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Some Partner, Some Peace

For a couple of weeks, I've been collecting stories on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (mainly from the Boston Globe), trying to find something to say about them. But thanks to Strategy Page, I finally think I grasp the whole big picture, and have a handle on just what is happening recently.

They published an article that outlines what they see as Hamas' strategy right now. Here's the opening paragraph:

Hamas At War

April 21, 2008: Hamas is desperately trying to remove Israeli and Egyptian control over access to Iranian weapons supplies (not to mention food and fuel). The basic strategy is to attack the border crossings, so as to interfere with shipments of food and fuel. Then manipulate media coverage inside Gaza to make it look worse than it is. That is supposed to persuade the Europeans to force Israel to allow Hamas to bring in whatever they want (especially explosives and longer range, factory made, rockets from Iran.) Then Hamas can increase the rocket attacks on southern Israel. Currently, only a few of the home made Kassam rockets are being fired into Israel each day.

The one flaw with this analysis is that it doesn't go far enough. They are not only manipulating media coverage inside Gaza, they're also basking in similar coverage in other places around the world.

Like the Boston Globe.

And former president, Democratic superdelegate, Barack Obama supporter, Israel-basher, and all-around idiot Jimmy Carter.

Here are a few stories just from the last week or so from the Glob:

Palestinians with bombs invade Israel, ambush pursuing Israeli soldiers (April 17)

Carter meets with terrorists, praises them, calls Israeli actions crimes (April 18)

Palestinians make third attempt to invade Israel to commit terrorist attacks (April 18)

Palestinians declare one Israeli worth 400 Palestinians (April 19)

Even the Glob, though, couldn't cover up the utter fiasco that Carter's trip turned out to be (to no one's surprise but Carter's).

Indeed, even Hamas itself had to issue its own statement after Carter made his, clarifying just how little his visit changed things.

As I pointed out before, Carter's visit with Hamas violated two US Laws: the Logan Act, which forbids private citizens from conducting their own foreign policy on behalf of the United States; and the laws forbidding giving support to terrorist organizations.

Of course, Carter will not be prosecuted. He's SPECIAL. The laws don't apply to his type.

But here is the real consequence of his damned meddling. Hamas is a terrorist organization at its core. It has adopted the trappings of legitimacy, by winning elections among the Palestinians, and have established themselves as a sort-of legitimate government. Now they can add the prestige (to those who don't know any better) of having hosted and held talks with a former leader of the free world and Nobel Peace Prize winner, giving them even more towards the status they seek.

And they do all this without giving up one shread of their essential nature as terrorists.

Some times, when I'm at my most cynical, I turn my mind towards what I think would be a fitting solution to this mess. I would like to see Israel and the United States recognize Hamas as the legitimate government of the Palestinians, and Palestine as an independent state.

Because at that point, the very next terrorist attack would constitute an act of war, and Israel could quite legitimately declare war and utterly level the Palestinian territories, and send those Hamassholes to their richly-deserved reward.

But that will never happen.

In the meantime, if we can't toss Carter in jail for violating the law, can we lock him up in a peanut silo or something?


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Comments (4)

Jimmah Carter cannot stay o... (Below threshold)

Jimmah Carter cannot stay out of the way in this situation. He has been shown to be an anti-Semite and his remarks and actions will have no bearing or meaning at all with Israel and the Jewish community. Jewish members of the Carter Center in Atlanta left because of the comments in his book.

The older I get, the more I realize that there will be no resolution to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. At least not until the Palestinians push the Israelis enough that the Israelis level their towns and leaders completely. But although the Palestinians would do that to the Israelis in a heartbeat if they could, Israel wouldn't do it.

Jimmah's ego trip this week has made a mess of things. Our Arab friends in the area are confused about what our country is doing. The only other solution to the Jimmah problem will occur when he is 6 feet under and he stops yapping his mouth about things he's no longer involved with.

One possible solution could... (Below threshold)

One possible solution could be nuking the gaza strip and west bank. Would solve the palestinian problem and kill enough israeli's to make the arabs happy too.

Ugly sarcasm aside, I wonder if the palestinians have ever considered whether or not Egypt, Jordan and Syria would let them ultimately keep Israel if they ultimately concurred it? Jordan seems to have the most legatimate claim of a recognized country for chunks of Israeli territory. Egypt has a good claim for portions abutting the Sinai as well. Even Syria and their Lebanese proxies have territorial claims agains Shebaa Farms and the Golan Heights.

Is it possible to make a ci... (Below threshold)

Is it possible to make a citizens arrest on this?

Who is responsible for enforcing the crimes this home grown socialist idiot prick have broken?

If they dont prosecute, can we bring charges of dereliction of duty, or whatever?

I had hope the terrorists w... (Below threshold)
M.L. Smith:

I had hope the terrorists would mistake Jimmah for an American, grab him up and cut off his head.






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