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Last November, while traveling for Thanksgiving, I passed a flock of wild turkeys alongside the road. The thought briefly crossed my mind of swerving and collecting a bit of bonus meat for the occasion.

I'm glad I didn't. Those things can be fierce.

As a New Hampshire motorcyclist discovered recently.

Short version: turkey and biker collide. Turkey is killed, but biker ends up with six broken ribs, broken shoulder blade, and numerous other injuries.

I see two possible futures for Mr. Grimes. Next Thanksgiving, he's either going to relish the traditional dinner more than ever, or he's going to run screaming from the table.


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Three weeks ago I was justa... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Three weeks ago I was justa bout 1/2 mile from home when I had to cool my heels for about three minutes while twenty damn wild ones crossed the road! I was in no mood to pull feathers from my grill .. yeah, they fly...but low!

We saw about 3 groups of tu... (Below threshold)

We saw about 3 groups of turkeys up in the Blue Ridge Mountains this weekend, near Blowing Rock. It must be mating season or something; I've never seen so many turkeys.

No danger of making an endangered species list.

Think flying cannon ball, t... (Below threshold)

Think flying cannon ball, then think windshield vs flying cannon ball. Also add that your head is at about the same height the bird will achieve on take off, and due to murphy's law it will take off flying towards your position behind the wheel. So I would put this in the not a good idea file.


When my aunt was a little g... (Below threshold)

When my aunt was a little girl, she got chased and snapped at by chickens. It took her a long time to get over that fear and start eating fried chicken again. I can only imagine what a trauma it would have been for her if one flew into her while she was on her bike.

Animal collisions can be pr... (Below threshold)

Animal collisions can be pretty serious, I believe that deer / auto collisions result in more than a hundred fatalities each year.

I have a flock of 28 turkey... (Below threshold)

I have a flock of 28 turkeys come through my yard twice a day -- the first time at about 5:45 am -- and cripes do they make a lot of noise.

But I never get tired of watching them.

The Red Tail doesn't even take a second look.

They've even scared off the coyotes.

Wild turkeys had nearly com... (Below threshold)

Wild turkeys had nearly completely disappeared from my part of the country until they were "reintroduced" about 20 years ago. They're flourishing now.

Between the toms and hens, they have some fifteen distinctive calls, many of which are instructions from the Mother Hen to the rest of the group with her, and many of which are very loud. Great to have them back, even if they do annoy the dog.

Most of the wild turkeys ar... (Below threshold)

Most of the wild turkeys around here populate downtown Portland, Bend and Corvalis.

We do have quite a few "tur... (Below threshold)

We do have quite a few "turkeys" in Chapel Hill, but they don't fly.






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