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Isn't Truth An Absolute Defense?

Michelle Malkin noted that on Hillary Clinton's web site, she has a quiz up that lists various statements about Clinton and asks who said them. As I was looking though the quiz (I got 10 of 14 right), I was reminded of an old joke from the Cold War days:

A man in Moscow was furious at his government, and he said Brezhnev was an idiot. He was arrested by the KGB, and sentenced to 20 years in the Gulag: five years for sedition, and 15 for revealing a state secret.

Let's look at the questions, shall we?

1) Who said Hillary Clinton is "literally willing to do anything to win?"

2) Who said Hillary Clinton is attempting to "deceive the American people?"

3) Who claimed Hillary Clinton has a secret 20-year plan to become president?

4) Who said Hillary Clinton is "making the run for the best actress nomination?"

5) Who called Hillary Clinton a calculating, poll-tested, divisive figure?

6) Who called Hillary Clinton "one of the most secretive politicians in America?"

7) Who said Hillary Clinton's campaign is "playing politics with war?"

8) Who said John McCain is seen as more honest and trustworthy than Hillary Clinton?

9) Who called Hillary Clinton dishonest?

10) Who said Hillary Clinton is "overbearing and scary?"

11) Who referred to Hillary Clinton as "a monster?"

12) Who said Hillary Clinton is "not being straight with the American people?"

13) Who said of Hillary, "The American people are not going to elect a president that they do not trust?"

14) Who claimed Hillary Clinton "consistently" and "deliberately" misleads the American people?"

Apart from the sher unattractiveness of the whining, this is a singularly bad idea. Let's face it, most of those are documentably true -- or, at least, have enough truth in them to be representative of her character.

For example, I don't think that Hillary would literally "do anything to win," but I have absolutely no doubts she'd do a great deal of things, many underhanded, to win. Her deceptions of the American people are pretty well documented -- the Tuzla sniper incident, her claiming of credit ofr the Northern Ireland peace process, and the mulitiple versions of where Chelsea Clinton was on 9/11 (either out jogging within sight of the World Trade Center or watching it on TV) are just two examples of her heightening her personal drama to impress the voters.

I don't think Hillary has a "secret 20-year plan" to become president. I don't think it was that secret, and I bet it dates back since before 1988. I also don't think she's really that good an actress.

Who doesn't think hillary is a "calculating, poll-tested, divisive figure?" It ought to be listed on her resume'. And anyone who paid any attention to her White House days can attest that she is, indeed, very secretive.

Ask her about her vote for the Iraq war, and how it was entirely consistent with her husband's position on Iraq, and she'll tell you she didn't really vote for the war, but more empty threats. And don't even think of pinning her down on when she realized that vote was a mistake.

I'm not surprised that some people find John Mccain more honest and trustworthy than Hillary Clinton. I'd be even less surprised if those people turned out to be journalists and Democrats, two groups John McCain has made great outreach efforts to over the years -- often at the expense of Republicans and conservatives.

"Who called Hillary Clinton dishonest?" Why, pretty much anyone who ever paid the slightest bit of attention to her. Likewise "overbearing and scary."

OK, the calling her a "monster" was over the top. That's why the person who said it was fired from the Obama campaign. If they'd stayed with "not being straight with the American people," they'd have been OK.

I think it's common sense that "the American people are not going to elect a president they do not trust." Associating that with Hillary, who has established a lengthy history of rewriting the facts to suit her and make her look better, is an entirely fair cop.

Finally, to say that Hillary "consistently" and "deliberately" misleads the American people is presuming a bit much. "Consistently" is thoroughly documents, but "deliberately" presumes a bit of intent on her part. That's not necessarily true -- she could be a pathological liar, or psychotic. She might not even realize she's doing it.

Here's a bit of free advice, Senator Clinton: while a lot of liberals love the victim and endow them with a saintly status, overall the American people do not find whining and self-pity and "oh, poor me" attractive when it comes to making a long-term commitment.

Take the word of a 41-year-old bachelor on that one.


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Comments (6)

12 out of 14 ain't bad but ... (Below threshold)

12 out of 14 ain't bad but I noticed that I wasn't informed which ones I got wrong. I answered them all Barack related and they all said correct answer.

Odd that.

A whiner for one candidate ... (Below threshold)

A whiner for one candidate and a racist hater of white people for the other democratic candidate. How low can they go? ww

Who doesn't think Hillar... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Who doesn't think Hillary is a "calculating, poll-tested, divisive figure?" It ought to be listed on her resume'.

Very funny, Jay..I'm probably guilty of having some misogyny tendencies with Hillary, but I have been delighted by the number of women who finally have seen through Hillary's fake victimization act especially, her erstwhile political women friends and allies.

Of course,loyalty has always only run one way one way with the Clintons. Noticed how badly she dissed moveon.org which came into being to defend the Clintons during the Clinton impeachment crisis, when their members recently voted to endorse Obama.

I think former Clinton conf... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I think former Clinton confidant Dick Morris said all of them.

This idea for a quiz sounds... (Below threshold)

This idea for a quiz sounds like another of Penn's "brilliant" (NOT!) strategies. Her campaign has just been run so poorly and seems to be struggling to come up with good ideas.

I think it's likely that Hi... (Below threshold)
John S:

I think it's likely that Hillary will in fact steal the nomination from Obambi and then proceed to loose 40 states in the general election. But losing is winning this year. In 12 months time both gasoline and basic foodstuffs will be rationed. It won't be a great time to be president.






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