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This year's Democrat/MSM nominating convention will be most akin to which of the following?

-- 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 --

* * *


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Comments (10)

I think it will most resemb... (Below threshold)

I think it will most resemble #4, File Not Found.

Well, #4, a picture of the ... (Below threshold)

Well, #4, a picture of the rioting of '68, is the explicit goal of lefty loons in Denver. They call themselves "Recreate '68". Together with the hamfisted way that the Democrats seem to be solving their nominee problem, the convention may sink the prospects of the eventual nominee.

Jayson's posts lately are m... (Below threshold)

Jayson's posts lately are most akin to which of the following?

-- 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -- 5 --

hoo, hoo, hoo, Brian!... (Below threshold)

hoo, hoo, hoo, Brian!

You're an idiot.

Jayson's posts... (Below threshold)

Jayson's posts lately are most akin to which of the following?

None of them, Brian.

Jayson's are funnier. And more relevant to the subject. Your attempts are another reminder for amateurs not to try this alone at home.

Hah, made you look!<p... (Below threshold)

Hah, made you look!

His may be funnier, but mine are more accurate.

#1 then after the tally #4,... (Below threshold)

#1 then after the tally #4, only it wont be in black and white. There will be color.

Brian? is that You in the center of #4 trying to find Your way back to the keg?

Let's move to Canada - the ... (Below threshold)
Emmanuel Winner:

Let's move to Canada - the Right is doomed! The news coming out before November is that John McCain was brainwashed in Vietnam as a POW and has been ating as a deep mole in the US government for 30 years! Now his commie masters are about to trigger his programming to destroy us utterly during his presidency, after which we will be forced to become socialists. And - worse yet - while a POW, McCain was allowed the spiritual comfort of an Islamo-Marxist Imam, as he will reveal when he takes his Presidential vows with his hand on the Koran, then announces his committment to 'global revolution' in his inaugural address! We have no choice here! Those who love America must leave it quickly, before catastrophe occurs!

Tired of all the hating fro... (Below threshold)

Tired of all the hating from the News media?
let them know you don't want to hear it anymore


Thanks, Brian. Hil-freakin'... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Brian. Hil-freakin'-larious.






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