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Gee, Why Didn't Anyone Think Of This Before?

As many have noted, Mexico is having a bit of domestic problem right now. Drug gangs are operating something just short of an open war with authorities, and it's not looking good for the government.

One of the bigger problems the Mexican government is having is that a large portion of the drug gangs' weapons come from the United States.

(Naturally, this being ABC, there are some serious flaws with the story. Flaws that can only come from the reporters not only being utterly ignorant of gun-related matters, but utterly terrified of them as well. But the flaws don't affect my point here.)

This, understandably, has the Mexican government a trifle concerned. They are deeply troubled at the rampant and unchecked flow of undocumented firearms crossing the border with impunity.

I, myself, feel sorry for these weapons. They're just poor weapons, killing the Mexicans that Mexican weapons can't be bothered to kill.

But nonetheless, something has to be done. If only there was something we could put up on the border, something that would stop this unceasing flow of undocumented weapons across the border. Something solid, something tangible, some sort of barrier that would restrict these weapons from crossing without being screened by authorities.

Something like a wall, perhaps?

Nah. That's just crazy talk.

Here's an idea I've suggested before: a gun exchange program.

For every illegal firearm the Mexican government turns over to the US, we give them back one Mexican here in this country legallyillegally. Like in any gun exchange program, there will be no questions asked: one gun, one Mexican.

And before someone asks, no, this will be a strictly one-way deal. No Mexican gangs need bother offering to exchange Mexicans for guns, and no Americans can offer guns to Mexicans in exhcange for people.

This could be a great win-win deal for both sides. Which is precisely why I don't expect it to go anywhere.


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For every illegal ... (Below threshold)
For every illegal firearm the Mexican government turns over to the US, we give them back one Mexican here in this country legally.

Wouldn't it make more sense to give back Mexicans that were in this country illegally?

Love your idea for a gun ex... (Below threshold)

Love your idea for a gun exchange program. I'd be willing to go two or three to one just so they won't feel they are getting the short end of the stick.

Problem with the ABC story is it basically isn't true. There is some cross traffic to Mexico via guns stolen from americans and some people have been arrested for suspicion of purchasing weapons in order to take them to Mexico. Reality is that you can't legally purchase a firearm without being a citizen, or documented, legal resident, have proof through valid ID or other documents and have to be approved by the national instant background check. Purchasing firearms to pass to an individual not allowed to possess/purchase is a federal and state crime. Stolen weapons and the odd mix-and-match ammuniton needed for them mostly go to low level criminals and the mexicans that need to arm themselves as defense against the criminals.

The high quality arms the Drug Cartels are using aren't coming in from the U.S. They aren't buying fully automatic weapons in the U.S, nor are they buying hand grenades, RPG's etc. A couple high profile murders of police chiefs used weapons not even available in the U.S. With Billions of dollars available and control of the smuggling routes the cartels can afford to bring in weapons from China and the former Soviet Bloc.

Dude,Why be a hate... (Below threshold)


Why be a hater? It's just American weapons doing jobs that Mexican weapons won't do.....


Mattnu,Most of wha... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


Most of what you say is true, but the drug cartels are getting U.S. manufactured weapons as well as those made in China and Russia. However, these are military type full-auto weapons, not the look-alikes carried in civilian gun stores. That didn't matter to ABC because their real goal is political and there target is civilian ownership of guns.

The anti-gun crowd and their media puppets are chomping at the bit given the prospects that the next president could be solidly anti-gun. The ball is really in the hands of the Supreme Court. If they drop the ball then we can kiss our guns good-by.

If they are getting U.S. Ma... (Below threshold)

If they are getting U.S. Manufactured military small arms, then the problem should be easy to solve. The government knows each manufacture of full auto small arms and keeps pretty sharp track of them. It should be relatively easy to audit the manufactures records to find out the source.

Of course, that wouldn't solve the possible problem of them being aquired from the Mexican Army or from other governments that we sell weapons to.

ABC's story started with the U.S. Attorney General for AZ. It's several months old at this point. I think the impetus behind the story is to justify more and stringent gun control. I'd suggest one of the possible "reasonable" solutions would be stricter sales requirements in border states or counties, or "gun free" zones adjacent to the borders.

Call me a pessimist, but I think the Supreme Court is going to fumble this decision. I believe they will affirm the second amendment as an individual right, subject to "reasonable" restrictions with the caveat that the D.C. total ban is not "reasonable", but others like NY's are.

Some ideas are just too eas... (Below threshold)

Some ideas are just too easy and progressive for some people.

Easy to get and progressive... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Easy to get and progressive could describe a fatal disease. Some of us are smart enough to avoid such things.

Another anti-gun ABC articl... (Below threshold)
GarandFan Author Profile Page:

Another anti-gun ABC article in which the writers can display their woeful ignorance. But like that dufuss at Time says, they get to state their point of view, what with their being experts in everything.

Much of the military arms t... (Below threshold)

Much of the military arms that the Mexican gangs obtain, they obtain through the corruption of their own government. Other arms come through international arms trafficing. There exist illegal channels that ship arms by the freighter load to drug cartels, terrorists etc. Only a fraction come through illegal transactions that involve ordinary civilian American gun transactions.

Garandfan, ABC is not ignor... (Below threshold)

Garandfan, ABC is not ignorant. This piece was intentionally fraudulent.






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