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They. Just. Don't. Get. It.

What IS it about the Democrats that they can't seem to disagree with Republican presidents without attacking the military?

Let's start with John Kerry. After his abbreviated tour of duty inViet Nam, he leveraged his medals (and Boston Brahmin status and accent) to gain a leadership position in the anti-war movement. And from there, he used it to give very undeserved credibility to the absolutely bogus allegations of wholesale atrocities:

"They told the stories at times they had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam in addition to the normal ravage of war, and the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country...."

So, Kerry -- along with many of his comrades -- decided the best way to get the Nixon administration to change its war policies was to smear the troops whose solemn oaths compelled them to carry out his orders. And since it seemed to work, it's become an unwritten rule in Democratic politics.

Then there's Hillary Clinton. Most of us had a good laugh at her "landing in Tuzla under sniper fire" fabrication, but one person who didn't laugh was retired Army Colonel David Hunt. Hunt is best known as a Fox News military analyst, author, and occasional fill-in host for talk show host Howie Carr, but during the course of his 29 years in the Army, he happened to be in charge of security in Tuzla when then First Lady Hillary Clinton (along with First Daughter Chelsea and entertainers Sinbad and Sheryl Crowe) came calling.

Hunt pointed out that for Hillary Clinton to say that she and her entourage came under sniper fire on that trip was nothing less than a gross insult to the US military and the Secret Service, to imply -- no, explicitly state -- that those people charged with the safety of their guests would let them land and deplane under sniper fire. Both the military and the Secret Service take great pride in their non-partisan professionalism, not allowing their personal opinions affect in any way their performance of their duties, and Hillary's lies were based on an absolutely despicable charge of incompetence and/or willful neglect by those two groups.

When General Petraeus was called before Congress to testify, most of the Democrats didn't seem interested in what he had to say. Several of them issued their statements before he said word one before them, and most of them used their opportunity to ask him questions to grandstand against the Bush administration. This highly-decorated, highly-capable, and deeply honorable man was treated as an excuse for grandstanding, and accused (both implicitly and explicitly) of deeply dishonorable things. ("General Betray-Us," anyone?)

Now, most recently, we have good old Senator Jay Rockefeller. You might remember him from his tour of Mideast countries where he warned that a US attack on Iraq was imminent. He knew this was true, because he sat on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Or you might recall him from the list of the richest Senators -- he's usually somewhere in the top five.

Well, he's on the Obama bandwagon now, and somehow got the idea into his head that he should attack John McCain. And what better way than to assail the foundation of McCain's lifetime of public service, his career in the Navy?

"McCain was a fighter pilot, who dropped laser-guided missiles from 35,000 feet. He was long gone when they hit. What happened when they [the missiles] get to the ground? He doesn't know. You have to care about the lives of people. McCain never gets into those issues."

Way to go, Senator. Instead of going after McCain for his personal failings (and they are legion), why not just smear every single American service man and service woman who's ever strapped on a jet while wearing a uniform? And if that isn't enough, why not display your ignorance of the military and completely make up shit?

McCain was an attack pilot, not a fighter pilot. He dropped his bombs from low altitude -- the better to hit the target and NOT hit civilians. Laser-guided weapons -- which let the pilots be even more precise from greater distances -- were still years away from deployment when McCain was shot down on one of those low-level bombing runs. And he spent several years as a "guest" of those people who were on the ground he was trying to bomb, so he knows quite well what happened when his bombs hit the ground.

Like I said, I just don't get it. This isn't just a willingness to slam the military in the interests in politics. It's more like an expansion of "shooting the messenger." The Democrats seem almost eager to attack the military as a short-cut to going after Republicans.

Yes, there are Republicans who wrap themselves in the flag, who choose to hide behind the military in some form or another, and they are to be despised. (I remember one particularly biting remark -- I think it was Molly Ivins -- who commented about the first President Bush's support for a Constitutional amendment against flag-burning: "You'd be worried, too, about flag burning if you wrapped yourself in it that much.") But that's no excuse for those who use the political equivalent of a shotgun and fire indiscriminately at their opponents, and don't care if the military gets hit by any stray rounds.

Politicians like Kerry, Clinton, Rockefeller, or numerous other leading Democrats.


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Comments (17)

I think someone should boot... (Below threshold)

I think someone should boot these people,and i use that term litely,out of washington and into the REAL world. I really belive they have no clue as to what is going on.sad and pathetic when you think bout it.time to stock up on beans and bullits.

Just to sum up: Military g... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

Just to sum up: Military great. Liberals evil. Democrats evil.Bush great.Military great. Liberals evil. Democrats evil.Bush great.Military great. Liberals evil. Democrats evil.Bush great.Military great. Liberals evil. Democrats evil.Bush great.

This is not RWA?

I don't think what I wrote ... (Below threshold)

I don't think what I wrote qualifies as RWA, doc, but yours certainly does fit the description of "Rabid Wombat Arguments." As in, "arguments so stupid and incomprehensible that only a rabid wombat could possibly understand them, let alone make them."

Oh, and congratulations on discovering the cut and paste function. Tomorrow, maybe you should work on not sniffing glue.


Current trend among the gre... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Current trend among the greater population is to support our soldiers thanks to 9/11.

However, this is not the true feelings for liberals. They really believe in a one world system where the UN rules.

They believe American patriotism should be supplanted with the new world view. In achieving that end a strong US military is NOT a good thing.

