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Tony Snow to CNN

According to a press release from the network, Tony Snow will be joining CNN "as a conservative commentator beginning today."

I wish him well. I've always enjoyed his commentary, and thought he did an excellent job as Press Secretary. I'll miss him from now on, since I don't watch CNN, but I hope he snared a big contract.


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Comments (23)

Anyone wanna bet he wont ge... (Below threshold)

Anyone wanna bet he wont get as much face time on Klinton Network News as the lying libs get on Fox??

What's the word on his canc... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

What's the word on his cancer? Can we assume he's in remission again given this news?

And the Nutroots will start... (Below threshold)

And the Nutroots will start howling for a boycott in 5..4..3...


Snow will become a 'forgott... (Below threshold)

Snow will become a 'forgotten' man on the Communist News Network.

I would have hoped that CNN... (Below threshold)

I would have hoped that CNN would not want anything to do with Tony and his deceitful snowjobs. CNN has really fallen badly over the years.

I wish him well. Its to bad... (Below threshold)

I wish him well. Its to bad he'll be largely unwatched unless they give him a show with a time slot thats resonable.

I suspect this will be a se... (Below threshold)

I suspect this will be a semi-retirement like situation.

They'll make a bigger deal out of hiring him than the amount of airtime he will probably get deserves.

Herman wrote: "...Tony and ... (Below threshold)
George Author Profile Page:

Herman wrote: "...Tony and his deceitful snowjobs."

Heh, Herman prefers "truth" like that you get with Dan Rather.

Given Herman's lack of cred... (Below threshold)

Given Herman's lack of credibility, the irony of his comment is great.

Fox to the White House to C... (Below threshold)

Fox to the White House to CNN...all departmental transfers. I'm sure it just required him filling out a 54B form and a raise.

CNN has Glen Beck, N... (Below threshold)

CNN has Glen Beck, Nancy Grace, Lou Dobbs and now Tony Snow? Give me a break. How many wingnuts does one network need.


And so we see the modern li... (Below threshold)

And so we see the modern liberal, namecalling - their one trick.

I love it CNN has gone down... (Below threshold)

I love it CNN has gone down hill in the last five years. But when they were purposely misleading the American public about Iraq in the 90's they were a good network.

Hopefully having other view points like Tony might lead them down the road of truth and integrity.

Yeah right

CNN only hired Tony so they... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

CNN only hired Tony so they can control him.

Good for Tony. Hope that h... (Below threshold)

Good for Tony. Hope that he's getting lots of money for this. And I hope he's doing well medically.

Herman's second sentence is... (Below threshold)

Herman's second sentence is correct.

This is great. Spread his ... (Below threshold)

This is great. Spread his genius around. Let the uninformed CNN audience learn a thing or two.

hope he takes alot of rolai... (Below threshold)

hope he takes alot of rolaids with him, he,ll needem.

I love Tony, but no way in ... (Below threshold)

I love Tony, but no way in Hell am I watching CNN.

Tony's great and I wish him... (Below threshold)
Mike in Oregon:

Tony's great and I wish him well. But being an upbeat kind of guy, he's not a good fit at Constant Negative News.

CNN, like Obama, is just tr... (Below threshold)
GarandFan Author Profile Page:

CNN, like Obama, is just trying to buy some "street cred".

Tony Snow is NOT a "Conserv... (Below threshold)

Tony Snow is NOT a "Conservative" - he is a Bush man and CFR member ! Fox is the Bush network that covers for him constantly. The only place you can get any kind of real news is from CNN. Lou Dobbs tells it like it is most of the time and he is the ONLY one who has exposed Bush's One World Gov't (NAU). FOX and Tony Snow have denied all of it - even the NAFTA Super Mexican Highway that has already stolen millions of acres from the people in Texas and that will be controlled by Mexico and cut America in half !!! And Mexico will collect all the tolls from it and have the say on WHO will be allowed to travel on it ! See http://home1.gte.net/carriet/AMERICA_NO_MORE.htm
Tony Snow also backs up all the UN-Constitutional things Bush and his gang have done since day one including the UN-Constitutional Illegal Iraq and Afghanistan wars ! Can't believe a word Tony Snow says as he is Bush's cover man !
Oh if the public only knew the real truth about it all ! But most of media is Federal Gov't controlled and ordered to report only what they are told ! The public is sooo easily fooled and manipulated !

Hm, someone forgot to take ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Hm, someone forgot to take her Clozipan...

...but she sure remembered her e!x!l!a!mation points...






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