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If you don't support Hillary, you hate women!

Surprisingly, this doesn't come from your typical man-hating feminist blogs like Pandagon or Feministing. No, this little gem of wisdom comes from that political genius, Elton John:

Sir Elton John has staged a fundraising concert for US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and claimed that the "misogynistic attitudes" of Americans may be hindering her bid for the White House.

The star, an ardent Clinton supporter, raised $2.5 million (£1.25 million) for her campaign with the gig at New York's Radio City Music Hall.

"I've always been a Hillary supporter. There is no-one more qualified to lead America," he told the audience.

But he added: "I'm amazed by the misogynistic attitudes of some of the people in this country. And I say to hell with them... I love you Hillary. I'll be there for you."

Yes, of course, it's the mysogyny! That's why Hillary isn't catching on!! All of us who dislike her must do so because we hate women. By comparison, all of us who dislike Obama must do so because we hate blacks, to follow the same line of logic... right?

Why is it that the Clinton campaign does this? She tries to present herself like a tough woman who can handle being the most powerful person in the world, someone who will have to handle being a rare female in a mostly male world (especially when it comes to foreign politics). But what happens when things don't go her way? She cries, she blames it on the "boy's club", she demands special treatment... she basically acts like a whiny twelve-year-old girl. And yet she's supposed to be able to deal with leaders of Islamic countries that look at women as property, at best?

News flash to Elton John. I do not dislike Hillary Clinton because she's a woman, nor do I dislike Obama because he's black. Like most Americans, I dislike them because of where they stand on the policies. I don't want Hillary in office because she hates the United States like most liberals do, because she's a pathological liar, because she will ruin this country if she has it in her grasp for four years, because she has zero experience to make her qualified for this job, because she is piggybacking her husband's presidency -- and as far as I'm concerned, he's the worst President this country has ever seen! I could go on all day with reasons I don't want to vote for Hillary. Her gender wouldn't come up once.

Sure, there may be a few people here and there that don't support her because she's a woman. But they are a rare, tiny minority. Most people just realize what they're getting into with putting the Clintons back into the White House, and frankly, would rather play leapfrog with unicorns before enduring four years of that torture again.

One of Hillary's biggest mistakes was her attitude of inevitability. She was so used to the Clintons being the Golden Couple of the Democratic Party that she just assumed the Presidency was hers. She looked at this whole primary/election business as red tape, but that they key to the Oval Office was already in her hand.

Well, sorry honey. President Hillary Clinton isn't an inevitability, and it doesn't make anyone a mysogynist for not wanting her in the White House, no matter what Elton John (freakazoid extraordinaire) says.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin


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Comments (31)

Like a candle in the wind? ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Like a candle in the wind? Elton's hanging around like a fart in a phone booth...

And I must dislike Elton Jo... (Below threshold)

And I must dislike Elton John because I hate irrelevant, has-been celebrities.

Oh, pardon me, Sir E... (Below threshold)

Oh, pardon me, Sir Elton John. Gawd, even knighthood is irrelevant these days.

He'd like an autographed pr... (Below threshold)

He'd like an autographed presidential pant suit with matching flats to wear at his concerts.

People who don't support Mc... (Below threshold)

People who don't support McCain do so because they hate old people!

I dislike them in part beca... (Below threshold)
civildisobedience Author Profile Page:

I dislike them in part because they hate me. LOL

Hillary might be evil, but ... (Below threshold)

Hillary might be evil, but she's not stupid.

Obama isn't evil, but he *is* stupid... or at least hopelessly in error about people and the world.

I don't for a moment believe that Hillary believes her own rhetoric. Obama is a true believer.

George Bush is scary because he's a true believer, too. He's just mostly right, or sometimes right, or at least right enough.

Which is a long way of saying... if it has to be one or the other I'd prefer Hillary because I believe she'd do less damage.

Self interest is a comforting thing.

Guess the old queen just ha... (Below threshold)

Guess the old queen just had to chime in. Do Boy George and George Michael also have an opinion?

Just wondering, who is more feminine, Reggie Dwight, or, the Hildebeast?

Bill Clinton was not the wo... (Below threshold)

Bill Clinton was not the worst President, so long as you consider Jimmy Cater, who is still damaging our country's interests long after he left office. To his credit, Bil (1) signed NAFTA and supported free trade and (2) signed welfare reform, thereby at least somewhat stemming the growing tide of government dependence. Both Hillary and BHO will be worse than Bill, since they are promising to work for less free trade and more government dependence.

Hold on a minute. I though... (Below threshold)

Hold on a minute. I thought we all agreed that Jimmy Carter was the worst President in history.

Let's don't lose focus. Mr. Clinton was a real putz, but Jimmy tops them all.

