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Sowing Seeds

Last fall, Israeli aircraft attacked and destroyed a facility in the middle of nowhere in Syria. For such a significant event, remarkably little was said anywhere about it. Last October, I wrote a piece that was nothing short of speculation and fantasy that explored just what might have been the parts of that story that were going unreported.

Well, the CIA has released some details of its investigation into the matter, and I think I got quite a few of the details right.

  • It was a nuclear facility.
  • It was being built with North Korean assistance and expertise.
  • It was intended to develop nuclear weapons.
  • Syria did, indeed, have good reason to keep it quiet.

A few things I speculated about have not yet come true, but nor have they been disproven. There still might be an Iranian connection, and Israel very well might have taken away some concrete evidence of Syria's bad intentions. The photographs released this week were obviously taken before the building was leveled, and very well might have been part of the motivations behind Israel's attack after all.

As others far wiser and more schooled than me have observed, the revelations released this week could very well tie in to progress towards peace between Syria and Israel. Keeping a lid on the incident for this long suited pretty much everyone's purposes, as it let a lot of words be exchanged in private and not on the world stage.

But what does this mean in the big picture?

Well, it confirms that North Korea is looking to be a pain in the ass wherever it can. No, it doesn't have very many nukes. No, they don't seem to be overly effective. And no, they don't have much of a delivery system, short of sticking them on cargo ships and sailing them into their target ports.

But they seem to be looking to pick up where A. Q. Khan left off, as the new "Johnny Atomseed" of the world, finding nations that want nuclear weapons, can afford to build them, and can (for the most part) keep their mouths shut.

I believe it was once said that nuclear weapons are not good for children and other living things. That goes double for those that can trace their origins to the paranoid sociopath who rules North Korea right now.

Funny how Godless Communist dictators and Islamic tyrants can find common ground, isn't it? One would think that would be inconceivable...


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Poor Kim. He's so [i]ronery... (Below threshold)

Poor Kim. He's so [i]ronery[/i].

Funny how Godless ... (Below threshold)
kbiel Author Profile Page:
Funny how Godless Communist dictators and Islamic tyrants can find common ground, isn't it? One would think that would be inconceivable...
Only to those in denial or who agree with the Communists and Islamists. Even before 9/11, I realized that their goals were the same, only their excuses differed (progressive political evolution versus God told me to do it).
damn....I hate when I get t... (Below threshold)

damn....I hate when I get tags wrong.

Make that ronery.

...and before any of the Us... (Below threshold)

...and before any of the Usual Suspects try to claim otherwise, it wasn't a power reactor.

The design was a graphite-moderated, gas-cooled one. These are pretty much in use for one thing: making plutonium. There are too many other good designs available for research or power generation, so anyone who puts one of these together now is only looking to start up a weapons program.

If all of the details do co... (Below threshold)

If all of the details do come out about the raid, would any of the idiots in the lamestream media report on it? Some how I kind of doubt it. More than likely, they will blame the Bush Administration for the pissing off the terrorists and North Korea.

These "revelations" are app... (Below threshold)

These "revelations" are apparently one result of a policy fight between the hawks and doves inside the Kadima and rightist factions in Israel aimed at leverage with US opinion concerning the advisability of war with Iran before the neocons are demoted or expelled in November. The left outs another spy to counter the cited propaganda, then the right airs George Bush's dirty skivvies out of desperation, seeing how certain hearings are imminent. That's what I gleaned. It's a quick and a must-read:


"But what does this mean in... (Below threshold)

"But what does this mean in the big picture?"

That assumes you believe ANYTHING that this administration tries to shill.

That's right bryanD and jp2... (Below threshold)

That's right bryanD and jp2. Keep repeating to yourselves - It was a dual use building! They could have been making pesticides! George Bush sold them the nails to build the walls! The Dorktator and Dear Leader don't even like each other! They would NEVER collude!

Jay Tea, this should link b... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Jay Tea, this should link back to "Told Ya So."

