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Fear and Loathing in Denver

This year's media/Democrat presidential nominating convention will be most akin to which of the following?

-- 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 --

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Chomsky!... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:


JaysonTempted to c... (Below threshold)


Tempted to choose #4. But I think the left wing loudmouths today lack the stones to get into actual fights on the streets.

Also, Obama is dividing, not uniting, so where will the middle go? They surely will not close ranks behind the candidate that insults their core values. They may not show up.

How strange. No tear gas, no vote.

I think #4 Sure to... (Below threshold)

I think #4

Sure to be lots of tazing.

#1 & #2 has already happened to the Dems.

#3 These cats are way to civil to represent todays leftists.

Chernobyl.... (Below threshold)


Gotta be #3, but I think #4... (Below threshold)

Gotta be #3, but I think #4 is a distinct possibility.

Jayson, you are lazy and un... (Below threshold)

Jayson, you are lazy and unimaginative.


#2 going down like Monica o... (Below threshold)

#2 going down like Monica on Bubba

5:<a href="... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:
Anyone who understands math... (Below threshold)

Anyone who understands math knows the convention will be more like this. But you keep having your little fantasies. At least it distracts you from further posts about how great the economy is doing.






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