Did anything good happen wh... (Below threshold)

Did anything good happen while the dumber Carter brother was in office? Olympic hockey gold in Lake Placid, but the socialist bumbling idiot cant take credit for that.

Klinton didnt do too much, bad or good, but, he is is nowhere near as useless and dangerous as Jimmah, then, or now.

"I'm amazed by the misogyni... (Below threshold)

"I'm amazed by the misogynistic attitudes of some of the people in this country." = "All of us who dislike her must do so because we hate women."


Guess I must be a Hillary h... (Below threshold)

Guess I must be a Hillary hater? hate washed up fembots too.

So now we are talking the w... (Below threshold)

So now we are talking the word of washed-up gay British pop stars for whether or not we hate women?

So if I don't like Elton Jo... (Below threshold)

So if I don't like Elton John I must hate the hetro-challenged?

It takes one to know one. H... (Below threshold)

It takes one to know one. He is the perfect sample of having misogynistic attitudes. He hates women.

Shouldn't that be Dame Elto... (Below threshold)

Shouldn't that be Dame Elton John? And shouldn't we hate him, er... her for that?

People who bother to think ... (Below threshold)

People who bother to think for themselves don't care what the American celebrities think. Why does EJ think we'd care about his opinion?

I think Sir John was referr... (Below threshold)

I think Sir John was referring to the people on blogs like this that post misogynistic, hateful, personal attacks with absolutely no substance. He was in no way saying that if you don't back Hillary you are misogynistic. That implication is as absurd as if you suggested I am racist because I don't back Obama. Although, there are plenty of people on these blogs that are willing to do so.

Support for one's candidate is admirable. But everyone needs to realize that smart, logical, reasonable people can differ in their views and opinions. There is no absolute right or wrong here. So stop launching hate-filled tyrades at supporters of "the other" candidate. Use these blogs to present and talk about the issues rather than spewing crap. We will all be better for it.

The moonbat boss of a frien... (Below threshold)

The moonbat boss of a friend of mine told him exactly this, that if you don't vote for Hillary!, you're a sexist. Of course, the problem is, if you don't vote for Obama, that means you're a racist, so what's a poor Democrat voter to do?

As a woman, I don't like ho... (Below threshold)

As a woman, I don't like how Hillary claims she's a feminist and then turns around and does things that hurt women. Like crying when things are tough, bitching about how it takes her more time to get ready for debates because she has to put on her make-up, and playing the gender card to get ahead. Tough it out like the rest of us working women do, Hillary, and work on getting the job based on performance and how you can handle the issues.

Oh, and Elton, unless you're a U.S. citizen, kindly don't boil down people not voting for your buddy as simple misogyny. It's mishillaryny.

Maybe he can write a new so... (Below threshold)

Maybe he can write a new song for Hillary and Katie Couric that we won't buy.

I'm sorry, I'm just so sorr... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry, I'm just so sorry.

Same old Clintons, raising ... (Below threshold)
John S:

Same old Clintons, raising campaign contributions from illegal foreign sources. Guess there aren't any more military secrets to sell to the Chinese. And if I don't agree with Elton, does that mean I hate bitter old lesbians?

The people he described as ... (Below threshold)

The people he described as misogynists are the anti-woman Republicans.

During one of American Idol... (Below threshold)

During one of American Idol's earlier years, viewers voted several black contestants off the show. Elton John thereupon publicly pronounced that Americans are racists. Didn't matter that other black singers remained on the show, or that black singers had won in previous years. Couldn't be that that year's black contestants just weren't as good as their competition. No, to Elton it had to be racism and only racism that lead to their loss. So now he thinks misogyny explains why some of us don't want to vote for Hillary. Sir Elton: Identity Politics 'R Us.

And Elton John's opinion is... (Below threshold)

And Elton John's opinion is relevant to the average American how?

Amii, I've made a very care... (Below threshold)

Amii, I've made a very careful point of attacking Hillary Clinton over what she says and does, not what she is. And I've noticed that my colleagues are pretty good at following that principle. Would you care to cite an example or two of what you have found sexist and/or misogynistic on this blog?

Or, if that's a bit too highbrow for you, "put up or shut up, asshole."


("Asshole" being a completely generic and non-discriminatory insult, of course. No bigotry there!)

I'd much rather have Condi ... (Below threshold)

I'd much rather have Condi Rice than John McCain as president.

And Hillary eats this stuff... (Below threshold)

And Hillary eats this stuff up. Someone from the outside coming to her defense. It can't be all in her imagination then that we hate her so. . .

And as far as the "golden couple" goes. Bill never won with a majority of the vote anyway. Why should Hills expect that we would come running to her and be surprised that we don't love her?

Poster 1, Barron von Ottoma... (Below threshold)

Poster 1, Barron von Ottomatic, my sides are still hurting from laughing so hard! Thanks for making my Friday even more enjoyable.






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