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Happy Tax Day!

To celebrate your tax day -- everyone's favorite day of the year -- here's a fun little video, featuring Senator Ted Kennedy:

Do as I say, not as I do. Right, right.

Was it just me, or did he look a little red-faced? Do you think maybe he'd had a few to drink?

Jeesh. Silly me. That was a dumb question. Wondering whether or not Teddy Kennedy's been drinking is like wondering whether the Sun rises in the East or the West... the answer's pretty obvious.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin


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Ha! Ha!Busted.... (Below threshold)

Ha! Ha!


The same stateside deferred... (Below threshold)

The same stateside deferred Mattera complained in 2004 that scholarships are "just for students of color." He said, "There's a group of students on campus, a large group of students on campus who are handicapped and they're at a disadvantage. And they're at a disadvantage because of their Caucasian descent."

Later Mattera admitted that he had taken a scholarship from the Hispanic College Fund, a fund restricted to minorities. When Kagan asked why, if he was so offended by scholarships based on race, he had not given the money back, Mattera answered, "Well, Hispanic is not a race. Hispanic is -- you can't tell me what color Hispanic is. It's white, blank, Indian, Asian, Hispanic. It's not a race-based scholarship."


And this is related to fede... (Below threshold)

And this is related to federal taxation ... how?






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