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Photo of the Day

Creepiest. Photo. EVER.


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Yikes.... (Below threshold)


I don't think you can have ... (Below threshold)

I don't think you can have two caption contests going at the same time, can you?

The idiots at Time got in w... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

The idiots at Time got in wrong again. Everyone knows Obama is to the left of Hillary. Either that or they think the public are all monkeys who can't distinguish between their left and the subjects' left.

The border was green last month, so shouldn't it be blue this time?

I have a sudden urge for on... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

I have a sudden urge for one of those big cookies .... you know which one: Half chocolate, half vanilla.

Well, at least we know who ... (Below threshold)

Well, at least we know who McCain is in this one.

He's the Christopher Lambert of this election.


"Creepiest. Photo. EVER."</... (Below threshold)

"Creepiest. Photo. EVER."

Oh, I dunno. I think the Image of a swordfight between those two, with live blades, is one of the funniest I've encountered in years.

Their kid would make Chelse... (Below threshold)

Their kid would make Chelsea look good! ish!

Does anyone else think that... (Below threshold)

Does anyone else think that the black and white photos of Barack make him look like some 1950's G-man?

Or a cast member on Dragnet?

Hey, they pretty much want ... (Below threshold)

Hey, they pretty much want the same liberal policies, don't they? Why not blend their mug shots together?

I'm sure someone could try and make a reference to the Batman villan Two-Face... Although Two-Face had a good side & a bad side.

I just had another thought ... (Below threshold)

I just had another thought after looking at that picture.

It makes the so-called "Bush Smirk" look pretty lame. If his smirk looked as bad as this slap-dashed photo, I might concede them the point on it.

I disagree - I remember whe... (Below threshold)

I disagree - I remember when I first picked up the 2006 Man of the Year edition ... that cover totally spooked me.

If they'd used McCain too, ... (Below threshold)

If they'd used McCain too, there could have been a Hilary sandwich.

One Candidate to rule them ... (Below threshold)

One Candidate to rule them all, One Candidate to find them, One Candidate to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

thanks olorin, now i have t... (Below threshold)

thanks olorin, now i have to go scrub my brain with bleach to get that mental imagery to go away.

Someone send up the Bat-Sig... (Below threshold)

Someone send up the Bat-Signal, Two-face spotted heading to Denver!!!!!!

Obama B&W, Hilary Sepia. ... (Below threshold)

Obama B&W, Hilary Sepia. Imagine if they had reversed the effect?

Resurfacing of an old super... (Below threshold)
civildisobedience Author Profile Page:

Resurfacing of an old super villain for Batman, TWO FACE!!!

NYT: "TIME magazine trie... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

NYT: "TIME magazine tries to scare votesr into voting for McCain. Sources indicate it will work."

Creepier yet...do you think... (Below threshold)

Creepier yet...do you think they might be promoting a unity between the two? A united ticket even while they talk about the desperate situation of choosing one now as President.

That's exactly what this pr... (Below threshold)

That's exactly what this primary was missing!


But then, damnit, the one left would be immortal.

Oh, that's like Victor-Vict... (Below threshold)

Oh, that's like Victor-Victoria, but scary!






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