Liberals were much happier when the college campuses were erupting in the 60's disparraging the troops. Liberals in power today are from that genre. They may stick an American flag on their labels, however, they would prefer it be the blue flag of the UN. If there was the slightest turn against the troops in the poll numbers, they ALL would be right out in front with the protestors!

The sole exception being Joe Lieberman.

Democrats hate America and ... (Below threshold)

Democrats hate America and all it's institutions. They just hate the military most because their plans never seem to work out. See Democrat President Jimmy Carter and the desert hostage release scenes for the whys.

So now Iran wants nukes to erase Israel, and the Democrats want to talk. Do nukes harm the environment? Maybe that is the key to getting the Democrat loons to pay attention.

Well lava, it's not The Lef... (Below threshold)

Well lava, it's not The Left isn't just: military is evil. Bush is evil. We are superior. We are great. We know better than anyone. Bush is evil.Minorities are too pathetic and need us to rule their lives. Bus is evil. Military are dumb.

Actually, if you read Jay Tea's post what he is really saying is that Rockefeller is an elitist snob who hasn't really accomplished anything taking a swipe at all military to further a political agenda.

Of course, if he weren't a political idiot to boot he'd realize that attacking the military isn't a politically savvy move in an election cycle. If he weren't an idiot he'd realize mentioning McCain using a weapon's system that wasn't used during McCain's time in Vietnam only illustrates how ignorant he is of the military and their personnel.

JT, I have commented many t... (Below threshold)

JT, I have commented many times over the years on this blog that liberals have always been self loathing military haters. Since the 60's. True then and true now. ww

Faith, I'm very disappointe... (Below threshold)

Faith, I'm very disappointed in you. Very, very disappointed.

You said to dr lava "if you read Jay Tea's post." lava doesn't bother to read postings. He just skims them to see if they're political, then blurts out his pointless blather.

You oughta know better than that, Faith...


On the other hand, maybe dr... (Below threshold)

On the other hand, maybe dr lava means to refer to the Romance Writers of America, or one of these terms...


"And from there, he [John K... (Below threshold)

"And from there, he [John Kerry] used it to give very undeserved credibility to the absolutely bogus allegations of wholesale atrocities" -- Mr. Tea

Bogus??? Just what kind of history lessons were you taught in school, Mr. Tea? Have you not heard of a village called My Lai? Have you not heard of Operation Speedy Express? Do you honestly think that all those 550,000 to 4 million Vietnamese civilians killed [depending on the estimate used] in the Vietnam war were killed by communists only????

Educate yourself, Mr. Tea. Here, let me help. Check out this website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vietnam_War_Crimes_Working_Group_Files
and then note the following:

"The Vietnam War Crimes Working Group Files is a collection of formerly secret documents compiled by Pentagon investigators in the early 1970s, confirming that atrocities by U.S. forces during the Vietnam War were more extensive than had been officially acknowledged. The documents are housed by the United States National Archives and Records Administration. They detail 320 alleged incidents that were substantiated by United States Army investigators -- not including the 1968 My Lai Massacre."

It's not just chickenhawks and yellow elephants who avoid war, Mr. Tea. If the particular war is stupid (from the point of view of U.S. involvement), then the best, the brightest, and the most moral Americans will avoid it. Which leaves the least moral to become soldiers and go to exotic locales to kill and maim citizens there.

Deal with it.

Herman, Herman, Herman...</... (Below threshold)

Herman, Herman, Herman...

I was speaking specifically about the guys Kerry cheerfully fronted for, nearly all of whom were exposed as liars and/or fakers. I never said atrocities never happened, only that the ones Kerry talked about -- under oath -- were bullshit.

Your reading comprehension is a smidgen better than dr lava's, but that's not really saying much, is it?


The Democrat attempts to sm... (Below threshold)

The Democrat attempts to smear the US military is one of the reasons the South took a turn toward the Republican party in the 70's. Biting the hand that holds the rifle that protects you is bad political strategy unless you WANT the votes of those who hate America.

Herman and drlava:... (Below threshold)

Herman and drlava:


Thanks kids for providing JT et al more fodder to prove the point.

"Which leaves the least mor... (Below threshold)

"Which leaves the least moral to become soldiers and go to exotic locales to kill and maim citizens there."

Herman, I cannot believe ANYONE on ANY SIDE of the political spectrum could truly write this. Since I assume you believe that the Iraq war is "stupid" (see your previous sentence) then this must be your opinion of the troops there. I think you must be one pathetic dude.

The Democrats seem almos... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

The Democrats seem almost eager to attack the military as a short-cut to going after Republicans.
But that's no excuse for those who use the political equivalent of a shotgun and fire indiscriminately at their opponents, and don't care if the military gets hit by any stray rounds.

Don't let them off the hook, Jay. For some Lefties, it's not the case that they "don't care if the military gets hit". They actually want to hit the military. They loathe the military, you might say.

"What happened when they [t... (Below threshold)

"What happened when they [the missiles] get to the ground? He doesn't know. You have to care about the lives of people. McCain never gets into those issues."

I wonder what happened to the civilians of Kosovo when they were hit by Bill Clinton's laser-guided bombs?

May Sen. Rockefeller should ask about that the next time he runs into Hillary in the Senate.

Nessman, you are absolutely... (Below threshold)

Nessman, you are absolutely correct. They do, in fact, have nothing but condescension and contempt for us uncouth barbaric morons in the military. Sometimes they accidentally admit it out loud. Where outsiders can hear. That's alright though, they can always then accuse the idiots of questioning their patriotism.






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