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Iron Man: a review

My friend Jeff at Thus Spake Jeff saw Iron Man yesterday and he's posted a review for those who are Robert Downey, Jr. fans and are considering spending the money to see it.


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He's right, Paltrow's perfo... (Below threshold)

He's right, Paltrow's performance was surprisingly disappointing in an otherwise good film.

If I see the movie, it woul... (Below threshold)

If I see the movie, it would be in spite of Downey's (or Paltrow's) presence.

By the trailers, it looks more fun than preachy which is the appeal for me.

Sounds like REAL man and a ... (Below threshold)

Sounds like REAL man and a not so real woman. I think I want to hear from Cassie and DJ on this one.

Sounds like REAL m... (Below threshold)
Sounds like REAL man and a not so real woman. I think I want to hear from Cassie and DJ on this one.
Don't get me started.

I expect to see Sounds like REAL man and a not so real woman. I expect to see this link anyday now.

gah! got mangled. 2nd last... (Below threshold)

gah! got mangled. 2nd last sentence shouldn't be there.

jpm100, I think that Robert... (Below threshold)

jpm100, I think that Robert Downey Jr. is a pretty screwed up person, but the main reason to see Ironman is that he does a good job of making the character interesting. He's been uneven as an actor but he's "on" in Ironman.

Just saw Ironman today with... (Below threshold)

Just saw Ironman today with my son.

If you can ignore the ubiquitous crooked defense contractor meme, it is very entertaining.

Downey does very well in the roll and actually pulls off the comedy lines quite well. Paltrow was tepid. Her best line (in her first appearance) was her last.

I know Downey behaved poorly in the past, but if this movie is an indication of where his future is headed, maybe he has his act (no pun intended) together. His portrayal of wealthy, genius, bacchanalian jerk to purpose driven hero was well done.

Kim,The "I"s outnu... (Below threshold)


The "I"s outnumbered the cogent opinions in Jeff's comment/"review" 5-0, not counting PC heebie jeebies by "reviewer".

On the bright side, I agree with him about Nina Perssons. But reaaally...

Here's a collection of Pauline Kael's shorter reviews for Jeff's edification in How It's Done.


This film is gorgeous. I c... (Below threshold)

This film is gorgeous. I couldn't tell where the real film ended and the CGI began except a couple of places.

But the real beauty of this film is its ideology. Tony Stark is the Industrialist Hero, unashamed of his wealth, his family's legacy, or his own well-deserved ego.

Dig a bit deeper, and you'll discover it's pure Objectivism cleverly disguised as an anti-war film. Listen to the words of the villain: "Just because you have an idea doesn't mean it belongs to you." Shivers ran down my spine as I heard those words.

I plan on buying at least three more tickets this weekend; I won't have time to watch all three showings, but I want to support Storytelling this good.

Objectivism, you say, BlueN... (Below threshold)

Objectivism, you say, BlueNight. But disguised as an anti-war film. That's an odd combo. Hmmm. Since I'm an Ayn Rand fan, if that's what you want to call it, I may have to check out the film.

Since we're on the subject of Objectivism, did you know Disney's movie The Incredibles was essentially an ode to Objectivism?

KimI beg to differ... (Below threshold)


I beg to differ with Bluenight. I see no hint of objectivism in this movie, no influence of Rand.

One cannot imagine Howard Roark, Dagny Taggart, Hank Reardon or any of the major Rand protagonists changing the direction of their company or profession as Stark did. The only character remotely similar to Stark is Ragnar Danneskjöld from Atlas Shrugged.

The movie is fun. However w... (Below threshold)

The movie is fun. However with another actor in the role...it would really suffer. Downey is great...he is the sole reason the movie works.

I had strong doubts about D... (Below threshold)
Aog Author Profile Page:

I had strong doubts about Downey too, but having seen the movie I think he was a good choice and does very well with the role.

I took my 48 year old girlf... (Below threshold)

I took my 48 year old girlfriend, who has never read a comic book, to see "Iron Man". Her favorite film is "The Sound of Music". I own over 500 comic books, none of which cost over $.25 when I bought them brand new. If Robert Downey Jr's. performance and Jon Favreau's directing can please us both then they did an incredible job. Congratulations to the cast and crew of "Iron Man"!

I saw the movie yesterday. ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I saw the movie yesterday. Any movie that starts with AC/DC's Back in Black, and ends with Black Sabbath's Iron Man cannot be bad. I have never seen Jeff Bridges act the villan, he was good at it. Downey was very good as Tony Stark, who ever the blond reporter is was hot as well as Palthrow. All in all, it was worth the time and money. If you go to a movie inspired by a Stan Lee comic book looking for some political message, perhaps you have had a wee bit too much kool aid.

There was no "evil defense ... (Below threshold)

There was no "evil defense contractor" theme in the movie. The movie pretty clearly showed that Tony Stark, as head of company, was operating above board. It was his subordinate who was cashing in on the side to enrich the company and himself illegally. Stark's outrage was very clearly based on the fact that he was betrayed by someone who had the seniority to corrupt his organization, and turn it something that hurt his customers and the people of the third world.






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