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True Grit vs. Not Worth S**t

Courtesy of USA Today's "Snapshots:"

A Marine from Lawton, Oklahoma, has become the first person with an above-the-knee amputation to return to combat in Iraq. Master Sgt. William Gibson received a carbon-fiber leg after being shot by a sniper in May 2006. Gibson persuaded the military to send him back as a fire chief in Fallujah.

Now, that guy has got brass cojones.

The ghastly irony, of course, is that the most dangerous and bitter adversaries of Marines like Sgt. Gibson, along with all our other men and women in uniform, are not the al-Qaeda-linked terrorists in Fallujah and elsewhere in Iraq. They're the Democrat Party and the latter's wealthy and anti-American donors and enablers.

What's your opinion about that, Barack Obama-Ayers?


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"The ghastly irony, of cour... (Below threshold)

"The ghastly irony, of course, is that the most dangerous and bitter adversaries of Marines like Sgt. Gibson, along with all our other men and women in uniform, are not the al-Qaeda-linked terrorists in Fallujah and elsewhere in Iraq. They're the Democrat Party and the latter's wealthy and anti-American donors and enablers."

Really? I tried to prevent him from losing his leg in the first place. Did you?

Jayson,Ma... (Below threshold)
dr lava:


Man you gotta get out of that trailer once in a while...get some air.

How's that new GI Bill goin... (Below threshold)

How's that new GI Bill going?

The Webb bill.

The one that the Democrats are supporting and the Republicans (except for Hagel) are opposing.

It's brutally clear, from Rumsfeld's past policies, the horror stories about mistreatment of wounded veterans, that the Repubs really don't give a damn about the troops, except for their use as cannon fodder.

Oh well, another wizbang chickenhawk lecture about patriotism.

Good job, Jayson. They all... (Below threshold)

Good job, Jayson. They all crawled out from under their rocks to attack you personally. So far, you're trailer trash, a chicken hawk and you did nothing to stop that young man from enlisting.

Oyster, I believe they thin... (Below threshold)

Oyster, I believe they think free will is overrated.

Another bizarre Straussian ... (Below threshold)

Another bizarre Straussian bleat for Special Action against the citizen-untermenschen of America by the Patriotic Sleep-Number Front.

(I'm going to assume Jayson is posting through a vodka-koolaid 50/50 bender.)

You mean old "byranDumbass"... (Below threshold)

You mean old "byranDumbass" is still around?

I see someone on here who t... (Below threshold)

I see someone on here who thinks he would be free if thousands had not died in the past. These are the anti-american, anti-military democrats that depend on momma to buy them a computer. I'll bet momma doesn't even know what BDS has done to her kindergarden age (in brain power) kid.

Sempre FIThis Mari... (Below threshold)

Sempre FI

This Marine did not have to return to combat but he did to be with his Marines. He is voluntarily putting himself back in arms way to support and protect his Marines.

THis my friend is the rule rather than the exceptions which even with long tours the men still re-enlist. This is why Congress must support our warfighter by giving them the equipment and support they need to complete their missions.
We know the the Marines know it.
Let have All of our Congressmen show they know what
Sempre FI means

I wore the uniform with PRI... (Below threshold)

I wore the uniform with PRIDE, yet when i see these young men and women serving today, I feel humbled. Those of you who cannot grasp their depth of devotion to country I can only feel pity for. Perhaps, instead of attacking those who proudly honor their effort and sacrifice, a bit of introspection would be in order. Each of us owes these men and women a debt that cannot be repaid.

The left simply does not un... (Below threshold)

The left simply does not understand sense of duty or honor. They cannot comprehend such an act. They view it as foolish, thus the outbursts from the liberal loons above. ww

Brass cojones? I think more... (Below threshold)

Brass cojones? I think more than that. I'm betting he got the upgraded carbon-fiber ones to go with his leg. Semper Fi Marine. Well done.

As for the anti-military posters where you say you tried to prevent the Marine from having gone to war I say all you accomplished was emboldening the enemy--probably costing many of the casualties today you try an claim you tried to prevent. You can stop trying to "help" now.

And, yes, I did serve. 8 years (with tours in Iraq and Bosnia as a Viper driver)--as did my brother and my father before US.

Don't let a few sissies spo... (Below threshold)

Don't let a few sissies spoil the heroic efforts of Sgt Gibson. Furthermore, their votes will be wasted on whatever democrat slithers to the top of the liberal shit heap.

