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Fawn the Media, Part III

You may remember Jay Tea's posts on the dreadful On the Media radio program that described the Canadian Human Rights Commission's efforts to silence speech critical of people who were Muslim. In Fawn the Media part II, Jay said:

They decided to devote some time to the plight of some Muslims in Canada (no, I do NOT mean "Canadian Muslims"), whose feelings were hurt by Maclean's Magazine publishing the essays of Mark Steyn. concerning Muslims.

And I got one hell of an education about Canada, our neighbor to the north -- and it made me so very glad I live south of THAT border.

According to the whiny git, Canada has freedom of expression -- as long as you don't really say anything of substance or with the slightest whiff of controversy.

Well not only did Jay complain to the Wizbang crowd, he got up early, or stayed up late, and wrote the folks at WNYC, who read his letter on Friday's show. Here's a clip with Bob Garfield reading from Jay's letter.


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