speaking truth to power by letting us know how close we are to a total police state -- and a second Holocaust, naturally -- thanks to the evil BushMcHitlerBurton's Patriot Act.

Scaring kids to push forward a message? No problem!

Check out the PSAs they're running:

See? Thanks to the police state that is just seconds away from being enforced, seconds, I tell you, we could see the Holocaust happening here in AmeriKKKa anytime now. Thanks to MTV, we've been warned.

Thank God for the genius behind a TV channel that gave us such social gems like the Real World. This is clearly their area of expertise.

Hat Tips: Little Green Footballs and Hot Air


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Comments (28)

The holocaust happened to J... (Below threshold)

The holocaust happened to JEWS, mentally challenged and homosexuals. Of course we have been exterminating babies in this country for 30+ years with no outcry from MTV. ww

I'm not so sure it's so cyn... (Below threshold)

I'm not so sure it's so cynical.

A) They seem to be concentrating on the actual Holocaust against the Jews and connecting it to what's happening in Sudan.

B) Keep in mind something that's also (besides Bush hatred) very important to Hollywood and its ilk: Darfur. It is mentioned by name on the site several times.

Honestly, I think it's just an attempt to connect the Holocaust against the Jews with the genocide in Darfur today. It looks like MTV's trying to put today's kids in the shoes of the Holocaust victims.

Of course, I could be totally off base.

and connecting it to wha... (Below threshold)

and connecting it to what's happening in Sudan.

Ummm... no.

At least, not in any part of the clips shown above. Is MTV already trying to spread damage control memes pretending that they weren't saying what they DID say in their promos? If they were making Sudan references, they would have, you know, used SUDAN imagery somewhere in there, instead of WWII-era Holocaust photos at the end of each clip.

Of course, I could be totally off base.

That's right. You are.

In case anyone cares...ther... (Below threshold)

In case anyone cares...there were other victims
of the holocaust too.


If you think for a... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

If you think for a moment that the right wing authoritarian mindset is a fantasy all you have to do is read this blog. Absolute blind submission to lies and crimes of the current administration.

Two distinct characteristics of the RWA mind are the need for an enemy to define its own existence, [liberals] and the ability to be totally unaware of ones own failings.

Most of you guys will never even get it.

Cassy,Seconds have... (Below threshold)


Seconds have indeed elapsed since you posted your message, but please don't worry. Although the U.S. might be a fascist police state now, this will cease once Obama takes over. Like I tell myself, just hold on until January.

And thanks for the videos.

Since the only times we app... (Below threshold)

Since the only times we approached fascism and totalitarianism was under Democratic presidents, Herman's yearning for an Obama presidency can be viewed as the silly, historically ignorant drivel that it is.

Although the U.S. ... (Below threshold)
Although the U.S. might be a fascist police state now

Holy S**T herman...what exactly do you base this on? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you donkeys?

Herman,How about y... (Below threshold)


How about you back your accusations of the U.S.
being a fascist police state
I'll be waiting.

If you think for ... (Below threshold)
If you think for a moment that the right wing authoritarian mindset is a fantasy all you have to do is read this blog. Absolute blind submission to lies and crimes of the current administration.

That goes for you too dr.lava.
If you're going to fling such accusations on
Wizbang feel the freedom to back them up.

Hey dr lava, take an enema,... (Below threshold)

Hey dr lava, take an enema, after your mind is clear, come on back. We'll talk about the "authoritarian mindset" of the Wilson and Roosevelt administrations during WWI and WWII.

MTV ??? Don't they show mus... (Below threshold)

MTV ??? Don't they show music video's or is that all '80's oldschool.

Seriously, if thats all they can do is screech like howler monkeys without offering evidence there is such a thing then they can sod off.

Keeping in mind that this *is* the same channel that brough us that memorable show "Jackass".

Herman, please remember that *ALL* of the "authoritarian" regimes in the 19th and 20th century were either socialist or communist in nature. Its right there in the history books you obviously never opened.

Fascist police states repre... (Below threshold)

Fascist police states represent a rather odd paradox. The more people who claim to live under one, the far less likely that they actually do. Because real fascist police states tend to shut people like that up.

Tell me some more about that brutally oppressed political prisoner, Keith Olbermann...


Been a few hours...your bra... (Below threshold)

Been a few hours...your brain straining to come up with proof there herman?

Don't hold your breath, Ste... (Below threshold)

Don't hold your breath, SteveC.

Jay, its fun to go back and read from statements by FDR's New Dealers during the '30's about how neat the ideas of Fascism were.

You guys prove by ea... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

You guys prove by each and every response that you really don't get it. And that is the exact response you would expect from social dominators and RWAs.

Even in the horrific realizations of what 6 years of "pure" conservative rule has done to our country RWAs are still unable to process the truth.

Bin Laden is free, Iraq occupation was based on lies, the dollar is joke, our reputation overseas is laughable, our economy is in the toilet, 80% of Americans believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction, gas is 110.00 a barrel, 4018 have been killed for nothing in Iraq as Maliki goes to Iran to seek a truce between the Badr Brigade and the Mahdi Army.

None of this is discussed at Wizbang because it is not possible for RWAs to be anything but totally submissive.
notiz=broadbrushing will get you every time.

dr.lava, do you have a prob... (Below threshold)

dr.lava, do you have a problem with
a direct request. A reading comprehension?
I was waiting for a response that had verifiable
links and resources to back up your post.
Are you unable to back up your accusations?
If so, here's a bit of consequences for you
to handle. You're free to respond.
I'm still waiting.

