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An Interesting Tuesday Indeed -- Is Hillary Pulling Ahead in NC?

All along we have been hearing that the Obama-Clinton race in North Carolina is not going to be close -- that Barack Obama holds a comfortable lead here. That is what the polls have been showing. Then things started to tighten, as would be expected. Now one poll is even showing Clinton in the lead. All other polls I've seen, though, are still showing Obama ahead -- some more comfortably than others.

What an amazing election season this has turned out to be. We may all get to see a brokered convention -- with 24 hour cable news and blog coverage, no less. For the first time in my adult life, North Carolina matters in a presidential primary. We've gotten visits from the candidates and their spouses and their kids, we got an incredible amount of media attention last week over the NC GOP ad featuring Jeremiah Wright, and now it looks like we might even get to see a pretty decent contest here to boot. Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina next Tuesday.


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If Obama loses in NC, the M... (Below threshold)

If Obama loses in NC, the MSM will, of course, say it was due to racism. Then Obama's fall starts in earnest. ww

Heard on the news this morn... (Below threshold)

Heard on the news this morning that Hillary has called for Congressional hearings into the Ft Bragg situation.

Wrong move.

Were I her, I would announce that I would be at Ft. Bragg on a given date at a given time with my paint brush ready and invite Obama to join me there. While, there are no doubt regulations governing how things are handled in federal facilities, Hillary is a US Senator. If she can't cut through some of the red tape, who could?

So, her staff finds a suitable site on base and does the prep work ahead of time. Hillary (and staff) shows up in work clothes ready to go. When they pour her paint tray, she has them pour two - one for her and one for Obama.

If he shows up, she has her debate. If he doesn't, she has given her valuable time to support the troops - and he was nowhere to be found.

If she announces her challenge first, nothing he could plan to do for Ft. Bragg - even if he does it first - will look good in comparison.

Must be a lot bitter gun ow... (Below threshold)

Must be a lot bitter gun owners and religious people in NC.

> We may all get to see... (Below threshold)

> We may all get to see a brokered convention -- with 24 hour cable news and blog coverage, no less.

Yes! It would be better than the OJ trial. More entertaning than the 2000 Florida recount!

"An Interesting Tuesday Ind... (Below threshold)

"An Interesting Tuesday Indeed -- Is Hillary Pulling Ahead in NC?" -lb

I don't know and it doesn't matter.
The die was cast when Little Caroline Kennedy came out of the clouds to canvass the drawing rooms of the NYC-DC-LA triangle several months ago and beknighted Obama with the results.

Will draw picture upon request.

I am glad to hear that some... (Below threshold)

I am glad to hear that someone wants to see this process of selecting a nominee go all the way to the convention.

The African American should wake up and vote their mind instead of their color. America needs the right person to get elected and get us out of the MESS that Bush got us into.

I believe that Hillary Clinton has the right talent, skills, knowledge and experience to beat McCain in November and go on to become our next President. She will be able to start on day one to make the right choices to bring our great country back from the brink of destruction.






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