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Politics Update

Clinton lobbies superdelegates after Pennsylvania win

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Hell, if I were Clinton I'd be pointing to those results -- especially the disasterous numbers for Obama among working-class whites and among mature voters -- until the superdelegates had no choice but to cling to my sides in Denver.

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DNC to hear proposed plan to seat Michigan and Florida delegates

A plan to seat all the superdelegates and to award half-votes to pledged delegates from Michigan and Florida will get a hearing in May before DNC leaders.

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How ironic would it be if the superdelegates from Florida determined the nominee? You know, Florida. Or would that be poetic justice???

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McCain campaigns with former rival Huckabee in Arkansas

* * *
What are the chances of Huckabee being the veep selection? Well, very little.

That's not to say, however, that Huckabee's political career necessarily is over. It's not. He's relatively young. He's a multi-term governor. He has a large base of core supporters. Time is on his side.

Certainly Huckabee would be qualified for one of several cabinet posts, e.g., HHS. There also is the prospect of a U.S. Senate run. Although truth be told getting Republicans to run for potentially-winnable seats in that chamber often is like pulling teeth without anesthesia, Huckabee could pose a serious if not a grave challenge to incumbent media/Democrat Blanche Lincoln. Huckabee also could be tapped for one of several high-profile ambassadorships.


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Comments (4)

Huckster was the worst thin... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

Huckster was the worst thing that ever happened to the Arkansas GOP. He crippled it to the point that we now have only 1 federal official (in the district that has been GOP since 1966) where we had half the delegation during his first two terms. There are zero statewide Republicans thanks to his NON-leadership and a shrinking presence in the legislature, now down to only 1/4th (from 1/3rd a few years ago) of the membership.

No other Southern state did as poorly for the GOP as it did under 11 years of Huckster.

Huckabee at HHS?! Is this ... (Below threshold)

Huckabee at HHS?! Is this a conservative blog? Heck, he'll have Badge #1 for the Fast Food Police.

Huckabee's track record is ... (Below threshold)

Huckabee's track record is quite compatible with McCain's views compared to others floated about.

Huckabee can appeal to evangelicals. And McCain probably believes the cliche that evangelicals = conservatives.

I can see where McCain thinks Huckabee could broaden the ticket's appeal among republicans while not too greatly conflicting with his own positions.

The only way I can support ... (Below threshold)

The only way I can support McCain now is as the lessor of the three evils and if he picks Huckabee for veep he has lost that support. As much as I despise Hilary Clinton I would rather see her in the White House than Obama or McCain with Huckabee as veep.

At least with Hilary we know what we have..a thief, a liar, and a backstabber. Huckabee is the same except that he preaches and smiles while he does it.

I found many years ago that the Christian far right is as dangerous to freedom as the far left..both factions want to control YOUR life.






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