"the revelations release... (Below threshold)
Corky Boyd:

"the revelations released this week could very well tie in to progress towards peace between Syria and Israel."

You may have hit the nail an the head.

About six months ago, I stumbled on a blog discussion of a grand plan being devised by Condoleeza Rice for a major breakthrough in the middle east. It seemed prepostrous to me and many others. But there were seveal very knowledgable posters who were supporting it.

It involved, moving Syria out of the Iranian sphere of influence, and isolating Iran. Some of the pieces (from memory) were Israel returning the Golan heights to Syria, a peace treaty between Israel and Syria, building oil pipelines through Sunni territory and Syria to the Med. to put the Sunnis and Syria into the oil equation, al Dura leading the Sunnis into the Iraqi coalition government, and elimination of Hamas and Hezbollah safe havens from Syria.

What jogged my memory was the recent report al Dura was in Iraqi hands. Hezbollah terrosist leader Imad Mugniyah's surprising assasination might also fit the equation, as well as other recent revelations.

Hope it's more than wishful thinking.

I read at least a dozen blo... (Below threshold)

I read at least a dozen blogs (including this one) that published the story months ago with 99% accuracy. Funny that the evil Boooosh administration didn't hit it while it was hot. I guess JT and the other blogs have a connection to the 'red' phone in the presidents office. Further displays of BDS will only add to the pile of Boooosh did it on 9-11 BS. Man I'm glad I'm retired. No way I want to pay taxes the next 25 years to support the mental health treatment for the entire democrat party. JP2 and Bryan should get a head start and make their appointments now. My neice (getting her degree this spring) is rubbing her hands while waiting for the millions to start rolling in.
Another thing that shows the stupidity of the democrats. There was probably only 535 people in the U.S. that didn't already have this information. They all serve in the U.S. Congress.

Funny how Godless Communist... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Funny how Godless Communist dictators and Islamic tyrants can find common ground, isn't it? One would think that would be inconceivable...
Much less the Sunni and the Shiite. Great line.

Another failed, ham-handed ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Another failed, ham-handed Bush Administration public relations stunt.

Another failed, ham-hand... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Another failed, ham-handed Bush Administration public relations stunt.

Seeing as how Syria paved and built over the reactor site destroyed by the Israeli Air Force (aka: not the U.S.), the only thing ham-handed is your ignorant, BDS-addled and conspiratorial-tinged comment.

Par for the course, though.

Hmm looks like the Lamestre... (Below threshold)

Hmm looks like the Lamestream media figures that this item is a very hot potato and so far have not touched it with a 10 ft pole. Looks like the only one that has done anything reporting wise is Fox News. What I am wondering is how the Associated Press, Time, Snooze Week, New York Slimes is going to spin this to make Bush look bad?

So far, no Dimocrat has spoken out about this little public relations fiasco the terrorists seen happen to them. I would suspect that San Fran Nan, John (throw my medals over the fence) Kerry, Teddy (hic) Kennedy, John (trash the Marines) Murtha and Dingy Harry have buried their heads in the sand of the Nevada desert and do want to hear about this operation.

Stan25: FWIW, this... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


FWIW, this was the leading story on CBS (gasp!) News and ABC ran with it as their second or third story last night.

The only thing that baffles me is Sen. Hoekstra (R) response to it all, which was flat odd.

I remember dubya being mock... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

I remember dubya being mocked when he declared Iraq, Iran and North Korea as an Axis of Evil.

Looks like he was right.

"JP2 and Bryan should get a... (Below threshold)

"JP2 and Bryan should get a head start and make their appointments now."-scrapiron

Oil painting is my therapy. Nothing quashes delusions of grandeur for an anti-impressionist/modernist than negotiating highlights without resorting to impasto. (Believe me!) Rembrandt employed glass and silk(!!!). I'm not confident enough to risk that much scraping/erasing.

"My neice (getting her degree this spring)"

God bless. I hope her degree is related to medicine or the health field in some way. Or engineering. If not, be supportive.






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