So far, the liberal, progre... (Below threshold)

So far, the liberal, progressive, anti-victory types have still issued nothing but personal attacks and valueless counter accusations. Democrats, as a general rule, do not know how to debate.

Admit nothing,
Deny Everything,
Make Counter Accusations

As far as Republicans not caring about the troops, you just keep believing that. This Republican cares about his nephew and his Airborne buddies, and they are in Iraq, and they are they are bored because they are wining. That last part just drives the liberal progressive Democrats crazy.

It is a $90,000 dollar comp... (Below threshold)

It is a $90,000 dollar computer controlled prosthetic leg. A masterpiece of art and science. I truly hope it isn't running MicroSoft, hat to see it lock-up or crash during a firefight.

Master Sgt Gibson gets my undying respect. Few men would go back into harms way to support their fellow Marines.

We're all Navy and Air Forc... (Below threshold)
Frieta Battistoni:

We're all Navy and Air Force but I respect and honor anyone who serves in our military. I cannot find any good in the loony left's outlook on the
military. They are spoiled children who know only what THEY want and
won't listen to anyone else's point of view. Throw your temper tantrums.
The Adults will defend you as usual. You would not be able to throw
your hissy fits were it not for our military, past and present.
My prayers are with all of our military personnel and their families and
their sacrifices are so very appreciated.

JP2,To hear someon... (Below threshold)


To hear someone claim like you to have tried to "prevent" someone else from losing their leg is pathetic, ignorant, and self-serving.

What did you do? Jump in front of the bullet?

I didn't think so.

If you were not there to put yourself in the way, then you didn't really try to do anything. We're dealing with real life, flesh and bone, life and death, and not some abstract application of your life's lack of experience in these things. Protesting is a joke and doesn't put you at any real risk when compared to those who have served this country throughout history.

I served in the Marines. I have been to war. I would have gladly attempted to prevent that bullet from hitting Master Sgt. Gibson had I been there. But, I wasn't.

Any other attempt to associate your actions in opposition to the war(s) or our government with our support of what this Marine has done or is doing is laughable and completely off base.

I couldnt agree with you mo... (Below threshold)

I couldnt agree with you more irongrampa.Duty,Honor,Country

Also loving Galoob's commen... (Below threshold)

Also loving Galoob's comments, I wonder what information they may be able to provide that clearly shows that the degradation of benefits, housing, services, and role of the military has occurred solely due to Bush and the (R)s over the past eight years.

My recollections of my father's retirement from decades of flying jets in the Air Force was due solely to Clinton's reduction of the military's size and funding.

The same negative issues that exist in the military culture to which you refer have ALWAYS existed. Sad thing is, that it is seemingly only during war that anyone notices the problems of the military in the first place.

Just how long have you been an advocate of the military and the troops? How have you advocated for us veterans beyond commenting on a blog? Have I seen you at my VA hospital or might I run into you at any VA office?

If not, please, just shut up. Your concern for our well being is disingenuous and topical, not something with which you are truly concerned.

I may be wrong, but I doubt you really care all that much beyond making some asinine point on this or any other blog in an attempt to make yourself feel better.

Ref #3. Freedom isn't cheap... (Below threshold)

Ref #3. Freedom isn't cheap! There are graves all over the world containing US military personnel. And yes, how is that new GI Bill doing?

The chickenhawks claim it's going to cost to much, etc, etc. Their support the troops slogan is like their family values slogan. Its a slogan, doesn't mean manure.

And as a disabled vet, I would like to know why the GOP is against it? Bush has said he will veto it. WHY?

Also, is BDS like CDS? just another slogan people use, what a crock of manure. And not one person has stated why this new GI Bill is bad for the veterans. Nor any mention of the GI Bill the Republican Senator from NC that is trying to get passed. That one will really screw the vets, past and present ones coming home.

Allen, Thank you for... (Below threshold)

Thank you for your service and sacrifice
to keep us free and safe from danger.


Am I the only one dorky eno... (Below threshold)
Etain P:

Am I the only one dorky enough to note that the first Marine who got what could be called a true cybernetic limb allowing him to return to active duty is named William Gibson? Also the name of the author of Neuromancer, and considered the father of Cyberpunk?

Weird Koinkeydinky






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