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Hillary Clinton Wins Pennsylvania Primary

Fox News called Pennsylvania for Clinton about 20 minutes or so after the polls closed and with less than 1% of precincts reporting. At that moment, Clinton was winning 65% to 35%. It's currently at 20% of precincts reporting, and Clinton's lead has shrunk to 52.3% to 47.7%. Winning the night with that slim of a margin simply won't do it. She needs to win big tonight if she's going to have any impact on this primary. She has to win by a big enough margin (the general consensus among pundits is by double digits) that she can gather enough momentum to win most of the remaining primaries, and there aren't that many of them left. Guam votes on May 3rd. Indiana and North Carolina are on May 6th. West Virginia is on May 13th, Kentucky and Oregon on May 20th, Montana and South Dakota on June 3rd, and Puerto Rico is the last primary on June 7th. If she can win the majority of these states handily, then she has a shot at convincing the super delegates to vote for her and the DNC to overrule their original decision to not seat the Florida and Michigan delegates. If she can do that, which I don't think she can, then she can take the nomination away from Obama.

You can continue to follow the Pennsylvania primary election results here.


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I suspect her numbers will ... (Below threshold)

I suspect her numbers will steadily grow as the outlying counties come in--her final percentage is likely to be 10-12%. Remember, the counts so far have been in areas where obama SHOULD do well.

The delegate count is offic... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

The delegate count is officially irrelevant. It has been for a very long time now. Both candidates need the superdelegates to win. There are no two ways around that fact. Actual votes in this election do not matter. Clinton was always going to stick it out no matter what, and why would Barack drop out when he's on top?

Typical democrat party. Make sure that the elites of the party get the final say so that the rubes that come to the polls can't screw things up. I'm ready to see a Clinton victory at the convention and watch that hall erupt. I'll be laughing sooooo hard.

Drudge is reporting a 10% S... (Below threshold)
Eric F:

Drudge is reporting a 10% Sen. Clinton win, which seems pretty significant to me considering how much Sen. Obama outspent her on advertising.






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