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What's next microwave pizza?

The latest reform brought to the Cuban people by President Raul Castro.

The first legalised home computers have gone on sale in Cuba, but a ban remains on internet access.

This is the latest in a series of restrictions on daily life which President Raul Castro has lifted in recent weeks.

Maybe IBM still has some of their PCjr warehoused somewhere. They could make a killing in Cuba right now, that's if any Cuban people can affprd tp buy a PC..

Hat tip- Dr. Taylor at Poliblog who writes- "So, basically, the late-1980s have arrived! (Sans Prodigy, Compuserve and your local BBS, of course)." Can cellphones and microwaves be that far away?


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Comments (6)

Heh-it appears the only rea... (Below threshold)

Heh-it appears the only real change in Cuba is the dictator's first name.

I can't wait until Cubans g... (Below threshold)

I can't wait until Cubans get access to the interwebs. Imagine all of the great porn they could make...

But hey, they've got the gr... (Below threshold)

But hey, they've got the greatest healthcare system in the world. I read that...somewheres.

Next year, Raul promises th... (Below threshold)

Next year, Raul promises that every Cuban will be allowed to buy a Ferrari and a Rolex. All they need is money.

The ignoramii of the ruling... (Below threshold)

The ignoramii of the ruling class will soon send a massive shockwave into the Cuban lumpenproletariat causing an embrace of Western idealism and culture. What a shame, a once promising Marxist regime failed so miserably.

I know a Cuban who left Cub... (Below threshold)

I know a Cuban who left Cuba in 1999/2000, he had a computer and internet access.






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