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Murder, Inc.

Chicago's violent spring continues

Authorities found the bodies of five young people Wednesday inside a ransacked house on Chicago's South Side, raising the body count in an already violent spring.

* * *
The discovery comes on the heels of a spate of violence in Chicago. Nine people died in 36 shootings over the past weekend.

* * *
The recent violence followed a six-month period during which more than 20 Chicago public school students were shot to death.

Um, doesn't Chicago have strict "gun control" measures in place? What gives?

Also, since we're on that topic, what pray tell is your opinion about the epidemic of murder and blight and the real-world impact of gun control laws in your home district, Barack Hussein Obama?


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Comments (14)

Of course, these "statistic... (Below threshold)

Of course, these "statistics" are some sort of Rovian plot to undermine the liberal utopia also known as Chicago.

36 "shootings" in one weekend? Come on, people - there are NO guns in Chicago. The liberals decreed it.

Jayson, report for reeducation camp in the morning . . .

It's because all those drug... (Below threshold)

It's because all those drug dealers and robbers are so bitter, they're clinging to their guns.

Oyster, LOL! Thanks for my ... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Oyster, LOL! Thanks for my first morning chuckle.

Mayor Petraeus?... (Below threshold)

Mayor Petraeus?

It's a quagmire. How... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

It's a quagmire.
How come Chicago can't meet any benchmarks for a civilized city?
Let's stop spending American treasure on a failed city.

etc, etc..

If only Obama was available... (Below threshold)

If only Obama was available to Chicago. He could talk to the gang leaders. Convince them of the audacity of hope and get them to lay down their guns for a rousing rendition of koombayah. Oh why does America hate blacks so much that they won't let Obama eat his waffle so he has the strength to travel to Chicago and solve this crisis?

No mention of the race of t... (Below threshold)

No mention of the race of the victims, or of the race of the killers. Wonder why?

This is not a gun problem. This is a cultural problem. These thugs are poisoned by the likes of Reverend Wright and his message. They don't stay in school, they don't get married, they scorn hard work, they reject the values of "white people."

And they live lives of squalor and they die like animals. Rev. Wright and Obama feed off these poor souls like vampire bats, and grow rich and fat from their blood and pain.

Come on now, we can't blame... (Below threshold)

Come on now, we can't blame Obama, he's got an alibi! He's been way to busy on the campaign trail to be shooting at people in Chicago.

Don't forget, Hussein O was... (Below threshold)

Don't forget, Hussein O was a street organizer in Chicago. Evidently the 'organization' is still functioning. How to hide a gun and an effective firing range must have been part of the course. Husseing O and Racist Wright will soon return and lead them in a chorus of 'kill whitey' to get them away from killing each other.

I'm guessing those were all... (Below threshold)
Son of a Pig and a Monkey:

I'm guessing those were all votes for Obama that went bye-bye!

Obviously there's a shortag... (Below threshold)

Obviously there's a shortage of Hope.

Well the answer is obvious,... (Below threshold)
GarandFan Author Profile Page:

Well the answer is obvious, MORE GUN LAWS! And ballistic fingerprinting. And marked shell casings. And purchasing only one gun a month. And outlawing gun sales within 5 miles of any school (that no one attends anyway). Only then will peace be restored to the People's Republik Of Chicago. Of course if they start using baseball bats and knives, then we'll outlaw those as well.

Being a liberal means never... (Below threshold)

Being a liberal means never having to say you're sorry. The repeated failure of gun control to reduce violence, or even to keep it from increasing, has never slowed down its advocates one whit. They just blame their failures on someone else, like Mexico blaming the US for their drug crime violence and attendant gun smuggling and shootings.

The War in Chicago is lost.... (Below threshold)

The War in Chicago is lost. It can't be won. The death toll is unacceptable and targets minorities. The local government hasn't met any of its goals and I think the US should pull out now.






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