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Tempting Fate

Well, it's official. New Hampshire is going to fall just short of setting a record for snowfall over this last winter.

As miserable as it was (especially since most of the storms happened on Wednesdays, normally my day off), I find myself kind of wistful that we won't set a record.

Perhaps we should invite Al Gore to visit the state?


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Perhaps we should invite... (Below threshold)

Perhaps we should invite Al Gore to visit the state?

Is that so the hot air will melt the snow?

Speaking of hot air, where ... (Below threshold)

Speaking of hot air, where is it? halfway almost through April and weve had 1 day close to 60 above in central Minnesota. At this moment were in the midst of a blizzard. Last weekend we had 30 inches of snow up north?

If this is warming up(the longest damn winter in My memory) hate to see what cooling is like.

118 inches is about the sam... (Below threshold)

118 inches is about the same as my old home town, Erie, PA had this year.

Its average is 90 inches per year. The usual first snow is generally in October, and the last is generally in April.

That is why I have lived in Atlanta for 40 years. Four seasons, mild winters, and plenty of sunshine.

Vnjagvet:You must ... (Below threshold)


You must have lived in the city, below 38th street. In the county we got more!

That's why I moved to Kentucky, four seasons, only 18" of snow per year, and lower humidity than further south.

It's been snowing all day i... (Below threshold)

It's been snowing all day in Breckenridge, Colorado. We're way above average, I think about 370" so far this year. Aspen has gotten over 400". Residents of Arizona and California can fill their swimming pools and have lush green yards this year. And if there's any water left after that, the farmers may get some too.

Jay, You're so, li... (Below threshold)


You're so, like, last year. Global Warming / Climate Change is already losing steam, cuz nature refuses to cooperate. And a smart Ponzi operator knows to get out early, so trial balloons for the Next Great Excuse are already being floated: e.g. Food Insecurity. Don't you get it? The world just needs more govt!

Other possibilities: Global Cooling, Global Dignity and Global Identity. Place yer bets.

I'm betting on "Global Clim... (Below threshold)

I'm betting on "Global Climate Instability" instead of "Change," because change sounds like it would change in only one direction, and GCI can mean anything, at any time. that way, if the temps really start to drop, they're still covered, and can take credit when one small area is still warm for some reason or another.

cirby,I'll bet on ... (Below threshold)


I'll bet on Global Cooling - tho I think you're right about how they'll spin it - but I think they'll still need to especially emphasize the risk of cooling for a while cuz I expect they'll wanna kill solar power.

Kill solar, did I say? Yes, just as they now try to kill wind power. They only like such things if they're non-viable, as an emotional down-with-people attitude is their primary motivator. But solar's getting closer to viability now, and might actually help, so it's time to switch.

Moreover, brownouts/blackouts are inevitable if you don't build more power plants. So the ants who save their money and install panels will be comfy while the grasshoppers freeze. That's so inequitable, there oughtta be a law!

But worst of all from the Angry Enviro pt of view is that solar's inherently a distributed technology: no govt-controlled thermostats, no ribbons to cut, proles living comfortably without the Guidance Of The Elite ... you can see the problem.

I think solar will get attacked soon, perhaps for something in the manufacturing process for the panels, or perhaps just cuz it takes warmth from the planet or whatever. Poor shivering Mother Gaia, you wouldn't wanna do that to her, would you now?

"don't see a snowstorm in t... (Below threshold)

"don't see a snowstorm in the near future" - well, Art Lester, your own NOAA disagrees. There is a major "clipper" event moving into the mid section of the continental US that will take several days to leave the east coast, and snow is a possibility in as far south as the D.C. western suburbs. The current CONUS forecast low temps for Tues/Wed, if correct, will be the lowest nationwide temps in over 120 years. (noaa.gov)


PS - Snowfall forecasted in NH for Sunday PM!

I'm a few degrees higher in... (Below threshold)

I'm a few degrees higher in latitude, but a few more inches of precipitation. Ours was almost all the WET kind.

Highs in the mid 60's this weekend with a big yellow ball in the sky all day.

Move west!

i don't know about west, ep... (Below threshold)

i don't know about west, epador. i live in seattle and last weekend i was trudging through 9" of fresh snow in the foot hill suburbs out by duvall/monroe

-Best expample of not knowi... (Below threshold)
I'm an asshat:

-Best expample of not knowing the difference between weather and climate.






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