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PA By the Numbers

Clinton - 55%.
Obama - 45%.

* * *
Those who earn $200,000 or more - Obama, 60-40.
Those who earn $50,000 or less - Clinton, 54-46.

* * *
White men - Clinton, 56-44.
Black men - Obama, 93-7.

* * *
White women - Clinton, 66-34.
Black women - Obama, 87-13.

* * *
Those under 25 years old - Obama, 66-34.
Those 50 years of age or over - Clinton, 59-41.

* * *
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Comments (5)

Those numbers show some ser... (Below threshold)

Those numbers show some serious Whitey hatred by the Black voters.

Support like that only polls in communist/socialist/dictator votes.

Operation Chaos lives on</p... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Operation Chaos lives on

Well, as asked on a previou... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Well, as asked on a previous Wizbang post, "Who do white men hate more, blacks or women?", it would seem neither.

According to these numbers, it seems Democrat white women hate blacks more, and Democrat black men/women hate women; if you judge it through the idiotic Nora Ephron perspective.

Operation Chaos lives on

Heh. Though, maybe Rush should dial back the Hillary support now. Obama is the weaker candidate in the General Election but I do admit he would be more of a disaster as Prez than Hillary.

(shrug) Oh well, keep tearing yourselves apart, Democrats. It'll make it easier to defeat you in November.

It absolutely kills me to h... (Below threshold)

It absolutely kills me to hear all the rhetoric about white people showing their racism when they don't vote for Obama. Why isn't racism speculated when the vast majority of black people are voting for Obama?

Given those number, it migh... (Below threshold)

Given those number, it might seem to infer that white men are the least likely to vote based on race or sex (56-44) and black men the most likely (93-7)... with women falling between the two, but it's probably inappropriate for me to make that observation.






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