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Circular Firing Squad

This year's Democrat presidential nominating convention will be most akin to which of the following?

-- 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -- 5 --


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#2 without the cuteness. <... (Below threshold)

#2 without the cuteness.

I would have voted for #3, ... (Below threshold)

I would have voted for #3, but wrong end of the bull.

I think you let one possibl... (Below threshold)
Kevin B:

I think you let one possible choice off your list:


I would say #5 but there ar... (Below threshold)

I would say #5 but there are not enough hookers and hookee's in the picture. After all you are talking about democrats who have to pay for all they get.

#2... (Below threshold)


What, no 3 Stooges pie figh... (Below threshold)

What, no 3 Stooges pie fight?

My prediction - ... (Below threshold)

My prediction -

#2 fur sure, although the R... (Below threshold)
Paden Cash:

#2 fur sure, although the Rocky Horror one appeals to me, but it wasn't an official choice. I am expecting high camp and misnomers. Fun!

Let's try that again...... (Below threshold)

Let's try that again...


#5 But there would have to... (Below threshold)

#5 But there would have to be some noose's added hanging from the ceiling.

It will incorporate element... (Below threshold)

It will incorporate elements of all 5, and more. Pass the popcorn.

I noticed you have a dark c... (Below threshold)

I noticed you have a dark colored cat and a light colored cat......isn't that racist?

#5Going to be a lo... (Below threshold)


Going to be a lot of fun, gotta stock up on the popcorn now...

SFtrooper...I believ... (Below threshold)

SFtrooper...I believe one kitty is a girl and one is a boy, so it is sexist too.

Put both racists and sexists together and you have our Democratic Party in a nutshell.

All of above:1. Mud ... (Below threshold)
Billll Author Profile Page:

All of above:
1. Mud will be dug up and thrown.
2. Much hissing and spitting will ensue.
3. Much bull**** will be flung.
4.It will be a bloody fight to the death.
5. The brawl may even spill out into the streets.

I'm hoping for a re-run of 68. Why not, I live upwind.






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