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In honor of Earth Day...

... here's your Goracle lie for the day.

Most of us with a modicum of common sense already know that Al Gore's fictional film, An Inconvenient Truth, was full of crap. I call it fictional because that movie was so full of lies, manipulations, and, well, crap that there's no way you could call it a documentary.

ABC news points out just how fake it actually was -- they used computer generated images from the fictional movie The Day After Tomorrow. Newsbusters has the transcript:


(Voiceover) Wait a minute, that shot looks just like the one in the opening credits of 'The Day After Tomorrow."


Yeah, that's, that's our shot. That's a fully computer generated shot. There's nothing real in there.


(Voiceover) Audiences expect Hollywood to twist fact into fiction. But Gore's documentary does the opposite, using a fake shot to make a real point, that ice shelves are disappearing, and vanishing ice means global warming.


That was one hell of a shot. I think it's great that he used it.


(Voiceover) It seems the decision for now is left to the audience. Can the same created image educate and entertain us about our planet in change?


(Off-camera) And it raises another question for you to consider. Is it wrong for a documentary to use a fabricated Hollywood shot to make a point, even if there's science behind it? Well, we tried to ask Al Gore and the movie studio, but neither responded to our calls.

Interestingly enough, this clip was cut from the video ABC posted on their website. Wonder why they felt they needed to do that.

Of course, if global warming wasn't a huge scam, then the Goracle wouldn't need to use fake Hollywood shots to push his point. If the science was accurate and reliable, he wouldn't have to just make stuff up. But he's got an agenda to push, dang it, and he'll do whatever he needs to do! Who cares if the ice in Antarctica is actually thickening? Global warming is real, because Al Gore says it is!!

Hat Tip: Moonbattery


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Comments (19)

He was also caught using a ... (Below threshold)

He was also caught using a faked graph of temperature series.

Tragically ignorant.... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

Tragically ignorant. To deny climate change at this late date indicates a couple possible reasons.

IQ under 80. A belief in climate change but a stronger desire for Jesus to come out of the clouds with angels and announce the rapture.

No...just a shocking and embarrassing and depressing lack of intellect.

lava, you clueless, classle... (Below threshold)

lava, you clueless, classless moron, I'm a born-again agnostic who finds this whole "global warming" thing to be likely a scam or a delusion of panicked dolts.

As a self-designated expert and believer, let me ask you a couple of questions:

1) If the case is so clear, why do the advocates for global warming keep having to fake evidence?

2) What is the "normal" temperature of the Earth that we're getting so far away from?

As Glenn Reynolds likes to say, "I'll believe that it's a crisis as soon as those who keep saying it's a crisis start acting like it's a crisis." As long as Al Gore has his huge mansion and jets around in his private jets to tell us how the world is going to end, sending his personal carbon footprint through the ceiling, I'm going to keep thinking the guy is a modern-day Elmer Gantry.


And when the global warming... (Below threshold)

And when the global warming advocates start openly sharing their data and methodology behind their papers, I'll consider them scientists.

Semi quoting a funny guy-<b... (Below threshold)

Semi quoting a funny guy-
Denis Leary

To celebrate Earth Day...
I got "myself a 1967 cadillac eldorado HOT PINK, with whale skin hubcaps, and all leather cow interior, and big brown baby seal eyes for headlights. YA!!!"
And I drove "around in that baby doing 115 mph, getting one mile per gallon, while suckin down quarter pound cheeseburgers from McDonald's
in the old fashion NON-biodegradable Styrofoam", and then through them out the side.

Happy Earth Day---GLO-BALL warming cultists...

lavaYour comment #2 ... (Below threshold)

Your comment #2 is a better example of projection than I could possibly make up.

As Jay noted, do you ever pause to examine the behavior of the GW acolytes that, on cue, light up the polemic? You are such a sheep. If you you don't understand that comment, look it up, do some research, get informed.

Here's a hint. To defeat the other side's argument you must put yourself in their shoes, so to speak, understand their beliefs and then use logic and rules of debate to defeat them.

lava, you have never submitted yourself to that process and that is why no one takes your comments seriously around here.

When the GW "scientists" (m... (Below threshold)

When the GW "scientists" (many of whom have no formal education in the climate or environmental sciences) aren't in line for federal and foundation grants to chase GW, I'll be more apt to listen to them.

btw Lava, that the climate is changing isn't up for debate (ALL biological and environmental systems are by their very definition non-steady-state and thus continuously changing). That man (especially the evil americans) are the cause IS.

To deny either global warmi... (Below threshold)

To deny either global warming OR cooling is foolish--to insist that a single species can have more than an extremely LOCAL affect on either natural phenomonon is the height of arrogance.

