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Vote our way... OR ELSE.

Here's a tolerant post from the oh-so-tolerant folks over at the Daily Kos. Either we vote Barack into office... or it's revolution time, baby.

The United States of America are on the brink of a major revolution. I am not talking about some fuzzy "internet revolution" or similar hogwash but the real McCoy.

I mean armed uprising, riots, civil war. The full Monty.

I know, I know, you are going to say that this is impossible, no way, I am being pessimistic etc.


This is outrageous but not surprising as the ckickens are coming home to roost and after exploiting pretty much the whole globe and now facing stiff competion of other players like China, India, and Brazil, the US corporations have resorted to the last market they have not sucked dry until recently: the American Homeland.

The people are understandably outraged and demand action (Welcome to the club. Do you now understand why all over the world American flags have been burned?). In previous elections it was easy to distract, you only had to find a big enough gotcha or push enough buttons to distract from a pressing issue. However, this time there are not enough buttons to push and by panically pushing ALL buttons hard and often this tool is being overused and backfires.


This election, and the way an Obama administration is going to perform, is the crossroads for the American Nation. Either reform or revolution. The powers to be are not going to cede their powers voluntarily. They never do. If Obama fails, there will be someone else and there is no guarantee that this is not going to be someone like Lenin, or worse, Hitler.

But after so much gloom, cheer up! Here come the good news: If the nation and people in question were anyone else but America and the Americans I would stick a fork in them.

The Americans however, have proven to be a very special people and to have the incredible ability to do the right thing (after trying all other options to quote Winston C. here). Obama is going to be the next president and you can count yourself lucky. You are probably the luckiest b*stards in the universe to have such a leader emerging then when you need him the most.

On the other hand, you should never forget what is at stake and what awaits should you fail.

Gee, how tolerant. How democratic. The people decide something that the Kos Kids don't like, and it's time to rebel! Show those nasty Republicans who's boss!!

I could talk about how crazy this is, or about how indicative this is of the psyches of the insane left. But I had a different thought.

On what planet do liberals think they could overthrow us conservatives using violent force?! I mean, come on now. Which side likes guns? I mean, they tell us all the time how we're violent, war-mongering, gun-toting, God-fearing demons. Let's just say that they're exactly right. We're violent, war-mongering, gun-toting, God-fearing demons. Well, liberals, then, are peaceful, Kumbaya-singing, gun-fearing, atheist idiots. Who do you think would win in that fight, hmm?

Seriously. What would they do? Throw daisies at us?

Oh, wait, that's right. Liberals believe in diplomacy. So they'd sit there and talk us to death. Ask us how this new American Revolution makes us feel. Try to find out our motivation for being evil violent demons. Try to talk us into being "better" Americans. Cuz, you know, diplomacy works and all.

Although, I think I'd rather take my chances with a shotgun than have to endure liberal "diplomacy" until I surrender. I mean, that's gotta be one of the nine circles of hell.

In any case, if this guy really thinks that a revolution is what's needed, then bring it on.

As if they'd stand a chance.

Hat Tip: Right Wing News


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Comments (25)

Gee and how do they figure ... (Below threshold)

Gee and how do they figure Obama is going to DO anything after he gets in office? He hasn't done anything yet.

I have been hearing rumors that either Dim candidate will never survive an election win to take possession of the White House anyway.

Good job on the nutpicking ... (Below threshold)

Good job on the nutpicking strategy Cassy! It should be noted that a whole 6 people (out of 100,000 or so) recommended this diary and that most of the comments are critical.

Again, great nutpicking.

And this is the group the d... (Below threshold)

And this is the group the democrat party cowtows to. Unbelievable.

The democrat party has imploded and it's fun to watch them in the last throes of sanity.

On what planet do liber... (Below threshold)

On what planet do liberals think they could overthrow us conservatives using violent force?!

On the same planet where Barack Obama is center-left.

I cant belive that they say... (Below threshold)

I cant belive that they say this,let alone someone would listen to it. in any case bring it on,we,ll let god sort,em out.

Hey jp2, by your own commen... (Below threshold)

Hey jp2, by your own comment 100,000 left wing anti-american nuts read this. Only 6 of the 100,000 had the guts to come out in public and admit they approved, the remainder (troffers)'think' Boooosh is reading their comments.

Whatever. They'll release ... (Below threshold)

Whatever. They'll release a new Madden game or Ipod or brightly colored shoe and thoughts of 'revolution' will turn back to their next megacaffeinated soft drink.

I don't know what entry jp2... (Below threshold)

I don't know what entry jp2 is reading, but most of the comments on there simply expound upon the original post. Not to mention the poll attached that jp conveniently doesn't mention, the results of which are:

Do you think there will be a revolution?

