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I Have No Words...

...because Kevin has ruled that we can not use profanity in titles.

All I can say is that if even a small percentage of this story is true, I am ready to toss aside my lifelong respect for the law and doing things by the book and using the system and playing by the rules, and say this is precisely the sort of event that show the occasional usefulness of vigilante justice and lynch mobs.

If even a few of the allegations here are listed, the evil pigfuckers who apparently conspired to steal a baby under color of law don't need to be disciplined. They don't need to be fired. They don't need to be sued. They need to be charged with kidnapping, tried, and -- if possible -- executed. The people who do these sorts of things -- especially those who do so while saying they are doing it for the noblest of intentions -- must be stopped, and in such a spectacular fashion that the example rings throughout the nation as a warning to all others who might be tempted to use the law for their own purposes.

I defy anyone -- ANYONE -- to come up with a set of circumstances that justify even a fraction of these events.


(Hat tip to DCE, who heard about it from Emperor Misha.)


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"event that show the occasi... (Below threshold)

"event that show the occasional usefulness of vigilante justice and lynch mobs."

In the real world the only justice now is vigilante justice, and it happens every day somewhere in this country. Give the democrats and liberal judges 4 more years and it will be the order of the day everywhere. I see or read about things every day that would set me off if it involved a family member, lock me up they may, but the offenders will never know it because they will be dead. That's what liberal democrats have brought on the country. They aren't going to like it when it becomes more wide spread.

IIRC, <a href="http://www.h... (Below threshold)

IIRC, Robert Hare says that we can now tell who is, or isn't, a psychopath by viewing their brain scans. Hare is the real deal, by the way, picking up where Cleckley left off. I am unsure, however, just how close his methods are to being usable in the field.

It would indeed be fascinating to scan a few of the perpetrators of such actions as in this case. I suspect we'd learn a lot.

And I also suspect it's a' coming soon. Prepare for the "psychopath rights" debate.

....despite the baby's w... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

....despite the baby's worrisome 10-ounce weight loss soon after her birth by Caesarian section....

ALL newborns lose weight right after they're born; some more than others. 10 oz is certainly more than usual, but hardly the fault of the parents.

Judge Almand should be hung with needles from her eyelids. "Too traumatic?" WTF. What a See You Next Tuesday.

This is one of my big fears as a new parent of a 7-week old: Some buttinski a-hole thinking I'm abusing my child and CPS showing up on my doorstep.

I honestly think I'd f-ing lose it.

These poor parents! Just makes me sick. I literally can't imagine it.

There's no conceivable just... (Below threshold)

There's no conceivable justification.

The family courts and "family law" are extra-constitutional, and should never have been tolerated in a country that believes in the supremacy of Constitutional law. At this point, there are no alternatives but immediate flight and forcible resistance when such thugs come to one's home. Anything else puts them in the driver's seat -- and they have proved that their overriding priority is to destroy natural families and separate children from their natural parents on any imaginable pretext.

I thank God my kids are grown. But I feel enormous anxiety for American parents still potentially in the crosshairs of the Child Abductive Services thugs.

Three or four years ago, th... (Below threshold)

Three or four years ago, the parents of my God son(AJ) took their older child to register for school. The Perkins brought AJ along with them, who for a short time sat with a school administrator.

A few days later DCF and the Lantana Police came to investigate the Perkins for possible child abuse. My God son, who spends at least half of every other saturday at my house is abused? No way.

What was the the cause of the allegations? Dark blemishes on his skin. Something that's quite common in Asian children, but some busy body thought this was a sign of child abuse.

My wife works in the town of Lantana, and knows one prominent member of the local police. Leonita called Capt Rendell while DCF and police were still at the house and swore the boy isn't abused.

The Perkins were scared to death but AJ was never taken away. The boy's mother having to take him to a doctor who said he was healthy.

I have a friend, who had police to their house. A neighbor called in on them, after the children's grandmother went out to do errands and left two of my friend's children with their Aunt. The Aunt has Down's but is high functioning and almost like a 2nd mother to her nieces and nephews.(My friends worked in the Bush admin. at the time. The Grandmother and Aunt lived with them full-time and took care of their children while Mom and Dad put in long hours) In that case police went away satisfied and child services didn't get involved

Its positively mind boggling what damage unfounded allegations can do.


Not to throw cold water on ... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

Not to throw cold water on the angry mob, but you might want to carefully read this court decision in this case. There's a lot on information in there that paints a very different picture from the Examiner article.

ok....sometimes there ARE b... (Below threshold)

ok....sometimes there ARE bad circumstances that children need to be protected from...

BUT if that be the case, it needs to be a transparent investigation based on FACTS and proper procedures.

That being said, a visit from a Charles Bronson type to ALL the dirtbags involved in this caper (NO) exceptions would be very refreshing.

oopsy.... (Below threshold)


Thank you for the court lin... (Below threshold)

Thank you for the court link Kevin,

But it looks like the biggest problem the judge had was that the baby had bonded with the foster parents during the 2 years she was not with her real parents.

The 2nd was because mom is not a fully functional adult and harm might come to the little girl.

JayYou should reserv... (Below threshold)

You should reserve some measure of your scorn for this total travesty:


Nothing compares to this level of State and Local prosecutorial abuse.

Kevin, did you actually rea... (Below threshold)

Kevin, did you actually read the link? This is a very local story for me, and, as a father, terribly disheartning.
It is nothing more than a perfect storm of incredibly questionable "experts" and a jurist with a demonstrated record of "lawmaking", meeting a less than storybook childhood.
The falsehoods begin in the first paragraph of the ruling, and continue page after page.
Arlington County has become a hellhole of taxation & liberalism. Perhaps we can convince the Federal district to reclaim that portion of the original District of Columbia.


"We're from the goverment a... (Below threshold)

"We're from the goverment and we're here to help."

There are very few reasons for the goverment to ever become involved in the personal matters of a family, especially with a newborn.
This obviously was not one of those times and justice has been tragically miscarried.

Gmac - true, but there is n... (Below threshold)

Gmac - true, but there is no "justice" here. As an aside, my S.O. of many years read this over my shoulder. She was once the Unit Manager/NICU @ FairfaxInova, and as such, had occasional contact w/"child services". Her comment just now is illuminating: "none of these types (sic) ever had kids. Not one, it seemed. Why do/did they think they know so much about raising them?"
Good question.
If it's "for the children", it isn't. Ever.

(just another) J

To make it worse, the state... (Below threshold)

To make it worse, the state of Texas stole a whole village of children just a few weeks ago. Makes the "child snatche" from Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang, look positively hospitable.

I think Texas CPS misunderstood when Hillary Clinton said, "It takes a village," and thought she said, "Take a village."

In every state you will see these kind of tragedies caused by CPS.

I found the same link Kevin... (Below threshold)

I found the same link Kevin did right after I read Jay's post. I wanted to find out more before I commented. It lends a different light to the subject. Many of us grew up in dysfunctional families, but this appears to be more than just mildly dysfunctional. While the baby's weight loss was not catastrophic, intervention did bring to light other more serious issues.

Care should be taken when r... (Below threshold)

Care should be taken when reading police reports, etc. Officers know how to write a report to make people sound guilty. Good ones just report the facts but others who think they know that someone is guilty can jazz up the facts to make the defendants look bad.

Arlington County is a Democ... (Below threshold)
John S:

Arlington County is a Democratic hell hole across the river from D.C. where 85% of the population works for some branch of the government. What the hell do you expect?






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