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A Word To The Airlines

Once again, the airlines are having troubles, both with the FAA, with Congress, and with their customers. A simple maxim ought to have been said to them some time back:

If you tell enough of your paying customers to go to hell, eventually you will find yourself there of your own device.


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Running an airline should b... (Below threshold)

Running an airline should be one of the most profitable and steady businesses around. If you can't make a profit, start charging people more. It's not like there is another way for people to travel thousands of miles in a matter of hours. I don't get it.

Another of the many wonderf... (Below threshold)

Another of the many wonderful legacies of Ronald the Saint.

D.J:The problem is G... (Below threshold)

The problem is GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION AKA the FAA. It's more of a vengeful humiliated FAA coming down hard on the airlines after the SouthWest Airlines fiasco a couple of weeks ago.

Minturn: Running an Airline is NOT a profitable venture since it is a Cyclical business and the price of oil is killing them right now.

Then raise the price of air... (Below threshold)

Then raise the price of airline tickets. Why is this so hard to figure out?

American Airlines certainly... (Below threshold)

American Airlines certainly has told me to go to hell (in a detached, diplomatic way) several time. Looks like they're headed south. I think you're on to something, DJ.

JFO:"Another of the ... (Below threshold)

"Another of the many wonderful legacies of Ronald the Saint."

Actually, the airlines that AREN'T having problems are the ones who were enabled by the Reagan years. The ones which relied on government protection for those decades are the ones going belly-up.

Minturn, however historical... (Below threshold)

Minturn, however historically airlines seem to lose money more often than they make it.

JFO, that comment made as little sense as I would expect.

This is in part a political stunt and in part a bit of muscle flexing, the FAA would have given the airlines some more flexibility in getting the maintenance on the wire bundles done in their maintenance schedules but with Congress trying to score political points off the FAA recently that was not going to happen.

All that I want is to be ab... (Below threshold)
jon spencer:

All that I want is to be able to buy insurance that will pay out if I or my luggage does not arrive within, say 4 to 6 hours of my scheduled arrival.
This would not even cost the airlines anything, they could even make money at this.
The airline could subcontract this out to insurance companies.

If I was flight delayed or the luggage takes a different route I would be smiling because I would be getting paid to be inconvenienced.

SPQRYou aren't nea... (Below threshold)


You aren't nearly bright enough, that's the problem. You know, all those exhaust fumes.

Duh, ever hear of deregulation?

JFO, You're the r... (Below threshold)


You're the retard. Before deregulation airline prices were astronomical and the government mandated the routes airlines would fly. Direct flights from Cheyenne to Little rock, yeah that was efficient. Ever heard of the free market?

"Ever heard of the free ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"Ever heard of the free market?"

JFO is a marxist (a.k.a. "Democrat", "liberal", or "progressive")- they abhor free markets.

I've heard of deregulation.... (Below threshold)

I've heard of deregulation. As usual, however, JFO, you have been utterly incompetent at making any link between deregulation of the airline industry and American Airlines poor handling of a FAA maintenance directive.

I flew airlines before deregulation and frankly their customer service stank then too. And I was stuck with pricing tariffs approved by a government bureaucrat then.

SPQRYou are as usu... (Below threshold)


You are as usual utterly without a compunction to shade reality and the truth. Ever here of the customer issues? Those that have nothing whatsoever to do with a FAA maintenance direction. Come out of your exhaust cloud and do a little research - you know, that google thing.

The airline industry, amongst others, has gone to sh*** since St Ronnie, sadly, rode his horse into the WH.

Is there any evidence of a ... (Below threshold)

Is there any evidence of a Dem doing a better job of running things?

JFO,Wait, the burd... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


Wait, the burden of proof is on you to prove that the airline service and satisfaction is down specifically because of President Reagan's deregulation policies. After all, you're the one making the overly generalized claim, not SPQR. So pony up and prove it.

Oh, and the Airline Deregulation Act was signed in 1978 by....oh yeah, President Carter. Other than firing an air traffic controllers for illegally striking in 1981, I'm not sure if Reagan even had an officially stated airline deregulation policy; if anything it continued Carter's policy.

Peter, you just knocked JFO... (Below threshold)

Peter, you just knocked JFO the eff out! What a tool.

JFO, as I said, incompetent... (Below threshold)

JFO, as I said, incompetent ...

And that was not "shaded" at all.

Let 's use JFO moonbat logi... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Let 's use JFO moonbat logic. Since the election of the Dem congress, the economy has slowed down and the terrorists have been encouraged to fight on. So the airline problem is just another change that the Dems promised. The dems had the time to investigate baseball but not Columbia free trade agreement. I guess the JFO moonbats are busy cheering Reid/Pelosi to expand the liberal culture of corruption in Washington instead of solving the country 's problems.

Is someone taking revenge a... (Below threshold)

Is someone taking revenge against the airlines with the 'ties must be 6 inches apart, not 6.25 inches apart', or is the democrat party involved in their quest to destroy the economy? I suspect the dhimmi's trying to destroy the economy by having the union mechanics find, or set up, stupid stuff to ground the planes. The FAA workers are most likely union thugs also. The planes have been the same for years and had no accidents because of ties, now they are concerned. It's all BS.

By the way, over 20 years i... (Below threshold)

By the way, over 20 years in Aircraft maintenance and never lost one I worked on.






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