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Congress Update

Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked a Democrat scheme to subject the country's business community to waves of frivolous and vexatious job discrimination lawsuits.

Democrat leaders pushed for a vote on the bill with full knowledge it would fail as an election year stunt that specifically was designed to rile up female leftists and various minority groups. The bill if enacted legislatively would abrogate a 5-4 Republican U.S. Supreme Court decision, handed down during the 2006-2007 term, in which the Justices dismissed an equal pay lawsuit on grounds the plaintiff waited too long to file her complaint.

Business groups oppose the Democrat bill because it would do nothing to stop real pay discrimination and instead would open the floodgates of needless litigation over stale and specious claims, thereby hurting the job markets and the economy at large. Liberal groups support the bill because it would hurt the business community. Democrats would like to enact the bill because it would benefit anti-business plaintiffs' attorneys, who are among the biggest monetary donors to the Democrat Party and its candidates.

Not a single Democrat opposed the bill. Of the Republicans who voted 87% were opposed. Democrat Chieftan Harry Reid used parliamentary procedures to keep the bill alive despite the failed vote. Reid intends to bring the matter up several times before the November general election, in the hopes of scoring cheap political points with liberal voters.

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Here's a link to Reuters' version of events. For reasons that are beyond obvious, the liberal wire services and the liberal newspapers worded their stories quite differently from yours truly.

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Here's a link to the Senate roll call vote.


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Comments (2)

Next week they will be aski... (Below threshold)

Next week they will be asking, 'why are hundreds of American businesses heading across the border'? Supporting Dusty Harry or San Fran Nan should be grounds for at least 10 years in a mental facility with rubber walls and no windows.

"a 5-4 Republican U.S. Supr... (Below threshold)

"a 5-4 Republican U.S. Supreme Court decision"

there are not supposed to be partisans on the SCOTUS. One does not see (R-UT) after the names of a Judge.






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