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American Idol - Top 7 Week


Mariah Carey was the celebrity mentor this week and the seven remaining Idols tried their hands at her impressive catalog. I've got to admit that as someone who's not a fan of Mariah's music I was predicting a train wreck of epic proportions this week, but it really wasn't that bad. Shows what I know... Here's our breakdown*** of the top seven performances.

    The Top Four

  1. David Cook

  2. David Archuleta

  3. Jason Castro

  4. Kristy Lee Cook
  5. The Bottom Three

  6. Syesha Mercado

  7. Brooke White

  8. Carly Smithson

*** Feel free to rate your top performances, argue our choices, or generally discuss the show below.

As Simon correctly guessed the three remaining men on American Idol had it easier this week. Of the females Kristy and Syesha where the two best and you could make a case for either to be not be in the bottom three. In weeks past we've called for Syesha to get the axe which hasn't happened. This week we're predicting it's time for Carly to go.

Here's our running tally of where the Idols stand for the entire season. Syesha, Kristy, and Jason move up while Brooke and Carly fall... The ratings (completely unscientific) are weighted toward the most recent performances (using the "what have you done for me lately" principle) but reflect the entire season of song choices and connection with the voting public.

  1. David Cook
  2. David Archuleta
  3. Jason Castro
  4. Kristy Lee Cook
  5. Brooke White
  6. Carly Smithson
  7. Syesha Mercado

And, as always, we offer up the embarrassing Idol picture of the week:



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Comments (13)

Yes Carly should go and soo... (Below threshold)

Yes Carly should go and soon, but I think I have had it with Brook White. She has become so boring and predictable. ww

Yeah, I don't think it was ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I don't think it was as bad as I expected.

David Cook was the only one who looked like he should be a recording artist.
I love Brooke but she's gone soon. Boring. Sorry to see the only hot chick leave.

Archuletta technically has a great voice but he gives me the creeps....got that still popping zits immaturity that bothers me.

I think the judges are being easy on Syesha because she's the remaining black and they've been PC about those things for some time.

I thought Carly was the only girl who came close to pulling off Carey's music. And she covered her sleeves.
Kristy Lee.......enough already.

Kristy Lee has actually imp... (Below threshold)

Kristy Lee has actually improved over the past 2-3 weeks. She was by far the best female vocalist last night. Still way behind the 3 guys, however.

I know young David A. has a beautiful voice...but, all of his songs sound the same to me.

I think both David's will b... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

I think both David's will be in the final two... Kristy Lee is likely outta there tonight.

I agree about Kristy Lee. S... (Below threshold)

I agree about Kristy Lee. She has shown the most improvement week to week of anyone. Both David's and Carly are predictable. David Cook will grumble through a song, David A. will sing a sentimental song, and Carly will shout out a song. I think Kristy is the dark horse. ww

Wow, what's next Miley Cyru... (Below threshold)

Wow, what's next Miley Cyrus updates?

Is the target audience of this site 16 year old girls??

Wow, what's next Miley C... (Below threshold)

Wow, what's next Miley Cyrus updates?

How about updates on how to relax and have fun, Roe? I want to party with you.

This is one of the only shows we can watch with our 11 year old without seeing an ad for E.D.

I guess us unedjumucated dolts should seek the approval of political junkies before we "lighten up francis".

Is the target audience o... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Is the target audience of this site 16 year old girls??

Because of one post dealing with a harmless popular culture show just for fun and a break in the political monotony? Funny how you felt the urge to comment and waste your valuable time.

Thank you Son of GF.... (Below threshold)

Thank you Son of GF.
This is the second week of uptight bitching by some people who don't approve of light hearted fun here. Even though I am a news junkie I can't think of a more unbearable person to be around than someone who has to be serious all the time. Of course that might explain the fate of Airhead America Radio.

And BTW, Idol has been a ratings juggernaut for some time so there has to be SOME people watching who have a bottle of whiskey in hand waiting for that meteor to finish us off.
I happen to think there is great balacnce of news here.

Carly is toast tonight. It ... (Below threshold)
Piso Mojado:

Carly is toast tonight. It is AMERICAN Idol after all. I won't miss the shots of her freakazoid tatooed man either.

Carly is toast tonight. ... (Below threshold)

Carly is toast tonight. It is AMERICAN Idol after all. I won't miss the shots of her freakazoid tatooed man either


I think Carly can sing bett... (Below threshold)
the struggler:

I think Carly can sing better than every girl out there.She's been gettin' a bad rap.They need to get rid of this Mariah,Dolly Parton crap and throw out some rock-n-roll.That'd be right in Carly and David Cook's wheelhouse.

I agree with the struggler.... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

I agree with the struggler... I liked Kristy well enough, but you have to consider what sort of viewer support or fan base they have... Carly, like her or not (I do), has the rocker-chick vote if you consider the remaining girls (due, in part, to the tattoo and her freaky-deaky boyfriend). She won't make it to the final round (both Davids), but I think she'll outlast Syesha and Brooke.






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