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Obama Disowns Rev. Jeremiah Wright


THEN: "I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community."

NOW: Obama dumps Rev. Wright like a bad habit...


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Gee, that only took 20 year... (Below threshold)

Gee, that only took 20 years and one Glory Tour by the despicable reverend wright. (lower case intentional)

about time,but to late for ... (Below threshold)

about time,but to late for damage control.

Well what do you know. Obam... (Below threshold)

Well what do you know. Obama is the usual politician he claims to not be. ww

Well, the NAACP, Bill Moyer... (Below threshold)

Well, the NAACP, Bill Moyers and the other usual suspects gave Wright forums so they could prop him up and thus prop up Obama.

Now Obama, acting like a typical politician, suddenly realizes that Wright's words; the same ones he heard for 20 years and never objected to, were something he had to 'denounce'. (Is Barry's name really Louis Renault?)

And where does this leave Moyers and the NAACP? Looking like total fools, as usual.

This has been soooo much fu... (Below threshold)

This has been soooo much fun to watch - I can't wait for next weeks episode where... (tune in next week to find out!)

You mean tune in tomorrow, ... (Below threshold)

You mean tune in tomorrow, Clancy.

At the rate Obama and his cohorts are spinning this, the stories (and excuses) are changing on a daily basis.

If it's Wednesday, this must be the day to prop up Wright (or was that denounce him?).

The fun part of being a con... (Below threshold)

The fun part of being a conservative is that we call it like we see it.
Bush/McCain does something wrong we disagree (Comprehensive Immigration, NC RP) it right we say it. Yet the Uber liberals always need to take direction from their leaders.

Now all weekend Wright been disgusting and we heard fawning praise from the usual suspects. Those of us on the right took him out of context, we do not understand Black Churches,etc

Now that Obama disowned him I wonder how they will cover themselves.

Watching the fur fly has never been so much fun.

So has Obama disowned the black community?
Does this make him an Oreo or Uncle Tom or all the other names that use against Sec. Rice?

Now let see about Bill Ayers and DSA,

It's too late 'Bama, it's t... (Below threshold)

It's too late 'Bama, it's too late
Though you really did try to ignore it
Somethings he said were fried
You tried to hide but you couldn't fake it.
It's too late.

Disowning Wright was the on... (Below threshold)

Disowning Wright was the only left-brained thing to do at this point.

Stellar example of politica... (Below threshold)

Stellar example of political expediency.

"And where does this leave ... (Below threshold)

"And where does this leave Moyers and the NAACP? Looking like total fools, as usual."

Heh. Heh.

But we shouldn't be surprised, considering that the NAACP gave Rodney King an Image Award, and made celebrities out of the "Jena Six".

Somewhere John Hagee is smi... (Below threshold)

Somewhere John Hagee is smiling.

There is another rock that ... (Below threshold)

There is another rock that needs turning over. Wright has stated that there is no disagreement between him and James Cone. Cone has written that whiteness is the source of all evil and that his goal is the destruction of the "white enemy." Cone's books are sold by Obama's church.

I'd love to hear Obama tell me how he knew nothing of this either.

Obama is good at using peop... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Obama is good at using people for his political career. He has been using Wright and his church as a stepping stone in Chicago and Illinois politics. Now it is time to throw Wright under the bus for his presidential ambition (just like he threw his grandmother under the bus). Only the heavy Kool-Aid drinkers like Matthew or Sullivan can buy Obama's spin.

Regarding OB's disowning of... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Regarding OB's disowning of Rev. Wrong, let me state this in rhythmic way (at least for a white guy) so Obama can understand:

"NO, NO, NO, NO, NO....nice try, won't fly!"

Aw, and they made such a sw... (Below threshold)

Aw, and they made such a sweet couple. Too bad he's now been associated with a conspiracy theorist. C'est la vie!

DrJohnYes, James C... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:


Yes, James Cone hangs out there, but the MSM is very unlikely to turn that rock over - unless pushed, probably even pushed very hard.

I have to say, "You folks are good". I've read and re-read the transcript of yesterday's news conference by The Obamamessiah. I can find The Obamamessiah distancing himself from THE WORDS of Rev. Wright, but I cannot find The Obamamessiah separating himself from (disowning) Rev. Wright.


Actually he said their rela... (Below threshold)

Actually he said their relationship has "changed" ...

Actually he said t... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Actually he said their relationship has "changed" ...

But is it "Change that's real."

To state that a relationshi... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

To state that a relationship has "changed" is to acknowledge that a relationship exists. So what's different? I guess it's just more, "Change we can count on".

He chose to be Baptized by ... (Below threshold)
Concerned Citizen:

He chose to be Baptized by the man and to say nothing. He chose to be married by the man and to say nothing. He chose to have the man Baptize his Children and to say nothing. He chose to bring his Wife and his Children to hear the man preach and to say nothing. He chose to name a book after a sentence from one of the man's sermons and to say nothing. He chose to pray privately with the man before he announced his run for the Presidency of the United States and to say nothing. And, he chose to make the man a part of his Presidential Campaign and to say nothing.

Finally, when Conservative Commentators like Rush Limbaugh broke the story in the media, he STILL chose to say nothing.

For more than 20 years, he chose to sit in the man's Church Pews and to listen to the man spew Anti-American hatred; and, to say nothing.

But, when the MAINSTREAM Media -- first ABC News and soon thereafter Fox News, CNN and others -- finally began reporting the man's hate-filled words, one month before the next Presidential Primary, BARACK OBAMA finally stood up, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and, he lectured the American People on race relations.

But, then, once again, Senator Obama chose to say NOTHING. That is, he chose to go back to saying nothing until he lost that Primary, the Pennsylvania Primary; and, until the man, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, made three public appearances with three public speeches in the course of just four days with the final public appearance and speech being before the National Press Club in Washington DC; and, with such third public appearance and speech being broadcast by CNN just barely one week before Indiana and North Carolina were set to hold their Primaries. ONLY THEN, did Barack Obama break his resumed silence on the subject of Jeremiah Wright and Wright's statements. And, ONLY THEN, did he (claim to) disavow and disown Jeremiah Wright and Wright's statements.

To my way of thinking, Senator Obama's words and actions are a classic case of too little, too late. And, for at least once, Rev. Wright IS RIGHT about SOMETHING, i.e. in disavowing and disowning Jeremiah Wright and Wright's statements at this very late juncture, Barack Obama is merely speaking as a POLITICIAN: Obama is saying what he's now saying merely as a means to an end. And, in trying to have us believe that Rev. Wright is "not the person that I met 20 years ago" (does he think that Rev. Wright has suddenly come down with Alzheimer's Disease), Barack Obama is merely trying to insure and lock down his bid for the Democratic Nomination for President; or, to borrow a phrase from his opponent, Senator Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama is TRYING to "close the deal". And, to that end, Obama is apparently, willing to say and do anything, even, after all of these many years, to throw his longtime Mentor, Minister, and friend, Jeremiah Wright, under the bus by trying to convince the American Public that 'Uncle' Jeremiah is just "not the person that I met 20 years ago".






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