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Foreign Policy vs. Waffles? No contest!

Well, apparently Barack Obama can't be bothered to answer questions about foreign policy... not when he's eating his waffles, gosh darn it!

Maybe the Snobamamessiah doesn't realize that when you campaign, people will ask you questions. And if he really does have such superior foreign policy knowledge and experience, then why does it bother him if he happens to be eating a waffle? What, he can't swallow the bite he has in his mouth, answer the question, and resume eating? It should be a cakewalk for him, since he is so experienced in foreign policy. Right?

I really love how he gets so annoyed over pushy reporters. What's his reaction going to be if he's President and entire countries get "pushy"?

Thank heavens it was just a waffle and not some yummy arugula. What would his response have been then??

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Comments (15)

And he bowls like a girl, t... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

And he bowls like a girl, too.*

*Likely an insult to girls everywhere.

Did you just use a variatio... (Below threshold)

Did you just use a variation of the word snob to describe a black man? HA, now that's funny. You all must be very scared of him, it's amusing how desperate it's getting to discredit him.

this story actually points ... (Below threshold)

this story actually points up yet another reason why i think mccain will win in november. obama doesn't talk to reporters, or seem to like them. evidently, he hadn't had a press conference with the campaign reporters for 10 days.

the funny thing is that most of those reporters are left-leaning liberals who would support him. but he doesn't like getting asked the tough questions.

compare this with mccain, who has a pretty open door policy with reporters.

the reporters may prefer obama to mccain, but they like getting snubbed even less. they'll be less and less likely to hold off on tough questions and investigating problems. look for more articles critical of obama as time goes on.

amanda, you're an idiot. sn... (Below threshold)

amanda, you're an idiot. snobishness has nothing to do with skin color. it has everything to do with attitude and behavior. and obama acts like an elitist snob.

nobody has to do anything to discredit obama, he's doing a fine job of that all by himself.

Waffles definitely supersed... (Below threshold)

Waffles definitely supersede foreign policy questions from reporters in my book. Did he have chicken with his waffles? Did he get passed over when it was his turn to order?

[ducking and running for cover]

An elitist snob. And you d... (Below threshold)

An elitist snob. And you don't think McCain and Hillary are elitists? I should certainly hope they are elitist, otherwise why would they be running for the highest office in the land?

Here's a definition: a select group of people with outstanding personal abilities, intellect, wealth, specialized training or experience, or other distinctive attributes -- are those whose views on a matter are to be taken the most seriously or carry the most weight; whose views and/or actions are most likely to be constructive to society as a whole; or whose extraordinary skills, abilities or wisdom render them especially fit to govern

If that's the definition of... (Below threshold)

If that's the definition of elitist, then I guess you are right, Amanda, Obama is not an elitist since he lacks outstanding personal abilities, intellect, specialized training or experience. He lacks them rather completely.

No extraordinary skills, abilities or wisdom either, he's shown that pretty clearly.

"Maybe the Snobamamessiah d... (Below threshold)

"Maybe the Snobamamessiah doesn't realize..."

It's amazing how easily people become tools of the right-wing. (left as well)

People really, actually, truly believe that the son of a goat farmer who grew up poor and whose father ditched him is an "elitist" and a "snob." The self delusion is impressive.

Did he answer the question ... (Below threshold)

Did he answer the question after he finished his breakfast, or had the reporters already left?

to jp2: it's not where he started; it's where he is. And yes, in America, the son of a goat farmer can become an elitist and a snob.

"Did you just use a vari... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"Did you just use a variation of the word snob to describe a black man?"

That's a pretty bigoted statement. Typical.

Apparently Amanda doesn't k... (Below threshold)

Apparently Amanda doesn't know the difference between being elite and being elitist.

But I guess when you are elitist you can't tell the difference anymore.

Did he have Huckleberry syr... (Below threshold)

Did he have Huckleberry syrup on them??? If so, he SHOULD have told the reporter to kiss off.

In all fairness, I'm pretty... (Below threshold)

In all fairness, I'm pretty grumpy until I get my morning starch and caffeine. And with cameras on him many mornings, he's bound to have a moment like this or two.

Of course, when McCain has a moment like this, its proof of anger issues.

Obama is an elitist, effete... (Below threshold)

Obama is an elitist, effete snob. He's accomplished NOTHING of note, has never run anything larger than his Senate office staff (and he doesn't even have to make payroll), offers vague rhetorical musings, and attracts the dullards for whom such nonsense seems inspiring.

Unfortunately, after half a century of union control of our education system, this is no small number.

Dishonest people also seem attracted to the serial liar - as witnessed by certain previous comments.

Jim, sounds like you may be... (Below threshold)

Jim, sounds like you may be bitter......






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