Expecting a rational answer... (Below threshold)

Expecting a rational answer from dr lava, backed up by evidentiary material, is rather like waiting underneath a cow's ass, expecting a golden egg to drop.

In either case, you are certain to end up extremely disappointed.


Herman and the good doctor ... (Below threshold)

Herman and the good doctor HAVE BEEN TRYING TO RESPOND, but the facists that run this police state are preventing it.

Good God, Wizbang, come on!... (Below threshold)

Good God, Wizbang, come on! How did this site ever give Cassy Fiano an editorial spot? She is so unresearched in her posts that is beyond laughable. There have been many examples. MTV created this ad campaign to show the typical subued, lazy American teen what life is like for people in the Sudan mostly, and in other places in Africa. Does she EVER look at anything at all or research what she is doing in ANY WAY? Someone please, Kevin? Jay Tea? DJ? Will you say something?

Nice left-handed compliment... (Below threshold)

Nice left-handed compliment to Kevin and me, Ryan. I'd be flattered, but I recognize it for what it is: an excuse to bash Cassy.

Oh, and dr lava: I read your un-disemvowelled comment, and while I wouldn't have mangled it, I can see why maggie did. When asked to cite examples of how America is a fascist police state, you instead harped on Iraq and the economy and how we here at Wizbang are shameless lapdogs for the Bush administration.

Fascinating glimpse into your mind, doc, but utterly irrelevant to showing how the US is a fascist police state.

Here's a hint: if you'd shown systemic cases -- or even even a single example -- of ruthless government suppression of dissent, you might have a case. Instead, all you did was prove what an ass you are.

It didn't really need confirmation, but it was kind of nice to see, anyway.


"MTV created this ad campai... (Below threshold)

"MTV created this ad campaign to show the typical subued, lazy American teen what life is like for people in the Sudan mostly, and in other places in Africa."

...by making spots which DON'T SHOW ANYTHING SET IN THE SUDAN, but which instead show modern-day America subjected to WWII Nazi stormtrooper tactics, showing how "it could happen here." Yeah, that's brilliant. Except that it would take a (literally) incredible turn of events to cause scenes like those shown in the videos (partly due to our population being somewhat better-armed than the ones in every place where genocides have taken place).

What it DOES accomplish is give the Crazy Conspiracy-Minded Left yet another thing to rant about in their next meeting. "Man, it's going to be just like those MTV spots if we don't kick those fascist Bushitler guys out and put in a good, socially-conscious group like Obama's. That way, we can just, you know, 're-educate' all of the right-wingers. That's how they do it in civilized countries with socialists in power."

dr lava, your keyboard is o... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

dr lava, your keyboard is on the blink and dropping letters, or maybe it's your brain. Either way you need a new one.

Despite overwhelming... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

Despite overwhelming public opinion that this administration has lead America into a very bad place it is ignored at Wizbang.

Lets start with Bin Laden. No one around here seems much bothered by Bush's failure in that regard.

Lets start with Bi... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Lets start with Bin Laden. No one around here seems much bothered by Bush's failure in that regard.

First it's a phony issue in that if he was caught today the left would dismiss that accomplishment as being irrelevant by tomorrow. We know approximately where Bin Laden is, but it would take a sustained military effort to flush him out. That's something the American electorate has no stomach for thanks to the self-serving whining of the far left.

Bush has suppressed further attacks on American soil. We'll likely see how well Obama does in this regard. The question for you is how many civilians do terrorists need to kill on American soil before you and the far left have the courage to go to war and support the President (whoever they are) until it's won?

Absolute blind submission to lies and crimes of the current administration.

Any lies or crimes of this administration pale in comparison to those of the prior administration. The real problem is the absolute blind opposition of the far left. They have never come to terms with Bush actually winning the election. Like how could the right's chimp beat the left's golden boy? As Kelly would say, it "wobbles the mind."

It wouldn't have mattered to the left if Bush went into Iraq or not. The left has been determined from day one to bring down Bush by any means they can muster. The left has had to redefine the meaning of lie in order put that tag on Bush, but if Obama wins, he'll now be judged by that standard.

The left ignores the very constitution they claim Bush has violated failing to recognize that the President is equal in authority to congress or the judiciary. In the design of constitutional checks and balances the President is a check on both congress and the judiciary and President Andrew Jackson (on the $20 bill) actually overrode a Supreme court decision. Jackson was wrong in that case, but he did establish the precedent. The left refuses to understand the nature of wiretaps, that usually one party in a conversation is being recorded with no warrant. The former governor of New York is one such example. Where's the outcry from the left about this illegal wiretap? There is none because the left knows their warrantless wiretap mantra is BS.

No dr lava, we won't drink your Kool-aid and that's the real reason you hate conservatives.

hey doc,ya seen ol obamaopp... (Below threshold)

hey doc,ya seen ol obamaopps, sorry,osama lately.seems to me even if the Pres didnt in fact catch him,he did effectivly take him out of the picture.

If anyone needs proof that ... (Below threshold)

If anyone needs proof that more than Dr L and herman believe what Cassie is saying, look to Lee Lee's recent post on Wizbang Blue.

QED and res ipsa loquitor.

lava, I've said it many tim... (Below threshold)

lava, I've said it many times: Bin Laden is history. If he isn't worm food (and I believe he is), he's utterly powerless. Getting him would be motivated by revenge, or if you prefer, justice.

I'd rather precious resources be spent not avenging the last major attack, but preventing the next one.

So far, the Bush administration has a damned fine record of doing that. Very, very few terrorist incidents on US territory since 9/11, and none of any real magnitude.

Sorry if that disappoints you, but it's the fact.







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