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Great NC Election Coverage

Since I am working for a candidate, I have not been able to blog much about the election here in North Carolina. It is really, really strange to be in the middle of the presidential election action for the first time in my lifetime and not be able to blog about it. I am jealous of my friend, Sister Toldjah, who has been doing some great first hand reporting. She blogged about the fainting Obama fan she saw at a Charlotte rally, and now she has a great report from a Hillary rally in Gastonia. Be sure to check in frequently to see what ST has to say -- she really is doing some incredible blogging.

For those who would like some local NC blog coverage of the primary, here are a few other NC blogs that are covering the race:

News & Observer Under the Dome blog (N&O reporters' blog)

Charlotte Observer Politics section

Public Policy Polling blog (Democrat polling company)

Katy's Conservative Corner (Raleigh blogger)

Joe Guarino (Greensboro blogger)

The Locker Room (John Locke blog)

The Meck Deck (John Locke's Charlotte blog)

Isaac Hunter's Tavern (NC Public Radio blog)

Decision 2008 (Greensboro News-Record blog)

Election Projection.com (Wake County blogger)

John in Carolina

Talking About Politics (Democrat and Republican)

There are many other great North Carolina blogs. The ones I listed above have been covering the race, at least to some extent, from a local perspective.

Update (Tuesday 2:00 p.m.): Bob Owens is already calling it for Obama here in NC. Sounds like a safe call to me. What remains to be seen is how badly Obama clobbers Clinton.


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Comments (3)

I hate pity links. <p... (Below threshold)

I hate pity links.

The name "Locker Room" (with John Locke peeking like a gym teacher from the banner) did make me smile though.

I'm going to name my future blog the Webelo Pup Tent. I shall soft-spam the Bravo comments threads!

Pity links, bryanD? The Do... (Below threshold)

Pity links, bryanD? The Dome is probably the most widely and closely read NC blog by those following NC politics. The Dome bloggers, particularly Ryan Teague Beckwith, have been covering not only the presidential contest in NC, but all the state and local races, with not only stories, but lots of video. But if you knew anything about NC politics you would know that.

Public Policy Polling has been cited in just about every state and national news outlet over the past few months when referencing what NC polls are showing. (Oh, and they are Democrats) But if you knew anything about NC politics you would know that. Katy is a blogger who has worked in NC GOP party politics, as well as worked for various elected officials and has some great sources and covers mostly NC state politics. But if you knew anything about NC politics, you would know that. John Locke Foundation is headed by John Hood who is the Micheal Barone of NC politics. He is a television pundit, the head of the JLF think-tank and is a blogger at National Review Online among other things. Anyone who knows anything about NC politics, on the right or left, knows to listen to what John Hood has to say. The other John Locke bloggers are great too. Check out not only their LockerRoom and Meck Deck blogs, but others across the state, including RightAngles where Jon Ham blogs. Sister Toldjah is doing some great work covering the rallies that have come to her area as I said in the post. And on and on.

For those, either inside or outside of NC, who want to follow the race tomorrow will get a much richer picture, and more local feel, by checking out some of these sites.

But what about Boris? ... (Below threshold)
Brian H:

But what about Boris?






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