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Paulville: The Festivus of Planned Communities!

I first began to realize the Ron Paul campaign was over as I found fewer and fewer instances of his deranged followers on the blogs. No more "viral" stacking of online polls, far fewer occasions for mass indignation, no more flooding of email inboxes, and the flying flecks of spittle which had come to herald their arrival, once a near-deluge, have all but disappeared.

Now I know where they have gone: Paulville:

The goal of Paulville.org it to establish gated communities containing 100% Ron Paul supporters and or people that live by the ideals of freedom and liberty.

The process is forming a co-op of people buying shares in the community and these people would be granted land use at a minimum of 1 acre per share, for as long as they homesteaded the land. The community would be privately held by the co-op to establish private property for the general community thus preserving the community is 100% freedom and liberty lovers. The community votes on all community efforts, such as utilities etc. However no one is forced to consume these utilities and or pay for them, AKA people can be off grid on their share of land. This is in line with the ideals that you're free to live your life the way you want and not be forced to do or pay for other people's life styles you may not agree with.

Read all about it at the link above. Sounds more like a commune than a "gated community" to me, but I applaud the effort to put Ron Paul supporters within some sort of secure gating.


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Comments (15)

You really should have incl... (Below threshold)

You really should have included some kind of Poll to see if the old Paulbots still had it in them to skew it.

Paulville - does it float?<... (Below threshold)

Paulville - does it float?

Is it sea worthy? Can we....

Were the Jim Jones cult mem... (Below threshold)

Were the Jim Jones cult members as crazy as the Paulnuts? I just happened to be in the Military Airlift Wing that picked up the Jones nuts bodies. Maybe we can use some larger planes this time since there seems to be quite a few of them. I never dreamed BDS would have this much of a good effect. Rid the world of thousands of nuts the easy way, by their own hand.

...but I applaud the eff... (Below threshold)

...but I applaud the effort to put Ron Paul supporters within some sort of secure gating.

That just cracked me up!

Maybe these Paulvillians sh... (Below threshold)

Maybe these Paulvillians should get together with the nutcakes from Vermont that want to secede from the Union.

Be a perfect "marriage," they could all be happy as clams in marinara sauce in their own little cloistered world away from saner folks.

Ditto the idea of keeping t... (Below threshold)

Ditto the idea of keeping these John Birchers "gated" up some place, away from the rest of us.

Bunch of f'n whack jobs.

Paulsyville .org? could'nt... (Below threshold)

Paulsyville .org? could'nt they come up with a snappier address? like- LifeandLiberty.org?

Paulsyville just sounds and looks so vaudevillian.

Could be the countries stra... (Below threshold)

Could be the countries strangest HOA. Maybe they should just throw a fence around NH and join the Free Staters?

The secured gate should be ... (Below threshold)

The secured gate should be padded also. To prevent the paulbots from hurting themselves.

It will be interesting to s... (Below threshold)

It will be interesting to see how these
folks are going to support themselves
surrounded by nothing but desert. I guess
they can raise goats for their substance.

Ron Paul REVOlution!... (Below threshold)

Ron Paul REVOlution!!

Can you imagine all the rules and regulations the governing home owners association will have?

·All tenants must go through detailed background checks, including family genealogy. All tenants must be 100% white and can trace their ancestry back to Europe.

·No outsiders will be allowed in. This includes family members or co-workers. To protect your freedom all your friends should be living within the community.

·All American flags will be flown upside down, it will me mandatory they are raised at dawn and lowered at dusk. Times will be posted in the clubhouse.

·No television can be tuned to Fox News or Fox Business.

·You will have to attend Fahrenheit 911 viewings the first Monday of every month.

·Posters of how Ron Paul is like Thomas Jefferson must be shown in every living room window.

Remember these governing rules are here for the common good of the people of this freedom loving community.

They should make a gated co... (Below threshold)

They should make a gated community in, oh say, Nashua NH.

Or on second thought Stewar... (Below threshold)

Or on second thought Stewartstown NH

Festivus? Who's up for the ... (Below threshold)
the struggler:

Festivus? Who's up for the "Feats of Strength?"

I think it's a great idea f... (Below threshold)
Sharyn Jensen:

I think it's a great idea for those who want to live there. Come on everyone who posted, what is your problem with people living where they want and doing what they want? Lie and let live.






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