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Supreme Court Update

-- Death Penalty/Lethal Injections

What the Court did: The Court upheld Kentucky's lethal injection protocols.

What it means: For all practical purposes the far left's 40-year crusade to abolish the death penalty nationwide itself is dead and buried.

How they voted: This was a 3-2-1-1-2 plurality decision. The lead opinion was signed by Justices Roberts (Bush 43), Alito (Bush 43) and Kennedy (Reagan).

Winners: Federalism/states' rights advocates. Victims of capital crimes. Victims' rights activists. Criminal prosecutors. State attorneys general. Law enforcement. Those who believe in Old Testament justice.

Losers: People who commit capital crimes. Liberals.


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Comments (13)

Losers: People who... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Losers: People who commit capital crimes.

Correction: People who are convicted of capital crimes.

The system is not perfect, so not everyone who committed a crime is convicted and not everyone who's convicted committed a crime.

A lot of assholes on Texas'... (Below threshold)

A lot of assholes on Texas' death row just went into full-pucker mode, as the Supreme Court of the United States just upheld Kentucky's lethal injection protocols -- which are the same protocols used here in Texas.

And here in Texas where we, you know, actually carry out the death penalty from time-to-time.

Unfortunately, the anti-dea... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, the anti-death penalty crowd (lawyers and judges) make a good living off of dragging out death penalty cases. I don't see the pace picking up any time soon. Won't be long before they'll be back in court with another new "theory".

I wish this victory were as... (Below threshold)

I wish this victory were as sweeping as you make it out to be, but on a careful read of the document it doesn't seem so. It is noted in several places that this was not a challenge to nor an argument over the justification of the death penalty.

Instead it was narrowly-focused debate over the mechanics of one method of administering capital punishment. And even on that front they seemed to suggest that further debate over the use of pancuronium bromide is expected.

I doubt liberals will ever stop probing for ways to challenge capital punishment.

I think somebody said once ... (Below threshold)

I think somebody said once "Elections MEAN something" ...

Credit to (BUSH 43) ..
nice pickin Mr. President!!

Thank you George W for pick... (Below threshold)

Thank you George W for picking GREAT justices.
Now we must vote in McCain so he can pick perhaps 3 more.

Whooo hooo! Elections do matter.

For that matter, Scalia's c... (Below threshold)

For that matter, Scalia's concurrance is another model of clarity of thought.

Do you realize, conservativ... (Below threshold)

Do you realize, conservatives, that this ruling absolutely destroys any chance in the foreseeable future that the U.S. might become a European Union member?

It is so hard to tell the d... (Below threshold)

It is so hard to tell the difference between Herman being sarcastic and Herman being serious.

They are equally silly.

Another victory for the "pr... (Below threshold)

Another victory for the "pro-life" crowd.

Only a liberal cannot disti... (Below threshold)

Only a liberal cannot distinguish between an innocent life to a convicted, evil murderer. That is how utterly dumb they are. ww

Only a conservative can cla... (Below threshold)

Only a conservative can claim every life is sacred, and then add caveats where they say they actually weren't talking about all lives, just some of them, and they get to decide which ones are sacred and which are not, and they sometimes base it on jury findings (which have been shown to be less than 100%), but sometimes they just base it on what they think God wants, even though they condemn those who they say are acting like God. That is how utterly insane they are.

Yeah, Brian. The "pro-choi... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Brian. The "pro-choice" crowd has a much better record. They know that 100% of their victims are innocent.






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