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How About "All Of The Above?"

Well, former president Jimmy Carter is shoving his nose into international affairs yet again. He's meeting with Hamas. Hamas, you may recall, is both the duly elected government of the Palestinian Authority and an officially declared terrorist organization.

Carter (who will be a "superdelegate" at this summer's Democratic National Convention by virtue of winning a single election 32 years ago) says he's doing it in the interests of "peace."

Oddly enough, hardly no one else (well, no one else who's sane, and quite a few I thought were nuts) thinks this is a good idea.

Carter wanted former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and former South African president Nelson Mandela, but apparently the idea of three has-beens trying to recapture their glory days reminded too many people of so many rock band reunions that go horribly wrong, and the other two passed.

Carter's trip was opposed by the Bush administration, the State Department (who, most of the time, has its own agenda and tends to forget who the president is and what his authority entails, but lists Hamas as a terrorist organization), most every leading Democrat, the Israeli government, and pretty much everyone else who offered an opinion. So, naturally, Jimmuh (as those of us who remember the old peanut farmer from his two presidential runs remember him) went anyway.

So, what should be done about Mr. Carter's little adventure?

1) Prosecute him for meeting with a known terrorist organization.

B) Prosecute him for violating the Logan Act and attempting to negotiate with a foreign government without the consent of the United States government.

III) Yank his passport and tell him he's not welcome back here in the US.

d) Give him another Nobel Prize and nominate him for president as a "compromise" between Clinton and Obama.

iiiii) Pack him off to the Old Moonbats Home.

Feel free to vote for your choice in the comments, or add your own.


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Comments (26)

look what he did in nepal -... (Below threshold)

look what he did in nepal - actually helped hardcore maoist terrorists, responsible for the deaths of thousands, come into power - all in the name of democracy !!

Can we give him A-C? But, y... (Below threshold)

Can we give him A-C? But, you know it will in the end be D. There are enough moonbats out there that he may just end up with a Nobel Peace Prize. After all - Nobel Prizes are a joke too.

Yank his passport. ww... (Below threshold)

Yank his passport. ww

Well Jay, the Democrats hav... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Well Jay, the Democrats have "needs" this year, and I think you've offered them a solution. Hil' and O' are in a steel cage death match. The Democrat party is locked in there with them as an observer, and has been taking the worst of the beating. Algore keeps proclaiming he's not running, it's time to believe him. Rosalynn Carter is said to have been "quite upset" that Jimmuh was denied his second term. And all of a sudden Jimmuh is out there, acting presidential, getting world press. Why, it's a miracle! Salvation is at hand for the Democrats. Give the man the nomination and put him back in the national spotlight (where he will finally be recognized for the senile old fool his has become and we'll finally be done with him).

Hmmm. When conservatives ar... (Below threshold)

Hmmm. When conservatives are bitter, they cling to guns and church. When liberals are bitter, they meet with despots and tyrants, hoping that doing the same thing over and over again will bring different results this time!

When Liberals are Bitter" -... (Below threshold)

When Liberals are Bitter" - sounds like a FOX NEWS special!

Let him back in the US but ... (Below threshold)

Let him back in the US but then take away his passport. Thorazine or Haldol injections might help too.

yank his passport and keep ... (Below threshold)

yank his passport and keep him out.I remember what he did to my military when Iwas in and it wasnt a pretty sight. no sir indeed.

The Israeli's have an idea,... (Below threshold)

The Israeli's have an idea, deny him security cooperation. Maybe we need to restrict his use of secret service overseas.

Jimmy just wanted to check ... (Below threshold)

Jimmy just wanted to check up on how the modern day terrorist he planted have done in the years since he set them up in Iran.

1, B, III, d, iiiii?<... (Below threshold)

1, B, III, d, iiiii?


Definitely "D" - McCain nee... (Below threshold)

Definitely "D" - McCain needs someone to run against that will eliminate the age issue. (Carter IS older, isnt he?)

Well, Israel isn't too thri... (Below threshold)

Well, Israel isn't too thrilled with Carter's plans so they denied his access to the Gaza Strip. I doubt if they'll provide protection, as well, if he goes over there. d) is a fun choice.

Sentence Him to one year li... (Below threshold)

Sentence Him to one year living as a Palestinian in the Gaza strip with no security accept Hamas. If He survives? Then by all means d.).

Soylent orange. Remember, ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Soylent orange. Remember, Soylent green was the good stuff, orange was what they used to placate the rabble during riots. Make him into Soylent orange and serve it at the DNC.

Nobel Peace prize versus pr... (Below threshold)

Nobel Peace prize versus prisoner of war. Hmmm, has promise...Pass the popcorn!

The perfect solution to the... (Below threshold)

The perfect solution to the Jimmy (the peanut head) Carter mess is to line him against the wall and inflict a 1000 paper cuts all over his body. Pay special attention on the tender parts, if you catch my drift

Prosecute him under the Log... (Below threshold)

Prosecute him under the Logan Act, take away his passport in perpetuity, lock him up in an Old Moonbats home AND put super-glue in his lip balm frequently.

This senile old fart really needs to be corralled by his family for his own safety and that of this country!

I say ignore him and let hi... (Below threshold)

I say ignore him and let him destroy what's left of his legacy. He's a senile old coot who doesn't realize that it's 2008. He thinks he's still a player. But the best thing to do is for the media to not cover any of his antics.

And I love the Israeli approach of not providing any additional security. Truly the best thing that could happen for the world is for him to be taken out by a Hamas rocket.

Go ahead and villify me for... (Below threshold)

Go ahead and villify me for saying so, but wouldn't it be poetic justice if Jimmuh met the same fate as some of Hamas' victims?

1 and 1b.I'... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

1 and 1b.

I'll add: Yank his post-Presidential salary and protections.

Jimmy's trying to relive hi... (Below threshold)

Jimmy's trying to relive his 'glory' days. He did so well with Iran. Barak should tap him for the VP slot! Obama-Carter '08! - (aka Oh Sh*t '08!)

I think 6) or F) or whateva... (Below threshold)

I think 6) or F) or whateva:

Should be for the PEA NUT guy to stay in the middle east and hold a bulls-eye while chatting with Abimijade(you know the door man guy of Iran).

What's that saying? Something about TWO birds with one ICBM?

I was hoping Hamas was in n... (Below threshold)

I was hoping Hamas was in need of a hostage. Keep him, it would take years to raise $10 ($9.99 more than he's worth) to pay for his release.

Carter v. McCain?</p... (Below threshold)

Carter v. McCain?

Grumpy Old Men Run for President, with Cindy McCain as the Ann-Margaret character.

I didn't know Jimmuh ever h... (Below threshold)

I didn't know Jimmuh ever had glory days.






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