But he's got an ag... (Below threshold)
But he's got an agenda to push, dang it, and he'll do whatever he needs to do! Who cares if the ice in Antarctica is actually thickening? Global warming is real, because Al Gore says it is!!

Not only does algore have an agenda, he also has a financial interest in the scam. He and a few of his closest friends own stock in the companies that benefit from this massive hoax. Talk about conflict of interest. Spouting off about how the "evil" big oil is raking in the dough, sheesh. Looks like the world has hitched their wagon to a star that has a short shelf life. I will be laughing so hard when their little world comes crashing down around their ears when the ice age hits.

"To deny climate change ... (Below threshold)

"To deny climate change at this late date indicates a couple possible reasons."

To deny that the Gobular Warming hype and Climate change are two different things is the utmost demonstration of ignorance. algore is a sensationalist salesman and nothing more.

I am all for a cleaner environment, but nobody is going to talk me into believing that purchasing an hybrid auto or growing more plants is going to help control the earth's temperature. The obvious irony here is Gore's use of fiction to convince the public of his reality.

When Al Gore starts pushing... (Below threshold)

When Al Gore starts pushing for construction of nuclear power plants, then I might take him seriously ... nah, probably not even then.

Knightbrigade:You'... (Below threshold)


You're an asshole.


There is no debate... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

There is no debate. You can deny climate change, the Holocaust, the moon landing, call 9-11 an inside job for personal reasons. There are deep psychological reasons that cause you to deny reality but that doesn't alter facts. You may believe there is an imaginary being up in the sky that watches over you but that doesn't change facts. When you get right down to it the reason you people deny such an obvious truth as climate change is the same reason that woman from American Idol, Carly, husband has tatoos on his face.

And SPQSR the future is CSP plants not nuclear.

Notice the very weird and o... (Below threshold)

Notice the very weird and offensive Lava does not use the global warming mantra, but the new on, "climate change". I wonder why? Has the warming stopped maybe? ww

Over the last few years I h... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Over the last few years I have been an opponent of the global warming alarmists, but like many other business people I now see an opportunity to use this hysteria to pull money out of the pockets of idiots like dr lava. I was a bit worried about making an investment in this area as it looked like nature wasn't going to cooperate and enter the global cooling phase many scientists had forecast several years ago. But the alarmist idiots solved that problem for me by switching their mantra from global warming to climate change. My investment is safe even if it snows in July.

Hay, I'm not in this just to make money, but to take money from idiots. To tell the truth, my real motivation is energy independence and I'm happy to use climate hysteria and the greed of the middle east oil exporters to move the U.S. to energy independence.

We need about 20% of our energy from wind, 20% from solar, 40% from nuclear, and the rest from coal, domestic oil and natural gas. That's doable in the next 20 years and then the U.S. will have reduced it's carbon emissions to well below that of any treaty now proposed. The U.S. can then export food to a hungry world at prices that will bring back all the money we sent overseas in the last 30 years. It's ironic to think we owe this great opportunity to useful idiots like dr larva. Either that or dr larva is a business person cashing in on the climate hysteria themselves.

Put a 100-sq-mile solar arr... (Below threshold)

Put a 100-sq-mile solar array in the Sahara. This will power the Earth.

Concentrated solar is a sup... (Below threshold)

Concentrated solar is a supplemental, not a primary power source.

<a href="http://www.theaust... (Below threshold)
dr lava spews this:<blockqu... (Below threshold)

dr lava spews this:

You can deny climate change, the Holocaust, the moon landing, call 9-11 an inside job for personal reasons. There are deep psychological reasons that cause you to deny reality but that doesn't alter facts.

Frankly, dr lava, I've been dealing with the factual basis for and against global warming for many years. What I've found is that the blind fanaticism exists among twits like you. The skeptics are the ones who want to discuss actual facts and actual science and are uniformly more informed about that the factual and scientific issues than AGW groupies like you.

I've examined the factual basis and found that it is not as complete or compelling as the AGW proponents want to claim. The case for the uniqueness of recent warming has been scientifically destroyed - the real climate scientists have quietly ceased to defend it. ( And the fraudulent nature of AGW proponents has been shown in their failure to disclose raw data, and methodology - corrupting the scientific process ). The temperature records integrity has been shown to be poor. And the climate models have been shown to lack robustness as they fail to account for current climate behavior.

And yet, it is you who are in denial. Comparing the debate on a scientific issue to Holocaust denial is a despicable act by you. It is however not something you invented, but you've copied it from the most offensive, dishonest of AGW proponents. Your conduct is frankly disgusting and shows your lack of integrity very clearly.






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