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From North Korea, With Love

From the "progressive" government of The People's Republic of Korea, a musical salute to the American Left.

WARNING: Contains graphic depictions of assorted leftist scum, riff-raff, moonbats, and Obama supporters. Not suitable for work, children, or decent people with heart trouble.

Isn't it nice to know the "progressives" have support from their brothers and sisters around the world? That they aren't alone - that there are low-life loser leftists who hate America in other countries like that bastion of freedom which produced the above tribute?

Thanks to Charles, who notes the entire video could have been assembled from the weirdest photos at zombietime.


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Thanks. I'll never be able ... (Below threshold)

Thanks. I'll never be able to get that tune out of my head.

BONK!The DPRK woul... (Below threshold)


The DPRK would sooner lob a nuke than manipulate an image file containing a penis.

I suspect the provenance of the offending picture can be traced to Ace of Spades' underwear drawer.

Thanks Jim, this is so funn... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Thanks Jim, this is so funny and a good line too: "progressive North Korea" (for short). Guess they would endorse the purer progressive Obama in this Dem primary.

No LAI, Osamas way too main... (Below threshold)

No LAI, Osamas way too mainstream for these commie's!

I think this has to be a jo... (Below threshold)

I think this has to be a joke, or at least something produced for smug Westerners who like to pretend their acts have some resonance around the world. Why do I say this?

As if Koreans would be able to read these signs and know what they were saying.






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