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Cover it up

Just your average day in Florida. People firing paintballs at strippers.

BOYNTON BEACH -- Three men dressed in black walked into Platinum Gold strip club on the city's southeast side Sunday night and started shooting exotic dancers with paintball guns, police said.

The men, along with an afternoon-shift dancer and another woman who had been arguing with a manager when the shooters showed up, all fled the club at 3675 S. Federal Hwy. before police got there about 11:15 p.m.

Officers rushed in to discover three dancers, ages 28, 44 and 51, peppered with pink paintballs and covered in circular bruises. Surveying the rest of the club, they noticed several broken, paint splattered mirrors and a bar top stained in a patchwork of flamingo splotches. City paramedics treated the dancers in the club.

After investigating, police came to suspect the three men paintballed the dance club on behalf of the afternoon-shift dancer, who became angry after the manager refused to exchange her "funny money" for cash earlier in the day, police said.

Throw in possible counterfeiting while you're at it too. Isn't Florida a great state or what?


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RE: "Officers rushed in to ... (Below threshold)

RE: "Officers rushed in to discover three dancers, ages 28, 44 and 51"

44 and 51!?

44 and 51!? <p... (Below threshold)
JamesT Author Profile Page:

44 and 51!?

Yeah, the day shift strippers can be pretty rough.

Sheesh, and I live only a f... (Below threshold)

Sheesh, and I live only a few miles from there. Anyhow, at least it was paintballs and not 9mm as you would get in say, those ever so tolerent cities like LA or NYC right?

Yeah, the day shift stri... (Below threshold)

Yeah, the day shift strippers can be pretty rough.

It was at night. Of course, it was Sunday night, but still.

Platinum Gold? Sounds more... (Below threshold)
gmax Author Profile Page:

Platinum Gold? Sounds more like Centrum Silver!

Two pretty disturbing thing... (Below threshold)

Two pretty disturbing things here. One, a organized criminal assault on some "entertainers". And even more unsettling, that some young guys have fantasies of watching their "mom" dance and pay to watch 44 and 51 year olds. Creepy.

There are plenty of middle-... (Below threshold)

There are plenty of middle-aged to older men out there who prefer to look at women their age. Some folks have daughters and would rather not watch someone the same age as their daughter strip.

If it was younger men looking at women their mom's age... ew.

"Officers rushed in to disc... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

"Officers rushed in to discover three dancers, ages 28, 44 and 51..."

Where are the parents?!

Oh the humanity!... (Below threshold)

Oh the humanity!

They wouldn't take her "fun... (Below threshold)
George Author Profile Page:

They wouldn't take her "funny money"?! Sounds like she was trying to exchange the same kind of bills that Tony Sirico (of the Sopranos) uses in those Denny's commercials.






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