Yes, a more or less peaceful one
No, we are doomed to be corporate slaves
14% 1
We are heading for civil war
None of above

LOL. I see this kind of nu... (Below threshold)

LOL. I see this kind of nut from time to time. I remember one uber-liberal threaten me in a comment string with something like, "When the Revolution comes, we'll take care of people like you." My response was basically:

You say you want a Revolution?
1. My side has very specific goals (e.g. keeping or re-establishing the Constitution).
2. My side is willing to fight and die for what it believes in.
3. My side understands the lessons of history.
4. My side knowns how to build and maintain a hierarchical command structure.
5. My side has loads of people with military or police training.
6. My side is well armed.

Shortest. Revolution. Ever.

I also find in amusing that this individual is demanding CHANGE - as in, "The people are understandably outraged and demand action."

OK. Can this individual explain why has nothing changed when the Democrats have taken control of both Houses of Congress and therefore controls 100% of the Federal budget?

I think these poor saps don... (Below threshold)

I think these poor saps don't realize how many redblooded American gunowners out there are itching to "kill a commie for mommy." They're in for quite a shock.

First it was going to be a ... (Below threshold)

First it was going to be a dialog about race but that didn't work out too well for the lefties 'cause we kept talking when we were supposed to listen. Now it's going to be a revolution, cool, bring it. I predict the same result for the lefties. You lose.

Talk about bringing a pen k... (Below threshold)

Talk about bringing a pen knife to a gun fight ...

oh, they are actually talking about a gun fight ...

given the far lefts hatred of "all things gunlike" this would be like a bad high school football team taking on the Super Bowl Champs ...

I dunno Cassie. If you have... (Below threshold)
JamesT Author Profile Page:

I dunno Cassie. If you have a strong stomach and hang out over at Democratic Underground long enough on the right thread, there are alot of them that own firearms and seem to be well versed with their use. Their opposition (these posters of which I speak) seems to be more of a only the "right" people should own firearms.

This guy is obviously a mor... (Below threshold)

This guy is obviously a moron who is blowing off steam. Personally, I'm not going to worry about any kind of "revolution" until hordes of idiot moonbats start acquiring firearms. But last time I checked, those that hates the 2nd amendment, lauds pacifism, thinks hunters and gun owners are beneath contempt, etc., is, what a surprise, the idiot moonbats. So this moron is basically trying to start a war with the side that has all the guns.

Yeah, that makes sense. Pass the bong, dude.

Interesting, Obama doesn't ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Interesting, Obama doesn't believe private citizens should be allowed to own guns - but deny him the presidency and there'll be an armed revolution? I'm getting dizzy...

I love it...PLEEEZE PLEEEEZ... (Below threshold)

I love it...PLEEEZE PLEEEEZE bring it on libtards...

The only way to take on and fix REAL issues is to REMOVE liberals from the equation anyway, so PLEEEZE give true Americans such a path for removal...

PLEEEEZE bring the DU clowns and Kos kiddies to the DANCE, I'll bring MY fiddle!!!!

the author is a european ma... (Below threshold)

the author is a european marxist. he has no understanding of american politics, democracy, capitalism, etc. it's just his dream that the US would become more like his ideal of Europe, even if it takes a revolution (which the leftists would lose badly) to acheive.

from everything i've ever read, marxists are just a whiney bunch of immature asshats who want life handed to them and are envious of those who succeed. they should be watched in case of violence, but otherwise dismissed as the worthless tools they are.

Leftist "revolutionaries" a... (Below threshold)

Leftist "revolutionaries" among the American middle class are quite willing to be "brave" and behave outrageously towards those they are sure won't retaliate - campus officials, the Denver police . . .

They don't worry conservatives. The only sad part is I'd never have a chance to show any weaponry: the sound of my dog's bark would have those wimps soiling their diapers and running for cover.

The European Marxist idea m... (Below threshold)

The European Marxist idea may have some legs.

When I've seen "serious" suggestions that Obama is going to be assassinated or some civil upset is going to happen related to this it's almost invariably some European or South African twit... excuse me, Pulitzer or Peace Prize winner... who says it.

It's a misunderstanding of the culture but too much self-importance to recognize their own ignorance.

I can picture the Ko... (Below threshold)

I can picture the Kos Revolution..

They try and beat you with the groceries they just bagged for you.

Or refuse to deliver you pizza

Remember, the sooner these ... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Remember, the sooner these pathetic bags of dung start their revolution, the sooner we'll have them in chains, riding them around like ponies.

Except for jp2.

He's going to the glue factory.

When the revolution comes, ... (Below threshold)

When the revolution comes, there will be many doorbells rang with flaming bags of poo awaiting... and maybe toilet paper in the trees!

An Obama administration wou... (Below threshold)
Ziggy in JC:

An Obama administration would be David Dinkins on a national level.

The whole Kos crowd is just... (Below threshold)

The whole Kos crowd is just so damn cute, aren't they? It's always so entertaining to watch the kids try to play grown-up and talk big.

How are the libs gonna have... (Below threshold)

How are the libs gonna have a revolution when they don't have any firearms? Big city liberals have legislated away their ability to mount an armed revolt. And if they insist, they will find those of us on the right as prepared as a good boy scout should be. Bring it!






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