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Happy Anniversary, John Kerry!

Hot Air's celebrating John Kerry's nine year anniversary. Of what, you ask? Well, let me show you:

It's the nine year anniversary of the last time John Kerry did his job. He wrote S.791, which was passed into law. And since then he's done... nothing. Maybe he was just too busy preparing for his presidential run to actually bother legislating?

Sign the card to wish John Kerry a happy retirement here.


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The King of Empty Suits.</p... (Below threshold)

The King of Empty Suits.

"It's the nine year anniver... (Below threshold)

"It's the nine year anniversary of the last time John Kerry did his job. "

I beg to differ. Where is it written that the job of a legislator is to propose, write, or pass legislation? Frankly, I'm happier that Kerry has been entirely idle in the writing department, for it's safe to assume that that any bill he did write would be a bad one.

Well, he should do somethin... (Below threshold)

Well, he should do something, shouldn't he. Name one thing he's acheived--hearings, writings, speeches.

The guy's a typical poseur. And idiot.

Perfect for the long line of Dim. Prez wannabes: McGovern, Mondale, Gore, Dukakis, and now Obama and/or Clinton. With the exception of McGovern and Mondale, they all loudly touted an extemely thin resume.

At least Bush didn't try to pass as an infantryman in Bosnia, or the Second Coming, for God's sake (literally).

Actually, I'd prefer that m... (Below threshold)

Actually, I'd prefer that my representatives do nothing to earn their pay. If there are no laws that need passing, and most of the time there aren't, then they shouldn't pass any. If there are no laws that need passing, there shouldn't be any need for hearings. And if the legislature isn't doing anything, then its members have nothing to write or speechify about.

Man Britneys cute! (back t... (Below threshold)

Man Britneys cute! (back then).

"Well , He should do something, should'nt he. name one thing hes achieved. writings ,hearings, speeches."i>

No, none of those. but I hear He once voted for the 87 billion..before He voted against it!

I'll second wolfwalker's se... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

I'll second wolfwalker's sentiment. If they do nothing, it only costs us their salary and retirement (plus earmarks). That's probably, what, a few million a year?

If they DO something (i.e. pass new programs), it generally costs BILLIONS, and that's just to start.

Agreed with wolfwalker. Sh... (Below threshold)

Agreed with wolfwalker. Shouldn't we be thanking him for going 9 years without a bill that passed into law. I wish more of Congress would follow his example in this respect.

I am with the gang that thi... (Below threshold)
Rick Caird:

I am with the gang that thinks it is a good thing that none of John Kerry's ideas have made it into legislation. A lackluster Senator is a lot better than a crusader.


I am a viet vet and I wish ... (Below threshold)
Paden Cash:

I am a viet vet and I wish Mr. Kerry nothing happy.

I have to say that he's my ... (Below threshold)

I have to say that he's my ideal type democratic legislator. All sound and fury, signifying [and doing] nothing. I wish all the Dem's were as incompetent and would leave the leading & legislating to the those with clues.






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