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Ramos and Compean drug smuggler pleads guilty

So when will Ramos and Compean be released?

Here's the story:

The Mexican national who was the star witness in a controversial prosecution that resulted in the sentencing of two Border Patrol agents to more than a decade in prison pleaded guilty to multiple drug charges in federal court Thursday.

On Feb. 17, 2005, Osvaldo Aldrete Davila attempted to smuggle more than 700 pounds of marijuana into the United States along the Texas-Mexico border, in the small town of Fabens, Texas. As he tried to flee arrest on foot, two Border Patrol agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, shot at him. Ramos's bullet hit Davila in the buttocks.

The incident gained national attention when U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton with the Western District of Texas worked out an immunity deal for Davila if he would return to the United States and testify against Ramos and Compean.

The case sparked controversy as members of Congress from both parties called for President Bush to pardon the two agents or to commute their sentences. The Senate Judiciary Committee and House Foreign Affairs Committee conducted hearings on the case.

Davila was arrested and indicted last November based on two other drug deals from 2005, and he has pleaded guilty to those crimes. Those crimes, in which he tried to bring illegal drugs into the country in September and October 2005, occurred after he was given immunity for the initial drug bust in February 2005, when he was shot.

Davila was charged with two counts of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, one count of conspiracy to import a controlled substance and one count of conspiracy to possess a controlled substance with intent to distribute.

Davila brought those two loads into the United States during a time when the U.S. Justice Department had given him six unconditional border-crossing cards.

The very fact that these two Border Patrol Agents are in prison is a travesty. President Bush commuted Scooter Libby's sentence -- why not Ramos and Compean? Amd check out what they've had to deal with in prison:
They are now in prisons where they are surrounded by criminals, which they themselves have arrested. They were being held in the general population -- until Ignacio Ramos was the victim of a brutal attack by a group of illegal immigrants yelling "Maten a la migra!" which means "Kill the Border Patrol agent." He suffered repeated blows and kicks, and allegedly did not receive medical attention for up to 48 hours after the attack. His wife reported he had a concussion, with blood coming out of his ears after the attackers kicked him wearing their prison work-issued, steel toe boots in the back, ribs, and head.

Now that this drug smuggler who took advantage of the immunity given to him for helping to put two good men behind bars to smuggle more drugs has pled guilty for his transgressions, is it not finally time to set Ramos and Compean free? This has gone on long enough. At least someone is seeking clemency for the agents.

Hat Tip: Tammy Bruce

What about the Border Patrol Agents?
An Open Letter to President Bush


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Comments (3)

RE: "Davila brought those t... (Below threshold)

RE: "Davila brought those two loads into the United States during a time when the U.S. Justice Department had given him six unconditional border-crossing cards."

There once was a time when citizens and local law enforcement actually had a certain amount of respect for Federal law enforcement agents. Not anymore. I look at the super sleuths on TV and LOL. The fact that the DOJ actually has printed "unconditional border-crossing cards" tells you everything that you need to know about the protection of our borders. What next, "Get Out of Jail Free Cards"?

RE: "President Bush commuted Scooter Libby's sentence -- why not Ramos and Compean?"

The answer is obvious: because those men were protecting the border and enforcing our immigration laws. President Bush, I'm sad to say, is no friend of theirs.

During the trial of the age... (Below threshold)
GarandFan Author Profile Page:

During the trial of the agents, Sutton portrayed Davila as a poor Mexican who was unarmed and was just trying to make a subsistance living. NO MENTION was made at the trial of the fact that he was caught TWO MORE TIMES smuggling drugs across the border while the trial was pending. Both agents stated that they thought Davila was armed, as were other smugglers they encountered in the past. Sutton insisted that this was a one-time deal for Davila and Davila testified that he was unarmed. Bush hasn't pardoned them because he and Sutton are long time buddies.

Whether you don't like the ... (Below threshold)

Whether you don't like the way Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa county, he is doing the law enforcement job that the majority of our police departments shy away
from? He is a hard-boiled, fearless old time American cop. He follows the law, according to his state legislation and the peoples wishes, not the publicity hunting Governors, Mayors timid lieutenants who have dishonored the oaths of Office to THE PEOPLE and the Constitution.

Americans are far from bigots, xenophobes or anything that smell of the race card. However we are a nation of laws, and unlike the 12 to 30 million aliens who invaded our shores, most of us citizens do not have the criminal mentality. However they are angry and frustrated, with supporting millions of illegal aliens, specifically the criminal class.

Immigrants are the epitome of what America great!Not illegal aliens who ignored the law of our sovereignty. Strong minded spirits that will fight for what they believe is right. The law is all the separates innocent citizens from the imported criminal element from other countries. Only enforcement of our immigration laws will rid us of the child violators, women rapists, gang bangers, robbers and murderers. Amongst the illegal aliens who have entered America, without the peoples permission the filth of the earth has come here too. The defenders of the illegal alien invasion of our country, have been seduced by the pro-immigration lobby, made up of La Raza, MEChA, LULAC, MALDEF, CHIRLA, La Voz de Atzlan, Zapatista Army of National Liberation and Mexicanos Sin Fronteras (Mexicans Without Borders). Foundations also fund anti-American entities like the ACLU, Southern Poverty league, who we know are pro-illegal immigrant. Many of the illegal aliens have been deported more than once and must now lose their freedom.

More than ever we need a federal law with teeth, to halt this foreign national occupation. Sheriff Joe is part of the vanguard that will use state enacted laws, his courage against insurmountable odds to reduce the illegal alien population. Our politicians are easy fodder when the race card is used against them, and they cringe in dark corners like frightened mice. But a new breed has risen in the ranks of true patriots like Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona , Lou Dobbs (CNN), Governor Don Carcieri and strong minded lawmakers like Tommy Tancredo, Duncan Hunter are just to name a few. Their are men and women not intimidated by pro-illegal alien wimps like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Harry Read and others who pander to the special interest lobby.

More than 10 million immigrants have arrived since year 2000; it is estimated that nearly 6 million are illegal. All told, the group of immigrants now account for 38 million at the moment according to the White House's own census bureau.

America cannot afford to enact another AMNESTY? The ramifications are unthinkable on each states economy? Taxpayers will have to support even more illegal immigrants as the word gets out and millions more will pour into our nation.

Keep calling your Democratic Congressmen today to co-author THE SAVE ACT! Toll free numbers include 18778516437 and 18662200044, or call toll 12022243121 AND REGISTER YOUR OUTRAGE at ongoing efforts to keep our country from enforcing its immigration laws!

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