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Did the Hamburglar have an alibi at the time?

This news gives new meaning to the words 'Big Mac'.

Police on Wednesday arrested an adult movie producer, two cast members and crew for filming a porn movie at a McDonald's shop in Higashi-Matsuyama City, Saitama Prefecture, in January.

Producer Kunikazu Ishii, 51, an actress, 21, an actor, 29, and staff were arrested for allegedly shooting a porn film at the McDonald's outlet around 3 p.m. on Jan 24. A customer noticed them and called police. McDonald's staff were apparently unaware of what was going on.

One of the suspects was quoted by police as saying, "We didn't think it would be a problem as long as nobody noticed what we were doing."

That must be a very slow fast food outlet to have a porn flick being filmed in mid-afternoon.

Note it took three months for arrests to be made. Were police and prosecutors too busy examining the 'evidence'? I'll let Wizbang readers make their own wisecracks. If McDonald's employees in Japan are anything like they are in the US, I can certainly believe they knew nothing was going on. The local McDonald's here is trouble enough understanding the word 'plain' when I order a a double quarter pounder with cheese.

Hat tip- Japundit who wrote the following about the film crew "Maybe they saw something Freudian in the golden arches which beckoned them?"


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Comments (8)

When asked if they were con... (Below threshold)

When asked if they were concerned about appearing in a porn film the actors responded, "Parts is parts."

So: willMayor McCheese be s... (Below threshold)

So: willMayor McCheese be serving as magistrate at trial?

This post is useless withou... (Below threshold)

This post is useless without pictures!

Toasted buns. ww... (Below threshold)

Toasted buns. ww

They migh not of been in vi... (Below threshold)

They migh not of been in view of the staff at the McDonald's in question. I've been in several McDonalds in urban areas overseas that had a second story seating area that wasn't really in view of the serving area. Generally had a good view of the street though.

Opt out of the special sauce...

This one is too easy. "Home... (Below threshold)

This one is too easy. "Home of the whopper", "Where's the beef?", "Billions & Billions Served" I won't even go into the sushi angle.

I don't even need to know t... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I don't even need to know the special sauce...

Gives a whole new meaning t... (Below threshold)

Gives a whole new meaning to "supersize me"...






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